Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Smooth Skin That Lasts A Lifetime

There are many different reasons for people to choose laser hair removal in Edmonton. From getting rid of problematic hair. That causes irritation or pain. And even getting rid of hair that they consider embarrassing.
Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton
While the assumption has been. That more women get laser hair removal in Edmonton than men do. Edmonton dermatology says the reality is. The same number of men come in for this procedure. As women.
The benefit of lasers to get rid of unwanted hair. Is that there is almost no area of the body. That they are not able to treat. Which means men and women, have many and different reasons.
For wanting to get this procedure done. The only area of the body. That Edmonton dermatology will not treat. Is the eyebrows, for two different reasons. First of all, the handheld one that is used.
To deliver the light pulses of the laser treatment. Is extremely large. It is designed to treat a large area. For every laser pulse that is delivered. In order to have fast treatments. And minimize discomfort.
To use this handheld wand on a person’s eyebrows. Would mean risking having the laser treats the parts of their eyebrows. That people want to keep. Instead of just getting rid of the hairs.
Over top, underneath and between the brows they want to keep. However, the second reason is much more serious. And treating the eyebrows, would require putting the laser. Ainge are sleek close to a person’s eyes.

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And despite the fact that they will be wearing eye protection. During their laser hair removal in Edmonton. This is not going to be enough. To protect them. From the laser.
The laser will be very able. To go through soft tissue. And damage the eyes. Even when wearing goggles. Which is why they simply refuse. To treat areas of the body. So close to a patient’s eye sockets.
However, everything from the cheeks and below. Can effectively be treated. With lasers, to eliminate that hair permanently. Whether people have cheek hair that is causing them embarrassment.
Sideburns that they want to eliminate. Upper lip, nape of the neck. Or the front of the neck. They can get this treated at Edmonton dermatology. Their chest, their back and their arms.
Even underneath their arms and the back of their hands. Including the bikini zone, their Botox and their legs. As well as the tops of their feet. Can have permanent results with laser treatments.
However, before they get started. The dermatologist will want to see the treatment area. As well as see the thickness and darkness of the hair. So that they can be prepared. To have the laser settings turned up to the correct intensity level.
The more intense the laser can be set to. And the more effective the results will be. Helping them minimize the number of treatments they will need. For people to get permanent and long-lasting results.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Smooth Skin Can Last Your Lifetime

People have different and personal reasons for wanting laser hair removal in Edmonton. From being embarrassed about hair. In various locations of their body. To having hair that causes them irritation.
Edmonton dermatology has treated unwanted hair. Over almost every area of a person’s body with success. They are able to achieve on average, and 90% reduction. In the unwanted hair that a person has.
And that once they get that reduction. The effects will last them. For the rest of their life. Helping them throw away their razors, and waxing strips for good. Not only can help people save time and money.
But it is going to give them self-esteem. That they may never have had. And the confidence, to go out in public, without feeling bad about how they look. There are many different reasons why people look into laser treatments.
But discussing their goals with the dermatologist. During their initial consultation. Will help the dermatologist get them the results that they desire. People will have many different questions during this consultation.
Such as how many treatments they can expect. How much time they need to take off work. For the treatment, and for the healing. The number of treatments is actually very dependent says Edmonton dermatology.
On the treatment area. Both the size, and how thick and dark the hair is. As well as how vascular the area is. Simply because the more blood flow the part of the body has.

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The more stubborn the hair will be to get rid of. Since the blood flow. Will carry the nutrients the body needs. To be more successful in regrowing the destroyed hair follicles. This means vascular areas of the body.
Such as the bikini area, and the legs. Will be some of the most stubborn. Requiring anywhere between 6 to 8 sessions. Before achieving permanent results. But areas of the body such as the underarms.
That have very little blood flow, and often see great results. In two or three sessions. Therefore, this is something that needs to be discussed. With the dermatologist for each patient specifically.
The amount of time that people will need to take off. In order to get laser hair removal in Edmonton done. Is very little. The procedure can take as little as half an hour. For small areas like upper lip, or underarms.
And that even includes the time it takes. To cleanse the skin. And apply the aftercare when the treatment is over. But for larger areas such as an entire chest, or an entire back.
Or treating both of a patient’s legs. From that their ankles to their hips. May take as long as two hours. Which many people can fit in before work, if they work shift work. On their lunch break, or after work.
And because the IPL laser is non-ablative. There is virtually no healing time. Helping people achieve their goal of getting smooth skin. Easily, and without a lot of hassle afterward the laser hair removal in Edmonton treatment.