Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | What To Expect With Laser Treatments

There are many reasons for patients to meet with their dermatologist prior to laser hair removal in Edmonton. And finding out what to expect and how to prepare. Is one of the most important reasons.
Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton
One of the first things that patients will learn about. Is whether they are a good candidate for this procedure or not. For example, people who have certain skin conditions. Or who are on certain medications.
Are not going to be able to get this procedure. For example, people who are on Accutane, have their skin even more sensitive. And able to be damaged. Therefore, Edmonton dermatology says.
If people who are on Accutane want laser hair removal in Edmonton treatments. They will need to be off their medication for a minimum of six months. Prior to getting their first laser treatment.
As well, people with certain skin conditions. That are exacerbated by heat or light. Should not get laser hair removal done. As their conditions could be made worse through the treatment.
As well, the dermatologist is going to look at the treatment area. And consider the thickness, and darkness of the hair. As those factors are going to go into how many treatments will be needed.
How the lasers work, is by targeting the pigmentation in the hair follicles. And exploding them to destroy the hair follicles. Therefore, the lighter the hair is. The less effective each treatment is going to be.

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This does not mean that people with lighter hair. Should not get laser hair removal in Edmonton done. It simply means that they need more treatments. In order to achieve the same results.
Whether the patient wants to continue knowing that or not. Will be completely up to them. As well, the part of the body that is going to get treated. Factors very much into how many treatments they should get.
The more vascular the area is. The more stubborn the hair will be to get rid of. Which means the legs, and bikini area. Are going to need the most treatments. Then less vascular areas, such as underneath the arms.
By knowing what to expect, and how many treatments they should be getting. Can help people get satisfaction from the results that they do get. As well, in order for people to get a 90% reduction of hair growth.
They need to follow their dermatologist’s instructions explicitly. Which will include stopping waxing and plucking their hair immediately. The reason why, is because waxing and plucking gets rid of the hair follicle.
Therefore, if someone does not stop doing this. Prior to their laser hair removal treatment. Laser will not find any hair follicles. And the treatment will not work at eliminating hair.
By knowing these things. By attending the initial consultation. Can help people get the results that they expect. And eliminate 90% of their hair permanently. People who are curious about laser procedures. Should meet with Edmonton dermatology today.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | What To Expect Before Getting Laser Treatments

The growing popularity of laser hair removal in Edmonton treatments. Is a testament to how effective this procedure is. However, people still have a lot of questions about how this procedure works.
One of the first things that people want to know. Is how the laser actually destroys the hair. Edmonton dermatology says the intense pulse light treatment. Which is the most effective hair removal laser available.
Works by looking for pigmentation, deep down in the dermis layer of skin. Which is a person’s second layer, where the hair follicles grow. The pigmentation of the hair follicles, particularly when the hair is dark in colour.
Will get hit by the laser. Exploding the sales on contacts. Destroying the hair follicle. Burning up the hair. And requiring the body to work very hard at regrowing that hair in the future.
Unlike waxing, that simply pulls the hairs out. The body is able very easily. To regrow that hair. By putting it exactly where it was pulled from. This method, destroys those cells.
Requiring the body to work much harder to regrow those hair follicles. Which means people will generally be hair free longer, in between laser hair removal in Edmonton treatments.
But as the hair follicles continued to get hit by the laser. At a subsequent treatments. This process will ultimately weaken the hair follicles. Until the body decides it is not worth its resources.

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To regrow those hair follicles. And that is when people will achieve the permanent results that they expect from this treatment. However, dermatologists wants people to be prepared.
That they are typically only going to get a 90 to 95% reduction of hair growth. Which essentially is almost hair free. And the few bits of hair that remain. Will be very easy to get rid of.
Another question that people often have about laser hair removal in Edmonton. Is wanting to know how long the treatments themselves are going to last. They often think that cosmetic procedures.
Will take half a day, or an entire day. And this is not true for moving hair with the laser. Most patients can be in and out in under an hour. But for larger areas, such as the legs. They may take one or two hours at most.
Combined with the fact that the intense pulse light treatment. Is the most gentle. And non-ablative laser. There is virtually no healing time. Allowing people to go right from their treatment back to work.
Or home, to a night out on the town with their loved ones. People might experience a slight sensitivity, or redness. On the areas that have been treated. And dermatologists recommend avoiding hot showers or baths the first day.
However, because there is virtually no healing time. And the treatment is very quick. Many people are able to fit this into their day. Getting a treatment done before work. Or on their lunch break.
Which is one of the reasons why it is growing in popularity. For people who want more information about laser hair removal in Edmonton. They should set up a free consultation with Edmonton dermatology.