Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Understanding Intense Pulse Light

When people are sick of shaving and waxing, they should consider laser hair removal in Edmonton. Because not only is this method incredibly effective. But it is also permanent, helping people eliminate the need for waxing or shaving ever again.

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However, there are many things that people should keep in mind. When considering intense pulse light treatment. To help them get the results that they expect. And helping them be hair free.
One of the first things that is important to note. That setting up an initial consultation with Edmonton dermatology is necessary. So that they know what they need to do prior to the treatment.
To make this as effective as possible. At the same time, the dermatologist will also look at their skin tone and type. Look at their hair, and here is colour. In order to determine how effective the treatment is going to be.
This will dictate how many sessions they will need to have. In order to results in permanent hair removal. And they will also find out exactly what to do after the treatment is done. To generate the results they want.
One of the first things that their dermatologist will say. Is prior to laser hair removal in Edmonton treatments. Patients should avoid plucking, waxing and using creams to get rid of the hair.
Because all of these methods will pull the hair out by their route. Or destroy the root, which will affect how the laser can work. Because the intense pulse light treatment targets the pigmentation in the hair follicles.
If they hair has previously been pulled out, or destroyed somehow. Then the laser will not effect that hair. Therefore, when that hair grows back, it will have been unaffected by the laser.

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Which should have been used to destroy the entire hair follicle itself. Therefore, patients should avoid doing these things for up to two weeks before their appointment.
As well, they need to avoid doing anything. That could lighten the hair in their treatment area. Which includes using bleaches. Or using certain skincare products, that may inadvertently lighten the hair in that area.
Following treatment, it is important for patients to understand what to expect. Because as the laser hair removal is going to destroy they hair follicle. What is left of they are follicle, and the hair that is below the skin.
Will start pushing themselves out of the patient’s skin. And this might look like hair that is re-growing. Which may cause some patients to be very upset. They should understand that all it is, is the leftover remnants of burnt up hair.
The hair that does poked through will be extremely brittle in nature. Or it could have a crumbly texture. And after about three days, patients should no longer see this hair poking through.
However, they should be mindful. About how long it takes to grow their hair back. So that when they go for their second laser hair removal in Edmonton treatment. They can tell the dermatologist to how long it took to regrow that hair. So that they can potentially turn the intensity of the laser up. To generate more effective results.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Intense Pulse Light For Permanent Hair Removal

Intense pulse light treatment, is a form of laser hair removal in Edmonton. That not only is the most popular method of permanent hair removal. But is also the most effective laser treatment.
However, there are many things that people should keep in mind with this laser hair removal in Edmonton treatment. That will ensure that they get the results that they desire.
When people are thinking about getting this form of treatment done. They should understand that the laser actually targets the pigmentation in their hair follicles. Therefore, the best results happen.
With people who are fair skinned, with very dark hair to get rid of. In fact, the dermatologist will use what is called a Fitzpatrick scale. In order to determine if someone has a skintone that is too dark for this procedure.
The risk of using this laser hair removal treatment. On people that have darker skin tones. Is since it targets pigmentation. That pigmentation in a person’s skin, could cause the laser to affect their skin and not their hair.
This is why people that have darker skin tones. May often be told that they need to utilize a different hair removal method. So that they do not risk damaging their skin in the process.
Another thing that people should keep in mind. Is that the laser cannot be used on any parts of their body higher than their cheeks. This is because the laser is starting to get too close to their eyes.

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And while dermatologists will give patients eye protection. New matter what part of the body they are treating at the time. The eyebrows are extremely close to a patient’s eyes.
And there is the potential for damaging their vision. Which is why dermatologists want to eliminate that risk. By ensuring that patients do not get this procedure done on that part of their body.
As well, patients also should avoid adding the tops of their head done. Some men who are going bald. Will out to get laser hair removal in Edmonton. So that they do not have to shave their head every day.
However, dermatologists will not do the skin on the top of patient’s heads. Not only is the skin very thin, and exposed to UV light most regularly. And stands to suffer the most damage.
But it is also too close to the patients eyes and brain. And dermatologists want to avoid doing something that could cause damage to their patient in any way.
As well, patients should be prepared for the entire laser hair removal in Edmonton. By setting aside enough time to go to the appointment, and heal from the procedure. It will take about a day to heal.
Which is a very short amount of time. However, patients should keep in mind that they might feel a little sensitive. Or they might be a little bit red. And is important that they are aware of this ahead of time.