Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Understanding Permanent Hair Removal

Why so many people are excited about laser hair removal in Edmonton. Is because it is the only truly permanent solution. For unwanted, and unsightly hair. While many methods promised to lighten unwanted hair.
Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton
Laser hair removal in Edmonton can get rid of 90 to 95% of unwanted hair. And as few as 4 to 8 treatments. This is virtually hair free. And any hair that is left, is very thin, light and unnoticeable.
However, there are many questions. That people have when it comes to laser hair removal in Edmonton. To help them understand the procedure. And decide if this is the procedure for them.
One of the first things that people should understand. Is that it is a laser, that is being used. To target the hair follicles. When the hair follicles get hit with the laser. They will explode, destroying the hair.
While the body will be able to regrow that hair follicle. It will take a longer time. Then simply pulling out the hair by the route. And after enough treatments, typically 3 to 8. The body will give up trying to regrow that hair.
A question that Edmonton dermatology gets from patients all the time. Is wanting to know if the laser treatment is painful. They may have heard stories about laser treatments being painful.
And while older lasers, did cause some discomfort. The new lasers that are being used. Our more gentle. Both in heat that they in meant. As well as the sensation of the hair being exploded by the laser.

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Even though the current lasers. Are much more gentle. They still have a tip, that has a cooling sensation. So that it cools the patient’s skin immediately before, and after each pulse of light.
This is designed to increase comfort. And counteract the heat from the laser. And in fact, many people leave the treatment, feeling slightly chilly from the cooling sensation during the treatment.
However, it is very important. If people are concerned about pain. To bring this up with the dermatologist during the free consultation. If they are concerned, there are many things that can be done.
To increase the patient’s comfort. Including applying a topical cooling gel. That will help increase comfort. By counteracting the heat of the laser. Or, applying a numbing cream. That will simply deaden the patient’s senses.
In the area that is going to be treated. As well, the dermatologist can bring in a fan, that will blow cool air on the patient. During their treatment. Making sure that they are as comfortable as possible.
And finally, the dermatologist, or laser technician. Whoever is delivering the treatment. Will not move on to the next area. Until the patient has that said they are comfortable enough to.
The timeslots are long enough, to accommodate each patient’s tolerances. So they should not have to feel like they are being rushed through the treatment. Or proceeding when they are not 100% comfortable.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Understanding How Permanent Hair Removal Works

For people who have been trying to eliminate unwanted hair, laser hair removal in Edmonton. Can seem too good to be true. Especially if they already tried other methods. That were supposed to be permanent as well.
However, it is not too good to be true. And there is science to backup why. How laser hair removal in Edmonton works. Is by using a laser called an intense pulse light, or IPL for short.
This laser is designed to target pigmentation in the layers of skin. As the laser shines into the layers of skin. It will find the hair follicles. By the pigmentation in the cells of the root of the hair.
When the laser finds the pigmentation. It will literally explode of the cells. Destroying the hair, and the hair follicle on contact. It will then take the body a long time. To be able to regrow a destroyed hair.
Much longer than the amount of time that it takes the body. To regrow hair that has been pulled out by the route. And shaving, simply cuts the hair off. And does not actually impact the root of the hair at all.
This is why laser hair removal in Edmonton. Is a much better alternative. To waxing, shaving and even plucking. While people will need more than one treatment. In order to generate permanent results.
People can typically expect results. After three, two eight treatments. Depending on where on the body they have unwanted hair. The more vascular the area is. Meaning the more blood vessels in the area.

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The more stubborn the body will be at trying to regrow hair. Which is good news for people who want to get rid of hair in their underarms. And even people who want to get rid of their leg hair.
That will have to undergo anywhere between 6 to 8 treatments. That is still a much better scenario. Then having to shave their legs every other day. Or go to a salon once a month.
In order to have the hair ripped out by the roots. But they need to remember, before they start their first laser hair removal in Edmonton treatment. Is to stop plucking and waxing immediately.
Since the laser actually targets the hair route. If the route has already been pulled out through waxing or plucking. Then the treatment will be less effective than it could be, if all hair roots were present
Something else that people should keep in mind. Is that twenty-four hours before their first treatment. They need to shave area. In order to get the best results. But not shave any sooner than that.
Otherwise, they might risk making their skin sensitive. Which could make the laser treatment more uncomfortable. On their razor burned skin for example.
If people have any more questions about laser treatments. All they need to do, is contact Edmonton dermatology. And get a free consultation.