Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Usual Questions About Hair Removal

Even though laser hair removal in Edmonton. Has been around for decades. People still have many questions. As they start to consider it. Themselves, to get rid of their unwanted hair.
Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton
And while some people might make the assumption. That is primarily women. Who are contacting Edmonton dermatology. In order to get this procedure done. They would be very wrong.
In fact, these days it is equal, the number of men and women. Who are contacting Edmonton dermatology for this procedure. There are a multitude of reasons. Why people of both genders.
Would want to get laser hair removal in Edmonton. For example, they have hair. That is in a spot that is irritating. Perhaps it rubs on their clothing. Or, gets irritated by brought straps, or elastic waistbands.
Or, it bothers their socks, and shoes. Just to name a few areas. Perhaps it causes them to be itchy, and they are tired of shaving, or waxing. Another reason why people want to eliminate hair permanently.
Is because they consider it embarrassing. For men, the hair that grows. Above their beard. Or, on the front or back of their neck. Is hair that they desperately want to take care of.
They might have very thick, and dark hair. On their arms or hands. Or, thick body hair on their chest or back. For women, the areas where they typically get. Laser hair removal in Edmonton include their upper lip.

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There under arms, bikini area. And legs, just to name a few. However, Edmonton dermatology says from their own experience. Both men and women. Get just about every area done. From legs, chest and back.
To bikini area, face, hands and feet. There are many different reasons why people like to get rid of unwanted hair. And while many people start off by shaving. They quickly discovered that shaving. Is time-consuming and inefficient.
Simply because it is an activity. That almost needs to be done every day. In order to get rid of unwanted hair. And even then, if people shave daily. They often end up with stubble, that is irritating or embarrassing.
Partway through their day, waxing is an alternative. But it is incredibly messy to do at home. And expensive to do in a salon. And, host people find. That it is intensely painful.
Both shaving and waxing come with their own sets of problems. From razor burn, shaving bumps. And ingrown hairs just to name a few. That is why many people look into laser hair removal in Edmonton. They get excited at the idea.
Of permanent results, resulting in. Them not having to shave or wax ever again. This is absolutely possible. Studies have shown that people can expect. A 90% reduction of hair growth. That is absolutely permanent.
For the rest of their life. However, getting the facts. And having a dermatologist. Look at their skin and hair. As well as the willingness. To follow directions before, and after the treatment. Is paramount to ensure. Everyone gets the results they desire.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Your Common Questions About Hair Removal

There are several things to be taken into consideration with laser hair removal in Edmonton. First of all, while most of the entire body. Can be treated. There are some exceptions.
Many people ask about getting their eyebrows done. With laser hair removal in Edmonton. And the answer to that question, for several reasons. Is an unfortunate now. One of the first reasons why.
Is because lasers, are incredibly powerful. And can actually damage eyes. And ruin a person’s vision. Dermatologists do not want to put the laser that close. To a patient’s eyes. Even though they will be wearing protective goggles.
Laser can be seen through layers of skin. So even if someone is wearing eye protection. That is not necessarily. Going to protect their eyes. From a bright laser. This is why they refused to do eyebrows.
But also, a secondary reason. Is because the wand that is used. For the laser treatment, is very large. It is size is a benefit, as it allows. The laser technician or dermatologist. To treat a large area in a very short amount of time.
But that size, is detrimental. To trying to sculpt eyebrows. There would be no way that a laser technician. Could manoeuvre are the large handpiece. In such a way, that they could get a person’s.
Problem areas around their eyebrows. Such as in between, over them, and under them. Without damaging the rest of the eyebrow area. Therefore, for these two reasons. People cannot have their eyebrows treated.

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The laser hair removal in Edmonton treatment. However, Edmonton dermatology says everything. From the cheeks, and below is fair game. There is no area of the body. That they have not treated.
They do have a word of advice however. For women, looking to get their chin treated. The reason why women start getting hair on their chin. Is due to a hormonal imbalance. They might have a medical condition. That causes a hormonal imbalance.
Such as polycystic ovarian syndrome for example. This causes an increase of testosterone in their body. That starts the hair growth, on areas. That are more traditionally male, like their chin.
Also if women are going through menopause. Not only do their female hormones, such as estrogen and progesterone. Start to drop, but they start increasing. There testosterone levels. Which contributes to their hair growth.
On their chin, this is also why. When women ask Edmonton dermatology. To do their chin. They are happy to. But people also need to keep in mind. That while they will be able to. Permanently get rid of these hairs.
There hormones will cause more hairs to grow. Therefore, the recommendation. Is for women to come in and get there five or six treatments. To permanently get rid of the hair.
But then, they will likely need to return. Three years later, for more treatments. To kill the new hair that has since grown in the area.