Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | What Is Intense Pulse Light Treatment?

People typically will get intense pulse light treatment when they get laser hair removal in Edmonton. The reason why, is because this is the best permanent hair removal treatment that people can get.

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Intense pulse light treatment is a form of laser therapy. That uses the intense beam of light. To target the pigmentation in the hair follicle. It will literally explode the cells of the hair follicle itself.
Which destroys the follicle, and while this is not permanent the first time. After repeated treatments. The body will give up trying to regrow hair in that area. Because every time they hair grows back, it is destroyed.
One of the first things that people should take into consideration. When they are considering this form of laser hair removal in Edmonton. Is the number of treatments they can expect to get.
While skin tone and type. As well as hair colour, and thickness. All go into how stubborn the hair will be to removed. Also, where the hair is located on the body. Will contribute to how stubborn it will be to get rid of.
This is why setting up a free consultation with Edmonton dermatology. Prior to getting the laser hair removal is necessary. So that people can find out approximately how many treatments they can expect to get.
The treatment is most effective on darker hair. Simply because the intense pulse light targets pigmentation. Therefore, the more intense the pigmentation. The more effective the laser can target that hair.

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After the treatment, and the laser has exploded the hair follicle cells. People should expect their body to push out what is left of the hair. And not confuse that with growing hair after the treatment.
They will notice that they hair that is coming out of their skin after treatment. Is actually extremely brittle, or crumbly. The reason why, is because that hair has been damaged by the laser.
And with no hair follicle left, the body is simply pushing out what is left of the hair. Because it is no longer needed. However, after those crumbly bits of hair come to the surface.
People should actually keep track of how long it takes. For the hair to regrow in the area. It will take a lot longer time. Then shaving or waxing. Because the body will have to regrow that hair follicle.
However, it will regrow the hair follicle. And knowing how long it took for that to happen. Is important information. That people can bring back to their dermatologist for their next session of laser hair removal in Edmonton.
It can help the laser technician figure out if they should turn up the power. Of the laser, to generate more effective results. So that they can use fewer treatments to get permanent results.
Ultimately, people who are looking for permanent hair removal. No matter where on the body they are looking to get rid of hair. They should make a consultation with Edmonton dermatology. The find out more information.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Intense Pulse Light Treatment Gets Rid of Hair

Intense pulse light treatment is a type of laser hair removal in Edmonton. Which is non-ablative, which means it does not cut the skin. Therefore, it is an extremely quick to heal from procedure. That can permanently remove hair.
However, before people start thinking that it is a therapy that will work for them. They should make an appointment with Edmonton dermatology. Not only is the first consultation absolutely free.
But they will be able to find out if they are good candidate for the procedure. While this is a laser treatment that most people can use. There are some limitations that people should be aware of.
Many people think that there going to be able to treat hair on their eyebrows or for head. But unfortunately this is not a part of the body that is a good candidate for laser hair removal in Edmonton.
It is far too close to the patients eyes. And while all patients will get protective eye coverings. To protect their eyes during the treatment. Having the laser so close to their eyes. Is a risk that dermatologists avoid.
As well, people will not be able to get laser hair removal on the top of their head. Such as people who are balding, who just want to get rid of their hair. So that they do not have to shave their head every day.

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But again, this form of laser hair removal in Edmonton is not done. Because of how close it is to their brain. But also, because the skin on the top of their head is very thin. And exposed to UV light a lot.
That this is not a great area to treat. And dermatologists will simply not do it. In addition to that, since the laser hair removal device targets pigmentation. People with darker skin tones should not utilize this therapy.
The reason why, is because they do not want to risk. The laser targeting the pigmentation in their skin. Which would hurt, and end up damaging their skin in the process.
Since the treatment targets pigmentation. People with very light hair. Need to understand that it may take several more treatments. To generate results, because they might not have the pigmentation in their hair targeted effectively.
And finally, this laser hair removal in Edmonton is not effective for people with certain medical conditions. Or who are on antibiotics, or the medication Accutane for example.
Therefore, the free consultation with Edmonton dermatology is vital. To figure out if they are good candidate. But then if they are a good candidate, they will be able to find out how many treatments it will take.
When people are done with shaving and waxing. Getting laser hair removal can be life-changing. However, they should set up a consultation. And find out if they are good candidate. And if they are, how many treatments they can expect for this procedure to work on them.