Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | What Does IPL Do?

When people are looking for a permanent hair removal solution, they should look into laser hair removal in Edmonton for many different reasons. Not only is this a safe method of hair removal.

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But when people utilize IPL, also known as intense pulse light treatment. They will be getting the single most effective laser hair removal system. That will permanently remove hair on their body.
The only areas of the body that laser hair removal cannot be performed. Is on the eyebrows, and the top of the head. Because of how sensitive and then the skin is.
As well as proximity to important organs, such as eyes and brain. However, every other part of a person’s body. From their cheeks, all the way to their toes.
Can have laser hair removal in Edmonton performed through intense pulse light treatment. How this works, is the intense pulse light. Is actually a laser, that uses a very intense, concentrated beam of light.
This beam of light, actually targets the pigmentation. In the hair follicle itself. And this laser, when it long so on to the pigmentation. Actually destroys the cells, effectively destroying the hair follicle.
The reason why it is effective in eliminating hair permanently. Is because unlike shaving, which cuts the hair halfway up the shaft. And waxing, that pulls the hair out by the roots.
It does not destroy the hair follicle the way laser hair removal does. And although destroying their follicle once. Will not result in permanent hair removal. Doing this more than once.

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Causes the body to abandon its attempts. At growing behaviour in that location. Which causes it to be permanent, with enough treatments. How many treatments it will take each person.
Depends on the thickness and darkness of their hair. As well as what location of the body they are attempting laser hair removal in Edmonton on. Any area of the body that has a lot of blood flow.
Such as their legs, or their bikini area. Have a lot of veins, and arteries. And that increased blood flow. Means that the body will have an easier time try to regrow those hair follicles.
And therefore, they hair in those areas. Tend to be more stubborn. However, even with enough treatments for those areas. It can be completely permanent. It may take six, seven or eight treatments.
That is a lot better than people who are going to have to wax, or shave for the rest of their life. However, areas of the body that have less blood flow. Such as the back, or the armpits.
Can take as few is two or three treatments. In order for that laser hair removal to be completely permanent. Once the hair removal is permanent. People will not ever have to worry about shaving that area ever again.
When people are ready to start talking about permanently moving hair. The first step they should make is calling Edmonton dermatology. Not just because their consultations are absolutely free. But because they are going to find of the information they need to get results they love.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | What Does IPL Do To Remove Hair?

When people are ready to stop shaving, and waxing they should consider laser hair removal Edmonton. Not only does Edmonton dermatology offer this. They offer it with intense pulse light treatment. Which is the single most effective method. For permanent hair removal.
However, there are many things that people should take into consideration. To help them get the most out of their laser hair removal in Edmonton experience.
And doing exactly what the dermatologist recommends before, and after treatment. Is going to ensure that patients can get the results that they desire. And end up with permanent results.
One of the first things that patients should do. Is ensure that before they come to the hair removal appointment. By not waxing, or using hair removal cream for up to two weeks before the appointment.
The reason why, is because as many hair follicles as possible. New to be intact before the laser hair removal appointment. This is because the intense pulse light actually targets the pigmentation in the hair follicles.
Once it targets the pigmentation. It will be able to explode the hair follicle. So that it is completely destroyed. If someone waxes, or uses hair removal cream. What will happen, is that those follicles will not be there.
Therefore, the laser hair removal in Edmonton treatment. Will not get rid of those hair follicles. And the treatment will be less effective. However, what patients do after the appointment is just as important.

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They need to ensure that they do not pluck or wax the area. After the treatment. And watch for how fast their hair regrows. Because what this will do, is help their dermatologist determine if the laser was strong enough.
They may be able to turn up the strength of the laser. In order to generate more effective results. However, if a patient does not keep this in mind. Their next laser hair removal in Edmonton treatment.
May not be as effective as it could be. Patients need to listen to their dermatologist. In order to generate the results that they desire when they get intense pulse light treatment.
However, it is also important that patients keep in mind. That the results are going to be the best. When they have the darkest hair. Because it targets the pigmentation of the hair follicle.
Therefore, when people have very light hair. Such as light brown, or blond. They might not get effective results as quickly. Which will require going back for multiple treatments. To get the results that they want.
All of this can be discussed with their dermatologist. And there free consultation, to help people get the results that they expect. This is why it is so important for people to set up that initial meeting. So that they can get the results that make them happy.