Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | What Body Parts Can Be Treated

There are many areas that can be treated with laser hair removal in Edmonton. And if someone has unsightly, embarrassing or irritating hair. Chances are quite good, that they can get this here removed permanently.
Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton
When people make an appointment with Edmonton dermatology. In order to discuss laser hair removal and Edmonton treatments. They often are not sure how this treatment works. Or what is involved.
The first thing that Edmonton dermatologist’s will do, is discuss if they are not a good candidate for this procedure. People on certain medications. As well as who have certain skin conditions.
Are not good candidates for laser treatments. Because they could cause damage to their skin. Or inflict pain, due to their skin being sensitive. Dermatologists do not want to harm their patients.
Therefore, they will rule this out first. The next thing they will do, is determine the patient’s suitability. Based on their skin tone, and hair colour. The reason why this is important at all.
Is because the laser hair removal in Edmonton system. Called an intense pulse light treatment. Actually targets the hair follicles through pigmentation. Exploding the cells on contact. When it finds pigmentation.
Therefore, people with darker skin tones. May risk getting the pigmentation in their skin targeted. Instead of their hair. And not only would that be painful. It could also damage their skin.

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As well as get rid of the pigmentation in that part of their skin. Therefore, dermatologists do not want to risk this. They can turn the lasers intensity down significantly. So that there is a lower risk to the patient.
However, that would require doubling in the number of treatments. In order to generate the results. That people are looking for, which is a 90% reduction of hair growth, permanently.
Whether this is acceptable for patients or not. Will be up to them to decide for themselves. However, the hair colour is important as well. Because the laser hair removal in Edmonton system. Targets pigmentation.
Therefore, people with thick blond hair. On their legs for example, may need twice as many treatments. In order to get rid of that hair. Because it will be very hard. For the laser to target the pigmentation.
Again, the patient will need to decide for themselves. Using the information from the dermatologist. If this is a procedure that they would like to go ahead with. Knowing it will take longer to see results.
Depending on the area being treated. Patients might decide this is completely acceptable. Or, they might decide that they would rather not do this treatment at this time.
The more vascular the areas that are being treated. The more stubborn the hair will be. And when paired with very light coloured hair. People might be looking at eighteen or more treatments to get results.
Therefore, while most of the body can be treated with lasers. People should consult with their dermatologist. To find out if it is the right treatment for them.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | What Body Parts Can Be Laser Treated

Most of the human body is covered in hair, and most can be treated with laser hair removal in Edmonton. Whether it is a man or a woman, people come in to Edmonton dermatology for consultation. Wanting almost any area of their body treated this way.
And with only a few exceptions. Dermatologists are able to use their laser hair removal in Edmonton treatment. To get rid of unsightly hair, almost anywhere on their body.
The exceptions to this, are the eyebrows. For two reasons, first reason. Is that the wand that is used to deliver the intense pulse light. Is extremely large. And it would not give the dermatologists the precision they need.
To shape eyebrows. But the main reason. Is because the lasers would be to close to the patients eyes. And dermatologists would not want to risk harming them.
The general rule of them that dermatologists use. Is anything from above the cheeks to the top of the head. Are not going to be able to be treated with the laser. Luckily, not many people.
Come into the office, wanting to permanently get rid of all of the hair on the top of their head. A common area that people want to get treated is their face. This is possible, for men and women.
Men like having their cheeks treated. Whether they have a beard, and do not want to have to shave. The annoying hairs, that are outside of their typical beard line. But they are embarrassing or unsightly.

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Therefore, they want to get their cheeks treated. In order to keep their beard looking nice and neat. Without having to shave every day. Another area around the face that men ask about.
During their consultation with Edmonton dermatology. Is the neck, whether it is the front of the neck. To clean up all of the stray beard hairs that they may have. Or, whether it is the nape of the neck.
Where they can get stray hairs, coming down from their hairline. While they might get their barber to shave this area. Many men simply want to get this area treated. So they never have to worry about those hairs ever again.
For women, the upper lip is very common. As well as cheek hair, that can look like sideburns. They like to remove this hair permanently. So that they do not have to worry about shaving it.
Below the face, there is no limit to what people can get treated. For men, they often like getting their chest or back treated. Because shaving is hard, or impossible for them if they live alone.
Or, they do not mind shaving their own chest. But they do not like the feel of stubble as it comes in. And it requires them having to shave every day, or every other day. Which is a large waste of time.
When people are ready to stop shaving and waxing. The matter what part of the body they have unsightly an unwanted hair. They should contact Edmonton dermatology right away about laser hair removal in Edmonton.