Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | What To Expect From Laser Treatments

While laser hair removal in Edmonton continues to grow in popularity. Many people are not sure what to expect. When they make their first laser hair removal appointment. Which is why a consultation is so necessary.
Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton
Not only will this be a great opportunity. For each person to find out exactly what to expect. In terms of sensation, number of treatments. How effective each treatment will be.
But they will also find out what they need to do themselves. To ensure they have the best results. And how they can help the dermatologist. So that they have fast results as well.
Also, the dermatologist will also be able to find out. If the patient is even a good candidate for this procedure. Because while it is extremely popular. And many people can get this treatment.
It is not suitable for every single person. The dermatologist will first ask about medical history. Certain medications, and skin conditions. Will make this treatment not a good option for them.
For example, people who are on antibiotics, or Accutane. Will end up with more sensitive skin. That could be damaged if they got laser hair removal in Edmonton. They might experience more pain. As well as damaged skin.
Therefore, anyone on these types of medication. Should not get laser hair removal in Edmonton. If they have been on that medication. Dermatologists will insist that they have been off of it for six months.

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Prior to coming in for their first treatment. A medical condition that they are also looking for. Would be exacerbated by the heat and light of the laser. Such as melasma. This is a pigmentation problem.
That is exacerbated by light and heat. And since it is on the patient’s face. Dermatologists are not going to want to do any treatment. That will make this condition worse. And make the patient feel bad about their looks.
While there are great treatments for melasma. That their dermatologist can discuss with them. Getting a laser hair removal treatment. Will be out of the question for these individuals.
Something else that people want to know about. When they get their laser hair removal consultation. Is how long the treatment is expected to last. Since laser treatments need multiple sessions in order to be effective.
Many people are nervous about signing up for a treatment. That needs 6 to 8 sessions. If they have to take the entire day off work. In order to receive the treatments. However, this is not the case.
The treatments can last anywhere between half an hour, for small areas such as the chin and upper lip. Or the underarms. Or, larger areas may require one to two hours to treat.
This means that people can often fit in their treatments on a lunch break, or before and after their shift at work. This makes it much easier to accommodate. So that more people can get this procedure done.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | This Is What You Can Expect Treatments

The reason why laser hair removal in Edmonton is growing in popularity. Is because it is a very gentle laser. That delivers very effective results. In fact, people can expect to get a 90% reduction of hair growth permanently.
One of the first questions that many people have. With the dermatologist at Edmonton dermatology during their free initial consultation. Is wondering how much healing time is needed.
This is very important to many people. As they are aware, that they may need multiple treatments. They are not going to want to do 6 to 8 treatments. Of something that requires a week or more of healing.
And that is one of the reasons. Why the laser hair removal in Edmonton is so popular. It is a non-ablative laser. Which means it does not cut the skin. And because it leaves the skin intact.
There is virtually no healing time required. Some people may experience sensitive skin the first day after treatment. They compare it to being outside on a warm spring day without sunscreen on their face.
Some people might even have a bit of redness, or discolouration. This also will go away in the first day after treatment. As many people fit this treatment into their regular workday.
Either coming in before their shift starts, or on their lunch break. They may be nervous about the redness or discolouration. But they can also ask their dermatologist to apply makeup.

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Hide any discolouration on any parts visible to the public. Because this is a non-ablative laser. And there is no open wounds on the skin. Makeup can be applied immediately after the treatment.
Allowing people to get the procedure done in the middle of their day. With no one knowing that they have had any procedures in done. This is one reason why this is such a popular procedure.
Prior to their first treatment. Dermatologists recommend people stop plucking and waxing their hair immediately. The reason why, is because the laser actually targets the hair follicles.
And if people have been plucking, or waxing. There will not be any hair follicles in that area. For the laser to find and destroy. While some dermatologists recommend two weeks of no plucking or waxing.
Truly, the longer a patient can go without plucking or waxing. They will get the best results, because they will have as many hair follicles in the area as possible. As well, they need to know.
Twenty-four hours before their first laser hair removal in Edmonton treatment. They need to shave the area to be treated. They should not shave sooner to the appointment than that.
Because they might irritate the skin. Which would end up giving them more discomfort during the laser treatment. And the reason why they need to shave the area prior to treatment.
Is to eliminate any potential discomfort. From longer hair in the area. Being hit by the laser, and causing pain or any unwanted sensation.