Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Stop Waxing Before Treatment

The popularity of laser hair removal in Edmonton. Continues to grow, each and every year. Because the procedure is quick. But also, it is extremely effective. Which is why many people want to get this.
Laser Hair Removal In Edmonton
Not only do people spend a lot of time. Getting rid of unwanted hair. On all parts of their body, such as the nape of their neck. Their upper lip, cheeks and chin. But as well their underarms, chest and back.
As well as their bikini area, and their legs. With shaving, people will need to do this. Almost every day, or every other day. In order to remain hair free. The reason, is because shaving just cuts hair off.
Therefore, since the hair is constantly growing. It does not take long, for the hair to poke above the skin. And be seen, as well as have irritating stubble. Therefore, people need to constantly shave. Because of the constant growth.
As well, when people are shaving. They often have ingrown hairs. That are difficult, if not impossible. To get rid of, even through diligent exfoliation. But also, in addition to ingrown hairs. People often get razor burn.
As well as shaving bumps. That provide additional skin rotation. And often, pain. Although many people spend a lot of time. Getting rid of unwanted hair through shaving. They also spend a lot of money.
On razor’s, shaving creams. And other accoutrements. That they need to get rid of the hair in this way. When people have spent too much time or money. That is when they usually have contacted Edmonton dermatology.

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To set up a consultation about laser hair removal in Edmonton. And while shaving is one of the most time intensive ways. To get rid of unwanted and unsightly hair. Even waxing, which pulls the hair up by the root.
Takes a lot of time, is expensive. And unfortunately, is often quite painful. No matter what part of the body people are waxing. In order to get rid of unwanted hair on that part of their body.
While waxing does afford people a longer time. In between treatments. This is because the waxing process. Pulls the hair out by the root. Therefore, it takes longer for the body to regrow that hair.
However, for many people. It is not a better option than shaving. Simply because it is incredibly painful. Or, when they do it at home it is messy. And at the salon, it is expensive.
Therefore, people visit Edmonton dermatology. The find out more information about laser hair removal. And to decide, if it is a good fit for them. When they decide to proceed with laser hair removal.
One of the most important things. That their dermatologist is going to recommend. Is that they stop waxing before their first treatment. This is because laser hair removal actually targets the hair follicles.
If people have been practising, plucking or even threading. Before their laser hair removal in Edmonton, there will be no hair follicles in the area. For the laser to target. And they will not at the results that they desire.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Reasons To Stop Waxing Before Treatment

There are many things that people need to know about laser hair removal in Edmonton. Before they take the plunge, and proceed with this method of permanent hair removal.
Their dermatologist will go over all of the most important information. At the initial, and free consultation. Which is why it is imperative. That people call the office, and arrange a free consultation.
Before they proceed with this procedure. They will find out, how many treatments they are likely going to need to get. In order to generate permanent results. And a reduction of 90% of unwanted hair.
Most people will need anywhere between 3 to 6 treatments. In order to get rid of unwanted hair. Depending on the colour, and thickness of the hair that they are getting rid of.
As well as what part of the body they are getting the treatment on. Because areas that have increased vascularity. Such as legs, or their bikini area. Will be more stubborn, and require more treatments.
They will discuss all of these variables. With their dermatologist prior to their first laser hair removal in Edmonton treatment. As well as find out, what they can expect from the treatment.
And help them understand. That they must stop waxing, plucking or threading. At least two weeks before their first session. This is so that they hair follicles will be present. For the laser to target and get rid of.

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However, while they must stop waxing. Before their first laser hair removal treatment. It is also important. That they shave, the day before each treatment. This is for a couple of reasons.
First, the laser needs to target the pigmentation. In the hair follicles. And if there is hair, of securing the view. The results may not be as effective as they should be. But another important reason.
Is because as the light pulse targets the hair follicles. Any hair that is above the skin line. May burn up, causing unnecessary discomfort. The reason why they should not shave right before the appointment. And do it the day before.
Is because shaving can often cause razor burn, or shaving bumps. Which can also be very painful to get a laser pulse on this area. If it is sensitive from shaving within the same day.
They will hear all about these variables. And what to expect. As well as what they should do. At their initial consultation. And then, they can decide if laser hair removal in Edmonton.
Is the best option for them, to stop waxing, shaving and plucking. And enjoy their newfound time. And stop spending so much money on waxing and shaving supplies.
When people are ready to say goodbye to their razor. The first step is calling Edmonton dermatology. And arranging a consultation. To discuss laser hair removal.