Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Using Lasers To Remove Hair

Many people may not realize that laser hair removal in Edmonton is permanent. However, it still is much more attractive. To remove unwanted hair, then shaving or waxing.

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However, not everybody is going to be a good candidate for this procedure. Which is why Edmonton dermatology offers free consultations. So that people can find out more about this procedure.
And whether or not they would be a good candidate to undergo this procedure. And how many treatments they can expect in order for it to be completely permanent in the hair removal.
The reason why not everybody is a good candidate. Because of how it works. Laser hair removal uses intense pulse light treatment. Which is a very intense beam of light, that targets the hair follicles.
When it does this, the intense beam of light. Will literally explode the pigmentation in the cells. Destroying the hair follicle itself. While this is not permanent the first time it happens.
Over time, the body will give up trying to regrow hair in that area. Because it is constantly getting destroyed. The number of times that a person needs to undergo laser hair removal in Edmonton.
Will depend on the part of the body that they are getting treated. Areas of the body that have more blood flow. Or has a larger vascular system in the area. Will be the most stubborn.
Since blood carries the nutrients. That the body needs to regrow the hair follicles. While many people here that waxing will eventually lighten the hair. People who have been waxing for years will tell you.

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That waxing alone is not permanent. Which is why many people love the laser hair removal. That utilizes intense pulse light treatment. However, not everybody is a great candidate for this treatment.
Because when people have certain medical conditions such as melasma. Or if they are on certain medications, such as antibiotics or acne chain. They should stay away from laser hair removal in Edmonton.
In addition to that, it is not recommended for pregnant women to get laser treatment. Because the safeness of this procedure. In relation to pregnant women has not been tested.
While many pregnant women contact Edmonton dermatology to get the procedure done. Due to hormone changes causing new hair to grow in embarrassing locations.
Drs. will typically tell pregnant women to wait until their baby is born. And they will be more than happy to take care of the unwanted hair then.
When people are ready to go in for their treatment. They should have shaved twenty-four hours prior to the treatment. But not sooner. Because the sensitive skin they will have. From shaving it so close to the procedure.
Will cause many people to have an uncomfortable experience. The procedure itself should not be very uncomfortable. Might feel like people are snapping themselves with a rubber band.
However, if this is uncomfortable. They can talk to their dermatologist about what to do to make it a more comfortable experience.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Using Lasers To Remove Hair Permanently

It is very important for people to permit leave remove embarrassing hair through laser hair removal in Edmonton. However, people have many questions and concerns when it comes to this procedure.
While it uses of high-powered laser called an IPL, or an intense pulse light. Many people are concerned that since it is a concentrated beam of light. That it will be very hot, and therefore painful.
While how comfortable, or uncomfortable it is. May depend greatly on each person. And their own particular pain threshold. As well as the area that they are getting treated.
Most people say that laser hair removal and Edmonton procedures. Feel like a rubber band that is being snapped on the skin.
In the fact that it is not particularly pleasant. But not necessarily painful either. However, if people are concerned about this. It is something that they should bring up in their consultation prior to the treatment.
If they are concerned about pain. Not only can they utilize things like a cooling fan. Or numbing cream, or cooling gel during the treatment. But their dermatologist will also explain.
That the tip of the laser contains a sapphire crystal. That will actually be used to cool the skin before the treatment, and immediately after treatment. For maximum comfort.

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In addition to that, if people are still nervous about if it is going to hurt. They should keep in mind that the laser technician will only go as fast. As the patient will allow. Which means if they need to take many breaks, they will.
Another question that many people have about the procedure. Is a wondering how long the healing time is going to take. One of the beneficial things about this laser hair removal in Edmonton.
Is that it uses a non-ablative laser. Which means it does not cut the skin. And because of that, takes an extremely short amount of time to heal from the procedure.
While many people do not feel anything after the treatment. Some people experience some redness. And some people feel as though they have spent a little bit too much time in the sun.
This redness and sensitivity is likely going to last for twenty-four hours. And if people are planning on going back to work, or going out for the evening. They might ask their dermatologist to put makeup on their skin.
And since there skin will not be cut due to ablation. They can have makeup put on their skin immediately after. Which makes this an incredibly attractive treatment for many.
When people are wondering if laser hair removal in Edmonton is the right procedure for them. They should contact Edmonton dermatology for a free consultation. This will allow them to ask the questions they need.
Determine if they are good candidates for this procedure. And what else they need to do, in order to permanently remove unwanted hair from their life for good.