Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Using IPL For Permanent Hair Removal

Permanent hair removal is attractive for many people, which is why laser hair removal in Edmonton is so popular. When people are dealing with unwanted hair, they spend a considerable amount of time and money. On ensuring that the hair does not show up when it is least wanted.

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Whether this is someone who is shaving their legs every other day. So that they do not show the hair on the legs. Or, someone who has for care on their arms. Who are embarrassed to show off their arms.
And even people that have very sensitive under arms. Or when people have a hard time shaving their bikini zone. All of these areas can have laser hair removal in Edmonton.
To permanently get rid of the hair in that area. In fact, Edmonton dermatology says the only areas of the body that laser hair removal in Edmonton cannot be done on.
Is everything from the cheeks to the top of the head. There are many reasons why dermatologists will not treat hair above this line. Such as the eyebrows, which is a very common request from many people.
Because the eyebrows are too close to the patients eyes. And even though patients will get protective eye coverings during treatment. To avoid having their eyes damaged by the laser.
Even wearing these protective eye coverings. Will not protect the eyes from laser damage. When the laser is so close to the eyes themselves. But also, they will not do the rest of the skin above that.
Because not only is the skin very thin already. And sees a lot of UV raise due to the fact that people will have their head exposed to the sun most of the time. But also, because it is very close to a patient’s brain.

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And while it is not very likely that the laser will affect the brain. Dermatologists also do not want to risk it. Which is why dermatologists always have the rule that they will not do laser hair removal above the cheeks.
However, that leaves whole lot of areas to be treated. From cheeks all the way down to people’s toes. Therefore, whether people have hair on their cheeks that they want to stop shaving.
Hair on the back of their neck, that is embarrassing. Arm hair, underarm hair. Here in their bikinis zone, buttocks, legs and feet. Are all going to be good candidates for this procedure.
What people can expect, is the treatment will be very quick. And they should shave twenty-four hours before their appointment. This way, there will be the least amount of hair in the area.
But they are most likely going to have no skin rotation. If they shaved at least twenty-four hours in advance. During the treatment, there will be some light zaps. As the laser targets the hair follicles in order to destroy them and over time this will be permanent.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Using IPL For Hair Removal

When people are shaving or waxing, this is something that they have to do on an ongoing basis which makes laser hair removal in Edmonton very attractive. Not just because they do not have to worry about shaving or waxing themselves.
But because laser hair removal is permanent. The most effective laser hair removal in Edmonton treatment is using a method called IPL, or intense pulse light treatment.
Essentially, this is an extremely concentrated beam of light, also known as a laser. And how this particular one works. Is that it targets the pigmentation in the hair follicles.
And when the laser finds those hair follicles. It will actually explode the cells. Destroying the hair follicle in the process. Unlike waxing, that simply pulls the hair out.
This destroyed hair follicle, will take a much longer time for the body to regrow. Even longer than it will take to regrow the hair from being waxed. And when this is done enough times.
The hair removal in the area will be permanent. Because the body will give up trying to regrow the hair. That continually gets destroyed. While many people might assume that laser hair removal in Edmonton.
Is permanent after the first treatment. They need to understand very clearly. That it will take multiple treatments. In order to generate permanent results. And how many treatments they undergo.

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Will depend on a number of factors including how dark and thick their hair is. As well as what area of the body people are removing the hair from. The darker the hair is, the better results people will get.
Simply because the laser targets pigmentation. Therefore, the darker that pigmentation is. The more successful the laser be will be at destroying it. However, the area where the hair is.
Also contributes to how effective this is. Because the more blood flow there is that body part. The more stubborn the hair will be to get rid of. Because the increased blood flow, will provide nourishment to the body.
To help regrow that hair effectively. That means body parts like legs, or the bikini zone. Will be considerably more stubborn. Simply because of the more extensive vascular system of that area.
However, it is important that people follow their dermatologists instructions before as well as after treatment. In order to minimize the number of treatments they have to undergo.
Such as avoiding waxing or plucking within two weeks of their laser hair removal in Edmonton treatment. Because that will cause the hair follicle to not be there to get hit by the laser.
Also, they need to pay attention to how fast they hair grows back. Because that is information their dermatologist will want. To ensure that the laser is as intense as it should be. To generate the results that they want.
The more intense they can turn up the settings of the laser. The much more effective the laser will be at destroying the hair follicle. Resulting in fewer treatments. And permanent hair removal sooner.