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The reason why so many people are getting laser hair removal in Edmonton these days. Is quite simply, they do not want to ever. Have to bother with removing unwanted hair. Ever again, in their lifetime.
Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton
While many people simply have one area on their body. That they want to stop shaving or waxing. Many people get one small area treated. And when they discover how effective it is. Come back to Edmonton dermatology.
In order to get more areas treated. People might have been trepidation is in the past. To get a laser treatment done. Because they have heard that laser treatments can be painful.
And while Edmonton dermatology admits, that the laser machines of the past. Such as the ones that were used in the nineties, or the early two thousand’s. Were quite rough for people.
As technology has improved. So has the sensations that caused by the laser machines. The technology that Edmonton dermatology uses. Is called intense pulse light treatment. Also known as IPL for short.
Currently, this is the most up-to-date technology in the world for laser hair removal in Edmonton. Not only is it the single most effective hair removal laser. But it is also the single most gentle laser for cosmetic purposes.
Therefore, anyone who was not coming to Edmonton dermatology. To find out about laser hair removal. Because they were worried about pain. Has nothing to worry about now.
And while Edmonton dermatology is not ready to say. That this is a completely pain-free procedure. Simply because every person has their own different pain tolerances.

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Most people report that they do not feel any pain. Or even discomfort during the treatment. And other people, say that they do feel discomfort. But it is not something. That they would classify as painful.
However, Edmonton dermatology wants all of their patients. Not only to be confident in the treatment. But to be comfortable as well. Therefore, if any patients have concerns.
About the sensation, and are worried about being in pain or uncomfortable. They should bring that up during the initial consultation. Because the dermatologist will have many different methods.
That can increase a person’s comfort level. During their laser hair removal in Edmonton treatment. The first form of discomfort that people can experience. Is actually the heat from the laser.
Since the laser is a very concentrated beam of light. Light can be hot. Which is why the wand that is used to deliver the treatment. Has a sapphire crystal build into the tip. That crystal cools the skin.
For the pulse of light, and after the pulse of light. But the dermatologist can also use. Cooling gel applied topically. Or, a fan, blowing on the skin. To combat the heat from the laser.
While other people report that the feelings of discomfort. Come from the destruction of the hair follicles. That often feel like the snap of a rubber band. If people are concerned about this sensation.
All they have to do, is let the dermatologist know. Who will apply numbing cream to the area. For any other questions. People should contact Edmonton dermatology for a consultation.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Permanently Smooth Skin Can Be Yours

Full are ready to stop shaving and waxing, laser hair removal in Edmonton. Can give them the reprieve that they are looking for. There is no other method of hair removal. That is permanent like this one.
Edmonton dermatology says as long as people are following the before and after care instructions. And they come for the required number of treatments. They can in fact achieve.
A 90% reduction of hair growth. On the area of the body that they treated. However, there is one small exception to this rule. One area that many women come to Edmonton dermatology to fix.
Is they start getting hair growth. On their chin. Especially as they get older. Edmonton dermatology says this hair growth. Is actually caused by an imbalance of hormones. And usually affects.
A woman who is going through menopause. Because menopause causes the level of testosterone in her system. To skyrocket. Hence, the growing of hair on her chin. And while she can definitely come to Edmonton dermatology.
And get laser hair removal in Edmonton on her chin. What she needs to keep in mind. Is that as long as there is a hormone imbalance. She will continue to have new hairs start to grow in that area.

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This is not the same thing as the old hair follicles regrowing. But new hair follicles will continually be formed. As long as the testosterone balance is too high in her system.
For these patients. Edmonton dermatology says they can undergo about 4 to 5 treatments. In order to get rid of all of the hair. That is currently growing on their chin. However, they will need to come back.
Anywhere between two and four years. In order to get another three or four sessions. To kill the new hairs that have started to grow. Because of this hormone imbalance. And while this is most often the case.
For women who are in, or entering menopause. Anyone who has hormone imbalance. Caused by a medical condition. Such as polycystic ovarian syndrome for example. women can have access hair.
On their chin, caused by these other conditions. And the same thing happens. They can get rid of the initial batch of hair. But keeping up with it every few years. Is important, to keep their chin hair free.
However, any other part of their body. Or any part of a man’s body. Can undergo laser hair removal in Edmonton treatments. And not need maintenance. After the hair is eliminated.
As long as they undergo the required number of treatments. To kill all of the hair follicles. That are growing in that area to begin with. When people are ready to get rid of unsightly, and unwanted hair. Edmonton dermatology should be their first call.