Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | What Is IPL Treatment?

When people are looking for laser hair removal in Edmonton. They most likely will end up getting intense pulse light treatment. Also known as IPL according to Edmonton dermatology.

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While there are several options for hair removal. IEP is considered the best, and most effective method. Not only for removing hair. But getting rid of it permanently.
However, there are several things that people need to take into consideration. Before they opt for I fell for permanent hair removal. That will help them get the best results for their experience.
The first thing that people need to know, is that IPL stands for intense pulse light treatment. And it is a laser therapy. This means it is a very concentrated beam of light. That is used to remove the hair.
How this laser hair removal in Edmonton works. Is the concentrated beam of light. Actually targets pigmentation. Since the hair has pigmentation, when people get this therapy.
The intense beam of light will go through their skin. And find the pigmentation in the hair follicle itself. Where it will then explode the cells of the hair follicle. Killing the follicle immediately.
Unfortunately however, it takes more than one treatment. In order for this to become permanent. Because while it will kill the hair follicle. The body will try to regrow that follicle.
It will take a longer time to regrow the follicle. Then simply waxing, which pulls the hair out by the root. But the body will regrow the follicle in that area. At which point, a person will need to undergo another session.

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Of laser hair removal in Edmonton. The number of times they need to treat the area. Before it becomes permanent, depends greatly on each area itself. Areas that are more vascular in nature.
Which means they have more blood flow to the area. Will be more stubborn to get rid of the hair permanently. Because that increased blood flow. Means that the body will be able to regrow that follicle easily.
However, after enough sessions of laser hair removal. The body will eventually give up trying to regrow the hair. Because it keeps getting destroyed. People can expect one to three sessions.
For body parts like underarms, the chest or back. However, areas like the bikini area, or the legs. Will take approximately 6 to 8 treatments. Because of the large amount of blood flow to the area.
The best thing about this treatment however. Is even though people might need several treatments. In order for it to be completely permanent. The treatment itself takes very little time to heal from.
With most people going back to work, or carrying on with their regular day. Immediately following the treatment. Which means even though people will have several treatments.
It is not going to intrude into their life very much. And after only a few sessions, they will not have to worry about coming back ever again. Because the hair loss they will experience will be permanent.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | IPL Treatment And Your Unwanted Hair

When people are ready to remove hair permanently, they should check out laser hair removal in Edmonton. At Edmonton dermatology, because they have a great treatment option for people.
While there are many different hair removal options out there. Not only is intense pulse light treatment extremely effective. But it is quick, with very little healing time required.
The reason why it takes very little healing time. Is because it is a non-ablative laser. Which means it does not cut the skin. And while people might feel a little sensitive after treatment.
Or they might see that their skin looks a little darker, or a little redder. After undergoing the first laser hair removal and Edmonton treatment. This sensitivity or discolouration will only last around a day.
And they can cover up the discolouration with makeup immediately after treatment. Simply because their skin will not be broken, so they can use makeup on that area.
The first thing that people should know when they are considering laser hair removal in Edmonton. Is that they should set up a consultation with Edmonton dermatology. To find out all of the specifics.
They will show the doctor the area that they want treated. So that the doctor can consider things like skin tone and skin type. As well as how severe the issue is.

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That will help with the dermatologist figure out. How many sessions they will need, and what intensity the laser should be at. For each person. As well as determining if a person is a good candidate at all.
While intense pulse light treatment is a laser therapy. That very wide variety of people can use. It is not something that everyone is a good candidate for. To avoid causing damage to their skin.
Since this laser actually targets pigmentation. In order to destroy the hair follicle cells. People with a darker skin tone are not the best candidates for this treatment. Because they could risk the laser targeting.
The pigmentation in their skin tone, not hair follicle. And that will result in having some damage in their skin. Therefore, Edmonton dermatologist will use what is called a Fitzpatrick scale.
To determine if a patient is a good candidate for this treatment due to their skin tone. Other reasons why people might not be good candidates for this treatment include having a certain medical conditions.
As well as being on some medication. Such as antibiotics, or Accutane. Therefore, people can find out if they are good candidate for this treatment or not. And if they are, how many treatments they can expect.
In order to get permanent results. This is an incredibly beneficial therapy, that can help people avoid irritation and discomfort. As well as embarrassment, for having hair in some unsightly places.
Therefore, the sooner people can get in for consultation for laser hair removal in Edmonton. The sooner they can start working towards removing their hair permanently. And avoid wasting any more time on this problem.