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Too many people, having a permanent hair removal is a dream which is why laser hair removal in Edmonton. Is growing in popularity every single year. In fact, it is one of the fastest-growing dermatology services currently available.

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However, many people are skeptical when they hear that it is permanent. Although dermatologists will remind people that while it is permanent. That does not mean that it is permanent after the first treatment.
How many treatments a person will need to utilize. Depends on a number of factors. Including how dark the hair that they are removing is. And what part of their body that they are getting treated.
The reason why the darkness of hair matters. Is because when people are getting laser hair removal in Edmonton. It will be utilizing an intense pulse light treatment. That actually targets the pigmentation.
In the hair follicles themselves. And when this laser finds the pigmentation. It will literally explode the cells, and cause the hair follicle to be destroyed. While this is not permanent necessarily.
It will take a long time for the body to regrow that hair follicle. In order to grow that hair. However, once the hair has grown back. The next laser hair removal in Edmonton procedure they get done.
Will cause the body to take and even longer time to regrow that hair. And with enough treatments. The body simply gives up trying to regrow the hair follicles. What causes the body to give up sooner.
Is having the hair removal done. On a part of the body that has less blood flow, or less extensive vascular system. Underneath the arms, and the back are two areas that generally do not take long.

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In order for the laser hair treatment to be effective. Typically becoming permanent after three sessions. While areas such as the legs, or the bikini zone are more stubborn.
Due to the extensive vascular system in that area. Effective results may take up to eight sessions. In order to be permanent. But for people who are fighting with shaving and waxing on a regular basis.
Would love to have permanent results in just eight sessions. This is why it is growing in popularity very quickly. But also, people who are considering this should consult with their dermatologist before going ahead.
The reason why, is because not everybody is a great candidate for laser hair removal. Such as if they have a skin condition that would be exacerbated by laser treatments.
Such as if someone has allows them a, which is a skin condition that is exacerbated by heat. As well, people on certain medications such as Accutane, or antibiotics. Are not good candidates for this treatment either.
Not only should they not be utilizing those drugs. But they need to be out of the patient’s system for at least six months, before they should proceed with laser hair removal in Edmonton.
This is why it is vital that if anyone is considering getting this procedure. That they sit down with the dermatologist at Edmonton dermatology. In order to find out more information, and if they are good candidates.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Stop Shaving And Waxing Forever

The reason why many people look into laser hair removal in Edmonton. Is because they are sick and tired of having to shave, or wax their unwanted hair away.
For many people, this is something that they have to do daily, or every other day. In order to avoid having unsightly or embarrassing hair. Or to get rid of the hair that is causing them discomfort.
The benefit of laser hair removal in Edmonton is that it is completely permanent with enough treatments. And the laser that is used, called an intensive pulse light treatment.
Is a treatment that is very strong, but also non-ablative. Which means it does not take a long time to heal from. Which is attractive for many people.
One question that many people have when they sit down with their dermatologist to find out more information about laser hair removal in Edmonton. Is they want to know if it is going to hurt.
And while some people say that laser hair removal feels like a rubber band snapping this again. Depending on each person’s tolerance to pain. This might be something that is not a problem.
Or other people might be very worried that it is more painful than they can stand. This is why a consultation with their dermatologist is so beneficial. Because they will be able to find out what can be done.

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To minimize the pain if there is any. Not only will there be a cooling fan that the dermatologist can use. To blow cool air onto the treatment area. To help make it more comfortable for patients.
But they can also utilize a numbing cream, or a cooling gel. To cause the skin to be more comfortable prior to the procedure. As well, the dermatologist is likely going to point out.
That for the intense pulse light treatment, the head of the wand used in the treatment. Has a sapphire crystal in it. That is designed to cool the skin right before the laser is activated.
As well as immediately after the laser. To be as comfortable for the patient as possible. For most people, they do not have a problem with this. However, the dermatologist or laser technician will also was fast as the patient allows.
Or the procedure, many people want to know how much time it will require to heal. They will be delighted to find out that people can heal within twenty-four hours.
And get back to their favourite activities immediately following the treatment. In fact, because it is a non-ablative laser. Patients will find that they will perhaps have some sensitivity or redness in the skin.
But ultimately, it is going to not cause much discomfort at all. And the prospect of doing this a few times. In order to end up with permanent hair removal. Is something that is attractive to most.