Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Surprising Facts About Laser Treatment

Even though laser hair removal in Edmonton has been around for many years. There are still things that many people do not know. About this procedure, and how it works.
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While people have heard that it can result in permanent hair removal. Many people are not sure how that works. Or think that it is going to be permanent after the first session. While this is not true.
When people are trying to get rid of hair, and they shave. All they are doing is cutting the hair off. And not affecting the hair follicle at all. Which is why shaved hair grows back so fast.
When people are tired of shaving, they often turn to waxing. Because the area that they are waxing. Can end up being hair free for much longer. And this is because waxing pulls the hair out by the follicle.
In order for the hair to grow back in the area. The body will have to regrow the entire hair including the hair follicle. Which is why it takes a longer time for the hair to grow back after waxing. Then with shaving.
And while people have likely been told. That waxing will eventually result in permanent hair removal. This is not effective. And people can end up waxing their body for many years.
And still not see the permanent results that they have been told can happen. However, with laser hair removal in Edmonton. It takes fewer treatments. In order to result in truly permanent hair removal.

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Instead of pulling the hair follicle out, like waxing does. Laser hair removal in Edmonton uses an intense pulse light. In order to target the pigmentation in the hair follicle.
And when the laser finds that pigmentation. It will actually explode the cells of the hair follicle. Therefore, if the body wants the hair to grow back in that location. It actually has to grow the entire hair and follicle.
This is why it will take a much longer time to grow the hair back from laser hair removal. Then even from waxing alone. However, when the hair grows back. That is the time to go back to the dermatologist’s office.
And get another treatment, where the laser, will explode the hair follicle again. The body will eventually give up trying to grow the hair follicles in that location. Because it is using the body’s resources.
And if the hair continually gets eradicated in that area. The body will consider using its resources in a different, and more effective way. The less blood flow in an area, the fewer treatments it will take.
For the laser hair removal and Edmonton to be permanent. Legs, and bikini areas are going to be the most stubborn. Due to the large vascular system in the area.
While the back, and underarms will be very easy. And will take two or three sessions to be completely permanent. When people are ready to get rid of hair on a part of their body permanently. They should talk to Edmonton dermatology during a consultation.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Surprising Facts

Even though laser hair removal in Edmonton has been around for any years. Many people still have misconceptions about this procedure. Or have a lot of questions that they would like answered.
One of the most common questions that Edmonton dermatology gets about this procedure. Is if it is a painful procedure to get. The first thing that they will mention, is that the laser is called an intense pulse light treatment.
And the concentrated beam of light can get hot. However, it will depend on each person’s pain tolerance. And whether this is a painful procedure, or not.
It also depends on the part of the body that is getting treated. As some parts of the body are more sensitive than others. If people are concerned about being in pain when they get the procedure done.
They can simply talk to their dermatologist during the initial consultation. And there are many different options that they can get. That will help them minimize any potential discomfort or pain.
Prior to the laser hair removal in Edmonton. The dermatologist can apply a topical cooling gel, or numbing cream. That will help minimize any discomfort from the procedure.
As well, the dermatologist can point a cooling fan at the patient. So that as they are getting their laser hair removal in Edmonton treatments done. The cooling fan can help sooth their skin.
However, it is also important for patients to know. That the handheld piece of the laser. Actually has a built in sapphire crystal. And the reason why, is because it will cool the area immediately before, and immediately after each laser burst.

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All of these things together, can minimize or eliminate any pain or discomfort that a patient feels. But as well, the laser technician will only go as fast as the patient can handle.
Therefore if they need extra time in between each laser pulse. They can let their dermatologist no. And they will go as slow as the patient requests. So that they are not feeling any discomfort.
Another question that many people have for their dermatologist. Is how much healing time is needed? That is one of the most ideal things about the intense pulse light treatment.
Is the fact that it is a non-ablative laser. Which means it does not cut the skin. Because it does not cut the skin, the healing time is extremely low. Immediately after treatment.
People will tend to feel and their skin is perhaps warmer than normal. Like they have been out in the sun all day. There might be minor discomfort. Or their skin might be read in the treatment area.
However, they can put makeup on immediately after the procedure. And 12 to 24 hours after the procedure. They will no longer feel discomfort, or the redness that comes with this laser hair removal in Edmonton.
When people are ready to find out more information about this very popular hair removal procedure. They can make an appointment with Edmonton dermatology.