Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | What To Expect From Laser Sessions

Patients should understand, that laser hair removal in Edmonton. Is a permanent form of hair removal. While waxing always gave a promise. That it would eventually lighten the hair. Until people would not need to ask anymore.
Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton
Ask anyone who has waxed for a number of years. And they will find, that this is not true. That most people did not get. Any permanent results. As evidenced by their need to continue to wax.
And while waxing allow people. To be hair free longer. Then if they were simply shaving. Waxing is also time-consuming, expensive. And most importantly, incredibly painful for most people.
In fact, it is so well-known. For being painful, that it is often. The punchline in sitcoms, and movies. Where someone tries to get waxed. For the first time, with disastrous results. While many people refuse the pain.
And stick to shaving. Despite the fact that it is incredibly time-consuming. And must be done, every day. Or every few days at least. At least they do not have to deal with the pain. Of having several of their hairs ripped out at the same time.
However, for people who do continue to get waxed. Laser hair removal in Edmonton. Can seem like a dream come true. However, they do want to know. If it is a painful procedure.
Good news is, Edmonton dermatology says. The laser used for hair removal in their office. Is called an intense pulse light laser. Also referred to as IPL for short. Not only is this a gentle laser.

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It is in fact, the most gentle laser. That can be purchased by any dermatologist. What makes it so gentle, is the fact that it is not a true laser. In the form of having a specifically concentrated beam of light.
But the concentrated light. Used for IPL, is still powerful enough. To destroy hair follicles. But without being ablative, which means it cuts the skin. Because it does not cut the skin, it is an incredibly gentle treatment.
However, patients should not mistake gentle for ineffective. The IPL laser is actually. The most effective laser for hair removal. That can be used, so people will be able. To get permanent hair free results.
Quickly, safely, and painlessly as well. However, there are still many questions. That many patients have. When they sit down with Edmonton dermatology. During their initial consultation.
One of the first questions is are there any reasons. Why a person could not, or should not get IPL treatments done? The answer to this question is yes. Certain medications.
As well as certain skin conditions mean that people. Should not get laser treatments done. For example, people who are on antibiotics. As well as the acne medication Accutane.
Should not get laser treatments done. Because their medication, can have adverse reactions. When joined up with the laser treatment. In addition to that, Edmonton dermatologist says.
People who have certain skin conditions. Should also not get laser treatments. Such as the skin condition melasma. Which is caused by hormone imbalance. However, exacerbated by heat and light. Which is why people with this should not get laser hair removal in Edmonton.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | What People Can Expect From Laser Sessions

The reason why Edmonton dermatology insists on a consultation, prior to laser hair removal in Edmonton. Is so that they can see the treatment area. As well as the hair that is to be removed.
But also, to rule out any problems. To help prepare the patient. For what to expect. As well as answer any questions they might have. While making the decision. On whether this is the right treatment for them or not.
Ultimately, Edmonton dermatology wants to explain. Exactly how laser hair removal in Edmonton works. So that people can be armed with knowledge. Going into their first treatment.
This particular laser, can travel through the epidermis. Which is the top layer of skin. Into the dermis, which is the second layer of skin. And where hair follicles grow. This particular laser targets pigmentation.
And since the hair follicles, have the pigmentation from the colour of the hair. The laser is able to see the hair follicle. And then, destroy it with the concentrated beam of light.
Most people say that they feel the sensation of the heat from the laser. As well as the sensation of the hair being destroyed. And that it feels almost like a zap, or like they are being snapped. By a rubber band on their skin.
While some people have feelings of discomfort with these sensations. Most people have no problems with them at all. As the hair follicle is destroyed. And the attached hair, is burnt up.

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The next thing people will experience. One to three days after their laser hair removal in Edmonton treatment. Is that the burnt out hairs, going to push through their skin. Many people actually panic when they think.
That it is stubble that is starting to grow. And that the laser treatment was ineffective. However, this is not true. And it is just the body getting rid of the hair. Since it is now useless to it.
People can touch the hair that starts to poke through. And noticed that it is either crumbly, or brittle. Simply because it is burnt up. This will slough out of their body after a few days.
And after which, their body should remain hair free. In the treatment area, for 4 to 6 weeks. However it is very important. For patients to pay attention. To how long it takes their body. To regrow the hair in that area.
When they see that a significant amount of the hair has come back. That is when they should go back to Edmonton dermatology. For their next laser hair removal in Edmonton treatment.
By hitting the new hair follicles when they are young. And just growing, they further weaken the hair follicles. And send a message to the body. That it should not try regrowing them. Because they will get destroyed again.