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Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Throw Away Your Razors

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Throw Away Your Razors

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Throw Away Your Razors

But with laser hair removal in Edmonton. That dream can be a reality. Allowing people to throw away their razors. And not waste another minute, or penny on getting rid of unsightly hair again.

Laser Hair Removal In Edmonton

However, in order to generate these kinds of results. It is very important for people to know. What to expect, how to prepare. And that they will need multiple sessions in order to achieve those results.

Many people have often heard. That waxing, will eventually lead to permanent hair removal. However, ask anyone. Who is been waxing any part of their body. For years if that is true.

While waxing and plucking. Pulls the hair out by the root. Allowing people to be hair free for longer. It does not actually destroy the hair or the hair follicle. Therefore, the hair has an easier time to continue growing back.

This is where laser hair removal in Edmonton differs completely. Instead of pulling out the hair by the route. Like waxing or plucking does. Or, simply cutting the hair off halfway up the shaft like shaving.

Laser hair removal in Edmonton actually destroys the hair, and the hair follicle. Exploding the cells. Causing the body to push the remaining remnants. Out of the skin, resulting in being hair free for longer.

As the body has to regrow the entire hair. And when the hair does grow back, it will be thinner. As well as weaker. Which is when the patient must come in for their next treatment.

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And having that new hair growth. Hit with the laser again. To destroy it. Will cause the hair to take even longer to regrow. In fact, it depends on what part of the body the hair is on.

At how successful the body will be and continuing to regrow that hair. Since nutrients are carried to the various body parts through the blood system. The more vascular the part of the body is.

The more likely the body will be at regrowing the hair. This means legs, and bikini area. Are some of the most stubborn areas. To permanently get rid of hair. While areas like the underarms.

Are extremely easy to eliminate hair. Requiring three or four sessions. To generate permanent results. Therefore, people can stop waxing, and shaving. In anywhere between 3 to 8 treatments.

Some of the reasons why people want to utilize lasers, to eliminate their hair. Is because not only shaving is time-consuming. Requiring people to shave every day, or every other day.

In order to stay carefree. But razors also cause razor burns. Ingrown hairs, and shaving bumps. Which can be painful, irritating. And be very unsightly. Some people find that the razor burn or ingrown hairs.

Our more unsightly than the hair that was growing in the area. As well, waxing is painful. And can also lead to ingrown hairs. Therefore, the enough laser hair removal sessions. People can throw away their razors, and their waxing kits for good.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Throw Away Your Razors

People may think that they will be a slave to their razor forever, but laser hair removal in Edmonton. Can put an end to that. While many people might think that permanent hair removal is just a pipe dream.

The fact of the matter is. This procedure continues to grow in popularity every single year. Simply because it is actually effective. If it was not effective. At permanently eliminating hair.

Then it would not be as popular as it is. And it is growing in popularity. Not just with women. But with men, who are troubled by unsightly. As well as embarrassing hair as well.

In fact, Edmonton dermatology says they see just as many men. As women. Sometimes the areas that they want treated are the same. Or they want different areas treated with laser hair removal in Edmonton.

For example, women typically get their upper lip, underarms. Bikini zone, and legs treated. While men typically get their neck treated. The nape of their neck as well as the front of the neck. Where their beard hairs start to creep downwards.

As well as their cheeks, again misplaced beard hairs. As well as their chest, and back. But also depending if they are athletes. Can often get there underarms, bikini area and legs done as well.

In fact, there is almost virtually no area. That cannot be treated with the laser. With the exception being the eyebrows. The reason why dermatologists will not do a patient’s eyebrows with the laser hair removal in Edmonton.

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Is because the hand-held wand that administers each laser pulse. Is actually very large. In order to treat large area very efficiently. And they would not have the precision to go around a delicate area like the eyebrows.

Therefore, people should not feel embarrassed. About calling Edmonton dermatology. And arranging an initial consultation. Whether they are men, women. And why they want to stop shaving and waxing.

The next thing that they will learn, is how many treatments they will need. In order to generate permanent results. This is based on a wide variety of factors. Which is why the consultation is crucial.

The dermatologist will not only look at the area of the body that is getting treated. But also the thickness of the hair. The darkness of the hair. And the patient’s skin tone. As all of those things make a difference.

The darkness of the hair matters. Because the laser actually targets the pigmentation and hair follicle. The darker the hair, the easier time the laser has. At eliminating the hair in that area.

However, the thicker the hair. The more stubborn it will be at being eliminated permanently. As well, the dermatologist will take into consideration. The skin tone of the patient. Simply because they want to avoid.

The laser accident late targeting the pigmentation in the skintone. Therefore, for patients with darker skin tone. They will need to have the laser turned down in intensity. And may require more treatments for effective results.

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