Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | The Joy Of No Shaving

There are many reasons people want to stop shaving, which is why laser hair removal in Edmonton. Is gaining in popularity. Every single year says Edmonton dermatology.
Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton
They ensure that they always offer. To all of their clients, free consultation. Without a doubt, that is a popular feature. And the reason they keep it free. Is because once all patients have learned all the facts.
They may decide that this procedure is not for them. Or, their dermatologist discovers. That they are not a good candidate for the procedure. They do not want anyone to have to pay out-of-pocket.
To find out that they cannot. Or should not proceed with laser hair removal in Edmonton. This will allow people to get the right information. Especially how it relates to their body specifically.
Such as if they have the appropriate skin tone. Or if there hair, is unsuitable. For one reason or another. People are free to ask. As many questions as they want. In order to be comfortable with the procedure.
One of the most common questions. Is wondering, if laser treatments painful. Or alternatively just uncomfortable. Without a doubt, the lasers that were first used. When this treatment came out on the market.
Which was in the nineties. And this laser, was considered much more intense. And a lot of people. Felt discomfort during, and after the treatment. However, the laser that is used today.

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At Edmonton dermatology is considered an intense pulse light treatment. Or, called an IPL for short. It should be noted that this laser. Is not only one of the most gentle lasers on the market. But another consideration.
Is that this laser, is also the single most effective treatment. For laser hair removal in Edmonton. It will generate the most effective results. Out of any other laser treatment that people can get.
However, Edmonton dermatology says. That just because it is the most gentle laser. Is not mean it is completely pain-free. Everyone has their own pain tolerances. And while some people have absolutely no problem.
With this type of laser treatment. Other people, may find that it is uncomfortable. If people are concerned. That they are going to experience any discomfort. Or, any pain during their session.
They should talk to the dermatologist about it. At their initial consultation. There are many tools. And techniques. That the dermatologist can use. In order to increase each patient’s comfort. There are cooling creams.
As well as numbing gel. That is applied topically. And can deaden the sensation. In order to make the treatment. Significantly more comfortable. They can also use a cooling fan. Blowing on the skin.
But most importantly. The handheld want. That is used to deliver the laser pulse. Has a built-in sapphire crystal. And that delivers a cooling sensation. Immediately before. And immediately after each pulse of light.
This cooling crystal, is one of the reasons. Why this treatment. Is the most comfortable, out of all of the other laser treatments.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | The Joy Of No More Shaving

The number of people getting laser hair removal in Edmonton. Is on the steady increase says Edmonton dermatology. Because of that, they offer free consultations. To allow patients to get all the information.
That order to make an informed decision. About whether this is the treatment, that is right for them or not. There are several questions. That patients have. During these consultations.
Without a doubt, the most common question. That people have, is are there any reasons. Why they should not get laser hair removal in Edmonton? And while most people are extremely good candidates.
There are indeed, reasons. Why people should not get this treatment done. First, people may have certain skin conditions. That are exacerbated with light. Or, get worse with heat.
A great example of this, is melasma which is a hormonal imbalance. Where people get darkened facial skin, when this is a skin condition. That they happen to have. While there are many other skin conditions.
That would make them a poor candidate. For laser hair removal in Edmonton. This is the reason why. Meeting with Edmonton dermatology is so important. However, that is not the only reason.
Why people should not get this laser treatment. Another reason is if they are on certain medications. For example, any antibiotics. Can cause problems for a patient. Undergoing any laser treatments.

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And even if they stop taking antibiotics. Those drugs need to be out of a patient’s system. For a minimum of six months. Before they can go back to Edmonton dermatology. As well, people taking the drug.
Accutane, which is a common medicine. To help clear up acne. They should also not undergo laser hair removal in Edmonton. And if they stop taking this medicine. It also needs to be out of their system.
For six months, before they can undergo. A laser treatment. This is not the only question. Many people also want to know. How long does the treatment last. They may have heard about Fraxal lasers.
Which usually, require a person. Booking off the day from work. In order to get this treatment. However, not only is the laser. Used to remove hair extremely gentle. But it works extremely quickly as well.
For small areas, such as the upper lip, chin or armpits. People will be able to finish treatment. In around thirty minutes. Which includes cleaning the skin. As well as applying aftercare as well.
Legs, chest and back. Are the largest areas of the body. Therefore, they are the most time-consuming to treat. And people can expect two hours. For this session, to ensure they get the entire area coverage.
While there may be many other questions. For Edmonton dermatology, the best thing. Would simply be to contact the office. By phone, or email. And then get an appointment for themselves.
Whether people have unwanted hair. Because it is embarrassing. Or because it is air rotating. They no longer have to shave for the rest of their life.