Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Finally Stop Shaving

Shaving can be time-consuming, which is why many people want to look into laser hair removal in Edmonton. Not only that, but shaving can also cause irritation that can be eliminated.

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And shaving in it difficult areas, such as the bikini zone, or the underarms. May be difficult for people to do. And they are tired of trying to shave, and then finding out that they still have hair that they did not shave effectively.
As well, people experience red bumps after shaving quite often. And these bumps can last for a few hours, or several days. And even be irritated, and sore, which in sensitive areas is very difficult.
As well, when people shave they can end up getting ingrown hairs. Or find that it is extremely itchy, or even sore. When the hair starts to grow back. Especially depending on how sensitive the area is that they have shaved.
And when it comes to men, shaving may not be an attractive option. Or an option at all. Such as wanting to remove the hair on their chest, or on their back. This is why laser hair removal in Edmonton is so popular now.
With multiple treatments, people can have permanent hair removal. So that they do not have to worry about shaving any longer. And all of the frustrations that come with it.
The first step is booking an appointment for free consultation. With Edmonton dermatology, to find out more information. This is a great time to meet the doctor. So that the doctor can see the hair type and colour.

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As well as the skin, and skin tone as well. Because all of those things are factored into what laser is going to be used. As well as how many treatments will be needed to achieve permanent results.
For example, people with very light hair such as light brown or blonde. May require even more treatments. Because of the laser targets the pigment in the hair. And when there is less pigment.
It will need multiple treatments in order to generate the same results as someone with darker hair. However, it is also important to note that in an area of the body with a lot of blood flow.
The hair will likely be extremely stubborn. And will require multiple treatments. Because that increased blood flow. Will help the body regrow those hair follicles sooner.
And finally, people with a darker skin tone may require multiple treatments. Because since the lasers that remove hair are attracted to pigment. In order to avoid burning the pigment in the skin.
The laser technician will need to turn the power of the laser down to a low setting. So that they can treat the pigment in the hair follicle only. And not treat the pigment in the patient’s skin, which may cause burning.
But because of that, they will require multiple treatments. In order to generate the results that they want from their laser hair removal in Edmonton.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Stop Shaving Your Legs

People often want laser hair removal in Edmonton treatments. Because they want to stop shaving because it is time-consuming, or because it can cause problems in irritation.
And while laser hair removal in Edmonton is permanent. It does take multiple treatments in order to generate those results. So patients should have clear expectations coming in to the treatments.
This is why it is so important to contact Edmonton dermatology for free consultation. So that people can find out what they can expect. For their skin type, hair colour and the area of the body to be treated.
How laser treatments work to remove hair. Is that the laser, which is a concentrated beam of light. Will target the cells of the hair follicle. And as the laser passes through the skin, and finds the hair follicle.
It will actually exploded the cells in the hair follicle. Which will cause the follicle to die. And then the body to push out what is left of the hair. And it will take the body a long time to regrow that hair follicle once again.
This is why multiple treatments is needed. Because the body will eventually regrow that follicle. And when the laser technician does another treatment. It will take the body even longer to regrow that same follicle.
It can take as few as three treatments. In order to generate permanent results, such as in the underarms, where blood flow is very minimal. Or it may take up to eight treatments, such as in the legs.

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Because there is a wide vascular system in the legs, that aid the body. In helping it will regrow those hair follicles. And it will take more treatments in order to have the body give up on trying to regrow the follicles.
And when it comes to women getting rid of hair on their chin. They need to understand that chin hair typically grows due to a hormone imbalance. Such as having polycystic ovarian syndrome.
Or because they are entering menopause, and they have additional testosterone in their body. And while they can use laser hair removal in Edmonton on their chin.
They may find after a few years, they will need additional treatments. So while the hair can be permanently removed. They will need to keep coming back over several years to keep it hair free in that area.
And while many people associate laser hair removal with women. Dermatologists say an equal amount of women and men actually come in for this treatment.
With men often wanting areas such as their chest or back done. Because they do not want, or cannot shave those areas. Because as much as men might not want a hairy chest.
They also do not want a stubbly chest. Or chest that has a lot of ingrown hairs, or razor burn on it as well. Therefore, if men and women are looking for laser hair removal. They should contact Edmonton dermatology for consultation today.