Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | What To Know About Laser Sessions

While most people have at least heard about laser hair removal in Edmonton. Fewer people actually know how it works. To get rid of unwanted, and unsightly hair, anywhere on a person’s body.
Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton
However, it works very simply. The laser operates on a certain lightwave. That when it shines into a person’s skin. It is specifically designed. To look for pigmentation. And when that pigmentation is found, the laser.
Automatically destroys it on contact. And while it is very popular for getting rid of. Unwanted, unsightly and embarrassing hair. The same laser, which is called an intense pulse light treatment. Is also used to get rid of unwanted.
Pigmentation on a person’s body, such as birthmarks. Rosacea, and son damage. That has left a dark or brown spots. It works the same whether it is a hair follicle. Or skin discolouration.
When that light frequency finds a colour. It will explode the cells. And to those cells, will be forced out of the body. Coming to the surface of the skin. When it is hair, it will look like the hair is growing.
But people will notice, that the hair is brittle or crumbly. Or that even, it is dark black, or an ashy colour. When their hair is usually dark brown or red. When it comes to pigmentation, such as birthmarks, or rosacea.
People might find that all of a sudden, they have crumbly bits appearing on their skin surface. And these crumbly bits, are the remnants of their pigmentation. That is coming out of their skin.

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While the settings for laser hair removal in Edmonton. And getting rid of problematic pigmentation are slightly different. Patients may find, that if they have any spots of pigmentation. While getting laser treatments.
That those spots will also lighten, or disappear completely as well. Therefore if people have marks on their body. That they do not want to be eliminated. Then laser hair removal in Edmonton.
May not be the right option for them. With both pigmentation, and hair removal. People will need multiple sessions. With hair, it is because their body will continue to grow those hair follicles.
Until the body decides, that it does not want to. Waste any more of its energy or resources. On the futility of growing hair follicles. That continue to get destroyed. The more blood flow there is to an area.
The more nutrients the body has. And therefore, the more resources it has at regrowing those hair follicles. This is why the legs, with its vast vascular system. Is extremely stubborn to get rid of hair.
While the armpits, which are in an area of the body. That is not vascular at all. People can often have permanent results in two or three sessions. With pigmentation, people need multiple treatments.
Simply because the laser will only be able to eliminate. A certain amount of pigmentation at a time. Especially if the pigmentation is something like port wine stain. Which is also for as well as dark.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | What To Know About Starting Laser Sessions

One of the most common questions people have about laser hair removal in Edmonton. Is wondering if it hurts. And while the IPL laser at Edmonton dermatology. Is the most gentle on the market.
It is only one of the multitude of questions. That people often have for their dermatologist. Another common question. Is people wondering, how long the treatments last. If they understand.
That they will need multiple treatments. They are not going to want to have to take an entire day off of work. In order to get the treatment done. And that is the good thing about IPL treatments.
While it will depend greatly on the area of the skin. That is being treated. The larger the area. The longer the treatment will last. People can budget a minimum of half an hour. And a maximum of two hours for larger areas.
However, most appointments do not take the maximum amount of time. Simply because Edmonton dermatology. Builds buffers into their appointments. So that if a patient is uncomfortable.
They can take greater breaks. In between each pulse of light. So that they do not feel rushed, or uncomfortable. Therefore, the two hour appointment time. May only take an hour for example.
If the patient does not need many breaks during their laser hair removal in Edmonton treatment. Another question that people have for their dermatologist. During their initial consultation.

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Is wondering how much healing time they need. After the treatment, in order to fully recover. Again, that is the nice thing about the IPL treatment being so gentle. Is that no healing time is actually required.
While some people say that they feel as though their skin is sensitive to the touch. Up to twenty-four hours after. There initial treatment. And some people report that their skin is slightly red.
Twenty-four hours after the treatment. People generally have absolutely no indications. That they had any procedures done. Allowing them to get on with their life. As they had planned, going back to work.
Or home to their family. As well as out for a night on the town. With no one being any wiser, that they just had. A cosmetic procedure done that very same day. In fact, if they had an area treated.
That is visible, such as on their face, hands or chest. They can also ask their dermatologist. To apply makeup. Which is possible, because the laser is non-ablative. Which means it does not cut the skin.
However, Edmonton dermatology does recommend. That twenty-four hours after their first laser hair removal in Edmonton treatment. That people avoid hot tubs, saunas and even hot showers.
As this might make their skin that does not seem sensitive. To feel sensitive, because the heat from the hot water. Might cause them to feel the sensation. Of the heat from the laser. However, twenty-four hours later. They can get right back into a hot tub if they desire.