Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Starting Laser Sessions

There are many things for patients to know before their first laser hair removal in Edmonton treatment. That will be discussed with them, and their dermatologist. At the initial consultation.
Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton
At Edmonton dermatology, these initial consultations. Our mandatory. So that the dermatologist has an idea. Of what the client wants. Can manage their expectations. And when it comes to laser hair removal in Edmonton.
They can figure out what intensity. The laser needs to be at. And now, approximately how many sessions. Each patient will need. In order to generate the result. That the patients want.
However, because this is a mandatory session. Edmonton dermatology does not charge. This is a free opportunity. For patients to come in. And ask whatever questions they have. As well as allow.
The dermatologist the opportunity. To find out about the patient. Such as what medications they are on. Or skin conditions they have. That may interfere with the laser’s ability. But also, so that they can see.
The patient’s skin colour. Hair colour and thickness. And, the treatment area itself. All of this will determine. What setting the laser needs to be on. Whether it is a low setting. Or very high setting.
In order to generate the type of results, that will end. In permanent hair removal in that treatment area. There are many questions that patients often ask. Such as wanting to know. If laser treatments hurt.

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Actually, Edmonton dermatology says. To that the laser that they use is an intense pulse light laser. Which is the most gentle laser. That is on the market for cosmetic use.
What makes it so gentle. Is in part, the fact that it is non-ablative. This means it does not cut the skin. Therefore, most people have absolutely no pain. And even have absolutely no discomfort.
During, and after their treatments. While for some people, it is the heat of the laser. That causes discomfort. If they are going to feel any. While others, say the uncomfortable part.
Is actually when they experience the sensation. Of the laser destroying the hair follicle. This can often feel like the snap of a rubber band on the skin. While other people, have no problems with this sensation.
If people are concerned about the sensation. Of the heat, or of the snapping. He can also discuss this. At their initial consultation. And the dermatologist has many tools at their disposal. To increase a patient’s comfort.
Another question for patients to ask. Is wondering how much time they need to schedule. For each session. This again, is another great reason. Why patients need to that initial consultation.
The dermatologist can look at each treatment area. And how much hair is in each area. And then prepare people, with how much time. Will be needed. In order to treat that entire area.
Patients can expect anywhere between half an hour. Or up to, two hours. For a larger area. This short amount of time. Means most patients can do laser hair removal in Edmonton. Before work, after work or on their lunch break.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Starting Laser Sessions Is Easy

Many people are excited for their first laser hair removal in Edmonton. Especially after spending so many years. Shaving every day, or every few days. And having had to put up with the pain of waxing.
Laser hair removal in Edmonton is a permanent solution. That actually gets rid of 90% of the hair. In any treatment area. And the hair that is eliminated, is gone for good.
However, Edmonton dermatologists say that patients need. To follow their pre-care. And aftercare advice. In order to generate those results. For example, their first recommendation. Is to immediately stop waxing.
The reason why people must stop waxing immediately. Is because it pulls the hair out by the roots. Which will take several weeks to grow back. And the laser hair removal in Edmonton treatment.
Is designed to target the hair follicles. In order to destroy them. If people have been consistently waxing. They will not have the hair follicles in their dermis. Which is the second layer of skin.
So that the laser treatment, will be considerably less effective. Then it actually should, or could be. While some dermatologists say. That people should stop waxing two weeks before their treatment.
Edmonton dermatology simply recommends. Stopping waxing entirely. Because if it takes their body. Slightly longer. Such as to a half weeks. Or even three weeks to regrow those hair follicles.

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They may still not get the most effective treatment. That they should be getting. As well, if they completely stop waxing for the several weeks before their treatment. They are never going to need.
To wax that area again. Because they must refrain from waxing in between treatments. And once the treatments are done. They will have permanent hair removal. Of 90% of their unwanted hair.
And will not need to wax after that as well. The next recommendation from Edmonton dermatology. Is simply for patients to pay attention. To how long it takes for the hair to regrow. The first three days after treatment.
Patients might see stubble growing. In the treatment area, and panic. However, that is simply the burnt up remnants. Of their hair, and hair follicles. Being pushed out of the body. Because they are now useless.
Patients should examine the hair. And will notice, that it is either crumbly. Or brittle, which is evidence of being destroyed by the laser. People should allow this hair to continue to be pushed out of their body.
And then, pay attention. To how long it takes. For their body to regrow the hair in their treatment area. The reason why they must keep track. Is because this information will help the dermatologist.
Figure out if they can turn the intensity up on their laser. In order to generate better, and more effective results. By following directions. People can be permanently hair free. For the rest of their life.