Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | What Is Involved In A Laser Treatment

Most people are attracted to laser hair removal in Edmonton. By the promise of a 90% reduction of a hair growth. That will be achieved permanently, through this type of dermatological treatment.
Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton
And while yes, people can get this result. They also need to have an initial consultation. With their dermatologist, in order to find out. Everything that is involved in the treatment.
For example, if they do want permanent results. As well as a 90% reduction in hair growth. It will need to come back for subsequent treatments. As often as their dermatologist requests.
This number of times will be different for each person. Dependent on how thick and dark their hair is. What areas of the body they are treating. And how effective the first few treatments were.
The reason why the darkness of their hair matters. Is because how the laser works, is by targeting pigmentation. The hair follicle, contains the pigmentation of the hair itself.
The laser will go through the top and second layers of skin. Looking for pigmentation. The darker the hair is, the easier time the laser will have. At finding that hair follicle. When the pigmentation is found.
The laser will literally explode the cells, destroying the follicle, and the hair on contact. People with lighter hair, are not going to get those results. And will need more treatments, to get the same results.

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As someone with darker hair. However, skin tone also factors into this. Because if a person has more pigmentation in their skin. The laser may not be able to find the pigmentation in the hair as easily.
Therefore, the dermatologist will likely have to turn the laser intensity down. So that the laser does not accidentally target the pigmentation in their skin. But then, they will have to go for multiple more treatments.
Then someone who has darker hair, and a lighter skin tone. The consultation with their dermatologist will help them discover. Approximately how many laser hair removal in Edmonton treatments they will need.
To eliminate hair permanently. The reason why there needs to be multiple treatments. Is because after the first laser hair removal in Edmonton treatment. The body will regrow those hair follicles that have been destroyed.
However, after the second treatment. The body will start to slow down how fast. It is able to regrow those hair follicles. Not wanting to put a lot of resources towards growing hair follicles.
That keep getting destroyed in that area. As they go for subsequent laser treatments. The already weak follicles, will continue to become weaker. Until the body stops trying to regrow that hair.
Therefore, everybody will need multiple treatments. However, the number of treatments that each person will need. Will depend on many factors. That can be discussed with their dermatologist.
At their initial and free consultation at Edmonton dermatology. Anyone who has questions about this procedure. Should reach out and arrange a free consultation.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Learning The Process For Laser Treatment

Even though the popularity of laser hair removal in Edmonton. Is on the rise, every single year. Many people still do not know exactly what this treatment is. Or, what they can expect from a treatment.
The laser that is used is called an intense pulse light. Or, known as IPL for short. It is a gentle laser, that is non-ablative. This means it does not cut the skin. Which is why it is gentle, and requires very little healing time.
How this laser works, is by targeting the pigmentation. Of the hair follicles, exploding them. When they are found by the laser. This will kill the hair follicles. But as they grow back.
People need to come back for their next laser hair removal in Edmonton treatment. So that they can continue to hit the hair follicles with the laser. Until the body stops trying to regrow that hair.
One of the benefits of this treatment. Is that it takes a very long time for the body to regrow the hair. Allowing people to be more hair free it in between treatments. Then shaving or waxing.
As they progress through their laser hair removal in Edmonton treatments. They will have even longer times to wait. In between treatments. As the body will slow down in re-growing that hair.
the number of treatments needed. Will vary for each person. Based on a number of variables. Including how thick and dark their hair is. As well as where on their body they are trying to get rid of hair.

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The reason why what area they are getting treated on the body. Makes a difference to how many treatments they need. Is because areas of the body that are more vascular. Will be more stubborn to get rid of hair.
This is because vascular areas have more blood flow. The blood flow delivers nutrients to the skin. And will allow the body to regrow hair more easily in those areas. Since the legs, and bikini area.
Typically have the most veins, arteries and blood vessels. This is going to be the part of the body. That is very stubborn to get rid of hair. However, for people who are getting treatments done.
On areas of their body that are far less vascular. Such as their underarms. Can expect very quick results. Because the body will stop trying to regrow hair in that area. Quickly, due to the lack of blood vessels in the area.
There are many benefits to laser hair removal. It can help people regain confidence. That they may have lost, from having unsightly or embarrassing hair. But also, it can help people regain time and money.
If they are shaving, they are likely spending a lot of money on razors and shaving cream. Because they will have to shave every day, or every other day.
But it can help people save time, not having to worry ever again. About shaving before they go to work in the morning. Or shaving their legs in the shower every day.