Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Throw Your Razors Away

For some people, laser hair removal in Edmonton. Will give them a new lease on life. Helping them save hours of wasted time. That they once had spent. Devoted to getting rid of unwanted as well as embarrassing hair.
Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton
For many, they often believe. That women get laser treatments done more often. However, Edmonton dermatology says. That equal numbers of men and women get this procedure done.
There are many areas of the body. That both men and women. Struggle with having unwanted hair. And want it eliminated for many different reasons. From the hair being an annoyance.
Tickling people, being itchy. Or getting caught in clothing. Many people seek help from Edmonton dermatology. In order to permanently get rid of this hair. That is giving them problems.
However, people also might want to permanently eliminate hair. Through laser hair removal in Edmonton. Because the hair itself, is unsightly. And therefore, embarrassing.
For men, the areas of the body. That are most likely to have embarrassing hair. Include their cheeks, above their beard. There, both the front and back. While they can shave the front of their neck.
And the barber takes care of the hair on the back of the neck. That they consider embarrassing and unsightly. Trying to constantly stay on top of this hair. Is exhausting, which is why it want to eliminate it permanently.

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Men also get their arms, the tops of their hands. Their chest, and back treated with a laser. But also, depending on what area of work the man is in. They also get their legs, or the tops that their feet done as well.
Women on the other hand. Are the ones most likely to get areas. Such as their underarms, upper lip and bikini area treated with laser hair removal in Edmonton. But they also can get their neck, chest and back.
Legs, arms and their feet treated. Since people are all mammals, hair can grow virtually anywhere. However, there is one area of the body. That is been ten dermatology will not treat lasers.
In that area is the eyebrows. The reason why patients will not be allowed. To get laser treatments on or around their eyebrows, is because the hand held wand used. To treat the area is quite large.
And not only would the dermatologist be unable to navigate around the delicately shaped area of the eyebrows. But also, they might risk. Getting the laser to close to the patients eyes. Even though they are going to be wearing eye protection.
Therefore, they simply have the stance. Of not treating the eyebrows. But virtually every other area of the body. Will be able to be treated. Using this very gentle intense pulse light laser.
When patients are interested in finding more. And to see if they are good candidate for this procedure. All they have to do is contact Edmonton dermatology. And will be able to schedule a free consultation.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Toss Your Razors Away

Patients who contact Edmonton dermatology about laser hair removal in Edmonton. Will find out about IPL treatments. Which stands for intense pulse light. It is the most effective laser hair removal.
How IPL works, is by targeting the mentation. In the hair follicle itself. Which is growing in the dermis. Which is the second layer of the patient’s skin. Because it targets the pigmentation.
The darker and thicker the hair is. The more likely the laser is going to be able to find it. Ultimately, destroying it more easily. People who have that can and dark hair to get rid of. Typically see the best results.
But this does not mean that people who have problematic hair. That is light brown or even blonde. Cannot get this treatment. It just means they are more likely going to need. Additional treatments, in order to generate permanent results.
The number of treatments overall. Is going to be dependent on several factors says Edmonton dermatology. Starting with the area of the body that is being treated.
Areas of the body that have more vascularity. Such as the legs, because of the extensive veins and arteries. In that area, are the most stubborn. To permanently eliminate hair in.
While areas that have much less blood flow. The underarms for example. Our the least stubborn. And can have people being permanently hair free. In as few as three or four treatments.

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In order for the dermatologist to make an educated guess. About how many laser hair removal in Edmonton sessions. Each patient will need. They will look at the patient’s treatment area.
And the thickness and darkness of the hair. During the initial consultation. Patients can expect on average. To get either three, or up to eight sessions done. In order to achieve permanent results.
They will also discover. What they should be avoiding, in order to generate. The best results possible. Edmonton dermatology recommends avoiding plucking and waxing. For as long as possible.
Prior to the laser hair removal in Edmonton treatment. The reason why they must avoid this. Is because it will remove the hair follicles from the area. And if those hair follicles do not grow back.
By the time their treatment appointment arrives. The session will not be as effective as it should be. Because it will miss targeting many hair follicles. Requiring another treatment. In order to generate the same results.
This is why the consultation. Is so critical. To the success of the overall laser treatment. It will help manage clients expectations. As well as help the dermatologist know what settings the laser should be set at.
So that when patients come in for laser treatments. They will be able to get the results that they expect. And be hair free permanently, sooner. Anyone wanting more information.
Can arrange their own consultation. Either by picking up the phone, or emailing Edmonton dermatology. Consultations are always free, so patients can arrange there is today.