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When people are ready to give up shaving and waxing, in favour of laser hair removal in Edmonton. There are many things that they should be aware of. To ensure that it is the right decision for them.
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How laser hair removal in Edmonton works. Is by using a laser called an intense pulse light treatment. Which is a non-ablative laser. That means it does not cut the skin at all.
What this laser is designed to do, is find pigmentation. And then explode the cells that it does find. Therefore, when it is used to get rid of unwanted hair on a person.
The laser will shine through the skin, and find the pigmentation of the hair follicle. And explode it. The body will then push out the burnt up cells. That will look like brittle or crumbly bits of hair poking through the skin.
Since it is a laser. To that is designed to target pigmentation. It will also find pigmentation of birthmarks, moles. And even dark spots, caused by age. People who are getting laser hair removal in Edmonton.
Need to be okay with the possibility. That they may cause their dark spots, birthmarks and moles. To lighten significantly. Or disappear altogether. As the laser targets the pigmentation of the birthmarks and moles.
It will burn up the cells. Which will then be sloughed out of the body, appearing on the surface of the skin as crumbly bits. That can be then brushed away.
Because of the nature of the laser, attacking the pigmentation. Laser hair removal. Is actually only good for people with lighter skin tones. If people with darker skin tones.

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Were to use this therapy, what could potentially happen. Is that the pigmentation in their skin would be targeted. Causing damage, pain. And potentially lightening the skin in the treatment area.
This is why it is very important to set up a consultation with Edmonton dermatology. Where they will be able to determine suitability of the procedure. Using a scale called a Fitzpatrick scale.
They will determine the best patients for this procedure. Based on the skin tone indicated on the Fitzpatrick scale. As well, it is very important that people keep in mind.
That because this treatment targets pigmentation. It works best for people that have thick, dark hair. Instead of people that have thin, or light coloured hair. That they are trying to get rid of.
For later hair. It may take many more treatments of the laser hair removal. In order to generate the results that they want. Or if the hair is completely grey. The dermatologist may refuse to do it at all.
Since there is no pigmentation in the hair. For the laser to target and get rid of. However, for those that do make good candidates for this procedure. This can be an extremely effective way.
Of getting rid of unsightly and unwanted hair. Provided it is hair from the cheeks, and down. They will not utilize treatment on the eyebrows or the top of the head. Due to the proximity to important body parts, eyes and brain.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Unwanted Hair Is Out Of Here For Good

People struggling with unwanted and unsightly hair, should hear about laser hair removal in Edmonton. They may feel as though they have been dealing with problem hair for many years. And there is no solution that can help them.
However, they can put down their razors, and their waxes. Because laser hair removal in Edmonton. Can get rid of unwanted hair for many people, both men and women.
However, there are many things to keep in mind about this treatment. Starting with the fact that it can only get rid of hair from a person’s cheeks and lower. Edmonton dermatology often have people.
Asking about getting their eyebrows done with the laser treatment. However, they cannot accommodate these people. Because the laser would get so close to their eyes.
And even though they are wearing protective eyewear. It is not going to protect enough, because the laser can still damage their eyes due to proximity. As well, anything above the eyebrows cannot be treated.
And the reason why, is because the skin is so thin, and the laser is too close to the brain. That even though there is an extremely low chance of causing damage to this part of the body.
Dermatologists want to err on the side of caution. And never do anything that even has an extremely low chance of damage. However, everything from the cheeks and lower is fair game to be treated by the laser hair removal.

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For men, a common area that they want to get treated. Or their cheeks. Because especially if they are growing a beard. They do not want to have to shave the stray hairs that are poking up and over there beard.
As well, men like to get the nape of their neck treated. Because this can make their look very untidy. And it will grow faster than they visit the barber. As well, men often get there back and chest done.
The back is very difficult for them to try to shave themselves. And with the chest, men typically do not like shaving into. Because then the stubble grows in, and it feels very weird.
For women, the most common areas for them to get laser hair removal is their legs. As well as their bikini area, and under arms. These are the places that are the most time intensive to shave.
And because the most sensitivity or problems when they do shave that area. These are all great spots for people to get laser hair removal in Edmonton.
And they can set up an appointment with Edmonton dermatology. In order to find out more information. About the procedure, and what they can do. In order to make the treatment as effective as possible.