Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | What Are Intense Pulse Light Treatments?

Intense pulse light treatment, is the process for laser hair removal in Edmonton. A procedure, that is quickly growing in popularity for both men and women. Because it can permanently take care of problem and unsightly hair.
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No matter where on the body people are experiencing problems with unwanted hair. With only a few exceptions. People can get up to 95% removal of hair in that area, permanently.
How it works, is the intense pulse light, targets pigmentation in the dermis layer of the skin. And when pigmentation is found, the laser literally explodes the cells, destroying the hair and the follicle permanently.
While the body can regrow that hair follicle. It will take a longer time to regrow. Then waxing will. And with subsequent treatments after the initial session. Will cause the body to stop trying to regrow those follicles.
One of the most common questions that Edmonton dermatology gets about this procedure. Is if it is painful. Since that is one of the reasons why people typically do not remove their hair through waxing.
Not only is it cost prohibitive, requiring people to go to a salon every month. But because it is also intensely painful. Not only because it pulls multiple hairs out at the root at a time.
But also, because the hot wax applied. Also pulls the skin at the same time. Which is also painful. But what is more troubling. Is the fact that hot wax also is linked to premature wrinkles.
Because it damages the elasticity of the skin, as the wax is pulled over the skin during repeated treatments. There is no wonder, why people are looking for an alternative to this barbaric procedure.

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However, the good news is that laser hair removal in Edmonton. Is much more gentle. With some people comparing the sensation, similar to a rubber band being snapped on the skin.
Because the intense pulse light, can get hot. Some people find that they want cooling on the area. In order to make it more comfortable. And the good news is, that during the laser hair removal in Edmonton.
The wand that delivers the treatment, has a built in sapphire crystal in the tip. Which is designed to cool the skin immediately before the light to pulse. And immediately after, for maximum comfort.
However, if people are still concerned about the sensation. This is important to bring up their concern during their initial consultation with Edmonton dermatology. Because they have other things that can help.
They can apply a topical numbing cream. That can help dull the sensation. Or a cooling gel to the area. That is designed to counteract any heat from the laser. As well, they can have a cool fan blowing on the patient.
Which will serve to cool the patient even more. From the heat that they experience. And finally, the laser technicians will only go as fast as the patient allows. To ensure that they can tolerate the entire procedure.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Intense Pulse Light Treatments

When people are looking for a way to get rid of unwanted hair, they should look no further than laser hair removal in Edmonton. Not only because it is more gentle then waxing. And longer lasting than razors.
But because this is a permanent hair removal solution. Getting rid of up to 95% of the hair in a particular area of the body. In a way that is completely permanent, with the right number of treatments.
One thing that people who have been waxing for many years have been led to believe. Is that over time, their hair will get lighter, and more sparse. However, the fact that people have to continue waxing for many years.
Means that it is not a solution. That is permanent by any means. This is where many people turn to laser hair removal in Edmonton. Because it can help them stop waxing, or shaving forever.
While it is not a permanent solution in just one treatment. The number of sessions they will need to undergo. In order to achieve permanent results. Depends on a number of factors.
Including how dark and thick their unwanted hair is. Because the thicker, and darker the hair is. The more effectively the laser hair removal in Edmonton will work. Because it targets pigmentation.
And what area of the body’s being treated. Because the areas of the body that will be the most stubborn. To remove hair, will be the ones that have a lot of blood flow.

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This means that the legs, and the bikini area. Are typically the most stubborn parts of the body to have permanent results. Requiring anywhere between 6 to 8 treatments. For permanent results.
However, when faced with the lifetime of waxing or shaving. Having permanent results in only 6 to 8 treatments. Still seems too good to be true for many people. Which is why they should make an appointment.
With Edmonton dermatology. They will be able to show the dermatologists their hair. As well as ask all of their questions, and discuss their concerns. To find out if they would be a good candidate for this procedure.
They will be able to find out everything that they need to feel comfortable. Including how much time they need to budget for each procedure. Since it is a non-ablative laser, it is very fast.
Allowing people to get a treatment, such as on a small part of their body on their lunch break. Allowing them to go back to work, with nobody being any knowing that they had any procedures done.
As well, because it is non-ablative, which means it does not cut the skin. People can apply makeup, or sunscreen the same day of the treatment. So that no one truly will know if they had work done.
If people are interested in finding out more information. The best thing to do, would be to call Edmonton dermatology themselves. To set up a free consultation.