Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | What To Expect

Many people make an appointment with Edmonton dermatology, to find more out about laser hair removal in Edmonton. They heard that it is a permanent form. Of hair removal, anywhere on their body.
Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton
However, they still have many questions. Which is why they set up the appointment. When patients come to Edmonton dermatology. First thing that they should understand. Is that their consultations.
Our completely free, and always will be. This is so that more patients. Will feel free. To make appointments. To discuss the procedures. So that they can be armed with the knowledge.
That can help them make the right decision for them. If they discover. That they are not a good candidate. Or, that they no longer want this treatment. They did not have to pay money to make that decision.
However, most people who come in. To Edmonton dermatology for consultation. Generally leave, very excited. That they will get extremely effective results. And they will be able to throw away their razors.
One of the first questions that Edmonton dermatology gets. Is wondering if laser hair removal in Edmonton is painful. While many people have heard laser hair removal is painful.
This is mostly, on older machines. That first came out in the nineties. When the very first laser machines. Were first introduced to the masses. And while these older machines are quite painful.

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The new technology. Is much more gentle. Edmonton dermatology uses a machine. Called an IPL. Which stands for intense pulse light. It is not a true laser. But instead, an extremely concentrated beam of light.
Because it is not a true laser. It is non-ablative in nature. Which means it does not cut the skin. Because of that, it is quite gentle. Most people find that it is not difficult. To withstand the sensations.
Which are often hot in nature. Because even though IPL. Is not a true laser. The machine also generates a lot of heat. Because it is still a concentrated beam of light. Undoubtedly many people have no problems.
With the heat sensation from the machine. Nevertheless, other people with different pain tolerances. Our less able to cope with the sensation. The first thing that Edmonton dermatology will bring up.
Is that there machine, has a built in. Sapphire crystal to the wand. That delivers the intense pulse of light. This crystal is designed. To immediately cool the skin before. And after the light pulse.
Two counteract the heat from the machine. However, if people are still concerned. That intense pulse light treatment procedure. It will be difficult to withstand. They can ask the dermatologist.
For cooling gel to be applied topically to their skin. Which will also help cool them down. To counteract the heat from the laser. And finally, dermatologists will also be able. To use cooling fan during treatment.
To blow cool air on the treatment area. So that people can be as comfortable as possible. During their laser hair removal in Edmonton treatment. It’s very important for people to bring this up at the consultation.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | What To Expect With Permanent Hair Removal

Even though laser hair removal in Edmonton. Continues to grow in popularity year after year. People still have a multitude of questions. For Edmonton dermatology when they have their consultation.
One of the most common questions. That Edmonton dermatology receives. Is first, how long does the treatment last. If people have gone through other laser treatments first. They will know, that some treatments.
Take a significant amount of time. And that they often have to book an entire day. Or a half day off of work. However, without a doubt this is not necessary. For laser hair removal in Edmonton.
In addition to being the most gentle laser on the market. It also is very quick. Partially, because the wand that is used. To deliver each pulse of light. Is extremely large. Designed to cover a large area at a time.
Because of this, fewer light pulses are required. Which indeed, speeds the process up significantly. For small areas. Such as upper lip, chin. Or person’s armpits. They should expect an entire appointment of half an hour.
Meanwhile, larger areas. Such as the legs, chest or back. Will take up to, two hours total. Which is still much more manageable. Then requiring a half or full day. Off of a person’s work. They generally can come in.
On their lunch break. Or directly before or after work. In order to get the treatment done. So that they can be hair free. Without cutting in two. There work time, especially if they generally cannot take time off work.

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Another question about laser hair removal in Edmonton. That Edmonton dermatology gets rid during the initial consultation. Is how much healing time is needed? This question generally comes.
From people who have had other laser treatments. And now, that their skin needs days. Or even weeks to heal from. However, because the laser that is used. In laser hair removal in Edmonton. Is non-ablative.
That means, it does not cut the skin. There is virtually no healing time required whatsoever. In fact, most people experience absolutely no side effects. Or discomfort following the treatment.
While other, more sensitive patients. Mention that they have sensitive skin. For up to twenty-four hours. Following their treatment. Or that they have skin that is slightly red in the treatment area.
And while this generally is not a problem. People who are going back to work. Or going out for the evening. May want to cover the redness up. And because the laser has not cut their skin.
Their Edmonton dermatologist will be able. To cover that treatment area. With makeup, and are more than happy. To do so, before the patient leaves the office. Within twenty-four hours.
The patient should have no more sensitivity or redness. Although dermatologists do recommend. That people stay out of hot tubs, and hot showers. For the first twenty-four hours. Just to avoid any sensitivity.