Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Just Stop Waxing Already!

There are many reasons why laser hair removal in Edmonton is so attractive. But the most common reason, is because it is a permanent solution. To get rid of unwanted hair anywhere on a patient’s body.

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Therefore, people who are tired of waxing their hair, or shaving. May want to make an appointment to see Edmonton dermatologist for free consultation. To find out more information.
And while it is a permanent solution. Patients will need to go through multiple treatments in order to achieve these desired results. The reason is because after the first treatment.
Even though the laser will have effectively destroyed the hair follicle. The body will regrow that hair follicle in time. And the more vascular the area is. Meaning the more blood flow through that area.
The faster the body will be able to regrow that hair follicle. Which is why another treatment is necessary. After the second Laser hair removal in Edmonton treatment.
It will take the body even longer to regrow that hair follicle. And depending on how stubborn the area is. And how much blood flow there is. It may take anywhere between three treatments.
To permanently remove the hair in the area. Or, it may take up to eight treatments or more. For example, the underarms can usually have permanent results in three treatments.
While the legs and bikinis own, have a lot of blood flow through the area. And may take eight treatments. In order to have permanent results in that area.

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As well, the effectiveness of each laser hair removal treatment. Depends on hair colour, and skin tone as well. Because the laser actually targets the pigment in the hair follicle.
Therefore, light coloured hair, such as lights brown, blond, and even red hair. Is more difficult to get rid of. And requires a stronger laser. However, as long as patients are prepared for multiple treatments.
This can be a great option for effective hair removal on their body. People with darker skin tone however. Will also need to have more treatments in order to achieve permanent hair removal.
And this is because in order to avoid having the laser hit the pigment in their skin. The laser technician will need to turn the strength of the laser down significantly. And because the laser will be less powerful.
People with darker skin tones will need to come in for more laser hair removal in Edmonton treatments. However, even with these challenges in place. Permanent hair removal can be achieved for everyone.
Even men can undergo laser hair removal. And they have their chest, back and the cheeks of their face. Be the most common areas to permanently remove hair. However, there is no area that they cannot treat.
As long as it is below the eyes, because they do not want to treat close to the eyes, for risk of damage. And they do not want to treat the head, for risk of injury to the brain itself.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Stop Waxing Your Hair

When people are tired of having to remove unwanted hair, laser hair removal in Edmonton treatments can help. This is because laser hair is a way of permanently eliminating that problematic hair.
It is very important that patients listen to the instructions of their dermatologist. Before, during and after the treatment. In order to generate the results that they desire.
One of the first things that patients will need to do. Is twenty-four hours before their appointment. They are going to need to shave the area that they are getting laser hair removal treated on.
The reason why, is because if hair is left long. On that part of the body before laser hair treatment. What will happen, is the laser will affect the hair above the skin as well as below it.
And this can and up being slightly painful to endure. And is not necessary. But also, in order to ensure that the laser is targeting the follicle specifically. Removing as much of the rest of the hair is necessary.
To ensure that as much of the lasers power will go into the follicle itself. And not the surrounding area. However, prior to laser hair removal in Edmonton. People need to ensure that they are not shaving too close to their appointment.
And the reason why, is because if they shave too close to their laser appointment. They may have read, irritated bumps. That could make the treatment much more uncomfortable.

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And while older lasers often caused patients some pain or discomfort during the process. The new lasers that are in use now. Are much more comfortable. And have a cooling piece built into them.
So that the skin is being cooled before, and immediately after the pulse of laser. To make it as comfortable as possible. However, depending on people’s pain tolerances.
They can also ask the dermatologist for numbing cream, cooling gel. Or even to have a fan pointed at their treatment area. That can help make the treatment as comfortable as possible.
After the appointment, people might feel warm in the treated areas. And they should avoid having hot showers or baths for the first few days. Because their skin will be sensitive.
Anywhere between one and three days after the appointment. They may see what looks like hair starts to poke through their skin. And it might look like stubble. However, they do not need to panic.
Even though it looks like they are growing hair. That is just a hair that was left underneath the skin, being pushed out by the body. Because without the hair follicle there, the body has no use for the hair.
However, it is important for patients to keep track of how long it takes until there hair does grow back. So that they can let the dermatologist know. And they can make the adjustments on their next laser hair removal in Edmonton treatment.