Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | The Possibilities of Permanent Hair Removal

When people want to get rid of hair permanently, they should talk to their dermatologist about laser hair removal in Edmonton. Because this is the only permanent hair removal system for patients.
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Even though they have probably heard about many other methods. Including electrolysis, or heard that over time. Waxing can be permanent, however people often have been waxing for years.
And still have unwanted hair on that part of their body. There are many different reasons why people want to get rid of hair on a certain part of their body. Whether it is embarrassing, and they want to get rid of it.
It could be that it is very uncomfortable. To have hair on that part of the body. Or that they simply are tired of spending so much of their time and money. Getting rid of hair in places like their face, armpits and legs.
And while many people think that it is only women that are interested in getting laser hair removal. Dermatologists say that it is a wildly popular procedure. Between both men and women.
While women are typically getting parts of their body done such as their legs, bikini area and their armpits. Men get different parts of their body done with laser hair removal in Edmonton.
Taking care of straight beard hairs on their cheeks and neck. But also getting rid of unsightly hair on their back, or chest. Especially since this is an area that is difficult to shave. Or somewhere stubble is very unwanted.
However, whether people make a good candidate for laser hair removal in Edmonton. Is the first question. That dermatologists will want to answer during the initial consultation.

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Since the laser that is used to permanently remove hair is an intense pulse light treatment. This is actually a laser that targets pigmentation. And when it finds that pigmentation, it explodes the cells that it finds.
Therefore, not only does it treat unwanted hair. But it can also treat unwanted pigmentation. Such as birthmarks, or dark spots caused by the sun. However, this is also why.
People with a darker skin tone are not good candidates for this particular treatment. Because they risk having the skin cells targeted instead of their hair. Where it can damage their skin.
Therefore, during the initial consultation. The dermatologist will apply a Fitzpatrick scale. To determine if the patient as the right skin tone for the procedure. Or if they would not be a good candidate.
Once they determine that a patient has the right skin tone. The next thing, would be to find out if there are any other concerns. With using laser hair removal on a certain patient.
For example, the dermatologist will ask if the patient is on any medications like antibiotics or Accutane. That can react poorly when a person undergoes laser hair removal it in Edmonton.
By allowing the time to talk with the patient. And eliminate any potential problems. Dermatologists can ensure that the people that are able to undergo this treatment. Will be able to use it effectively. To get rid of unwanted hair permanently.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | The Possibilities of Smooth Skin

For many people, eliminating hair regularly is very time-consuming, which is why people want to undergo laser hair removal in Edmonton. And while it is quickly growing in popularity in the area.
There are a lot of questions that people have. That they bring with them to their initial dermatology consultation. One of the first questions that dermatologists get.
Is if this laser hair removal in Edmonton is painful. Since the laser used for hair removal is considered intense pulse light treatment. It is a highly concentrated beam of light, and yes it gets hot.
However, because it is a pulse light. It is a very quick flash of light. And that means that if there is any discomfort associated with the treatment. It will be just as fast as well.
In fact, dermatologists say many people compare it to the snapping of a rubber band on the skin. Which is easy to tolerate, because of how fast it is. However, for people who are concerned with pain or discomfort.
They can talk to their dermatologist about that. And they will come up with many different strategies. To ensure that a person is as comfortable as possible. Such as talking about the cooling head in the one used for treatment.
But also, talking about using numbing cream or cooling gel. And putting a cooling fan in the room. To cool the area of a patient. So that they are less likely to feel the burn of the laser after it is over.

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Another common question that patients have for their dermatologist about the laser hair removal in Edmonton procedure. Is how long will they be healing for?
The benefit of the intense pulse light treatment laser. Is the fact that it is a non-ablative laser. Which means it does not cut the skin. And because it does not cut the skin, it has a very fast healing time.
In fact, most people can go from the treatment and back to work. Or out for a night on the town with their friends or significant other. Within the same day of getting the laser hair removal in Edmonton.
If they got a treatment on their face, or somewhere visible. They can even ask their dermatologist to put some makeup on the area that was treated. To get rid of the redness, so that people do not have to know.
That they had any procedure done at all. People might experience the redness for 12 to 24 hours. Or feel like their treatment area has been out in the sun without sunscreen. And they are slightly tender.
However, that redness and tenderness will last for twenty-four hours at most. And then they will not feel like they had undergone any procedure at all. This is one of the reasons why it is so popular. Because it will help people eliminate hair on parts of their body. Without having to take time off work.