Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | What To Know About Permanent Hair Removal

When people are sick and tired of shaving and waxing, they turn to laser hair removal in Edmonton. However, not everybody is a great candidate for this procedure for many different reasons.
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When people are considering permanently removing hair. The type of laser that their dermatologist will use is called an intense pulse light treatment. Which is a non-ablative laser.
Which means it does not cut the skin. What it does do however, is targets pigmentation in the hair follicles. And when it locates those cells, it will literally explode them. Destroying the hair and the follicle.
Within one to three days after the initial treatment. People can expect the body to push out that burnt a hair. And while it might look like hair that is growing back.
The dermatologists say patients should consider how brittle or crumbly the hair is. And know that this is not hair growing back. But just the body getting rid of the burnt up hair that was destroyed by the laser.
While the body will regrow that hair in time. Patients need to watch for that new hair growth. And when they notice their body growing hair back. That is the time to go back to their dermatologist’s office for a second treatment.
After the second treatment, if the area that hair is in. Does not have a lot of blood flow. People can expect to or three treatments. To be all that is necessary to get rid of the hair in the area permanently.
The body would much rather put its resources. Into doing the things that it knows that it will be able to do successfully. And after it tries to regrow the hair a couple of times unsuccessfully.

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The body will often just to give up. And not try to regrow that hair any longer. However, the reason why areas with a lot of blood flow. Will be more stubborn to get rid of hair.
That is because the more blood flow to the area. The more nutrients that the body has in that area. Which will allow it to try to regrow the hair more times in that particular spot.
While many people have often been told. That waxing can eventually be permanent. Anyone who has waxed any part of their body, for any number of years. Will tell you that it is not as permanent as they were led to believe.
While people who wax their body on a regular basis. Eventually see the hair lightening over time. People may want a faster and more effective laser hair removal in Edmonton treatment.
When people are ready to stop shaving, or stop waxing their body. They should make an appointment with Edmonton dermatology. To discuss laser hair removal in Edmonton.
Once they find out that they are good candidate. They will be able to figure out how many sessions it will likely take. In order to permanently get rid of hair on that part of their body. So that shaving and waxing can be a thing of the past.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton |  Permanent Hair Removal At Last

There are many different reasons why people want to get laser hair removal in Edmonton. Since this is a permanent hair removal treatment. It will help people avoid having to shave and wax.
And while many people believe that this is something that only women are getting done. Dermatologists say they get just as many men as women in for this procedure.
The parts of the body that men are most likely to get done. Include their cheeks, in order to take care of stray hairs from their beard. That they do not want to have to shave every single day.
As well as their back, and their chest. These are very popular spots for men to get laser hair removal in Edmonton. Simply because shaving may not be popular. Or they do not want to put up with the stubble in that area.
Women on the other hand, are often getting things like their bikini area done, their legs. As well as their underarms. So that they can eliminate having to shave their legs or armpits every other day.
Especially because shaving the underarms. Can be very difficult. And can cause a lot of sensitivity. In the form of razor burn, or shaving bumps. That can be exacerbated when they put on deodorant.
Therefore, it does not matter if it is a man or woman. Both genders get laser hair removal and Edmonton done equally. Because they do not want to shave or wax any longer.

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One thing that patients ask the dermatologist. When they have their initial consultation. Is wondering how long each treatment will last. And while this will depend on the area being treated.
The chin and upper lip, will take a significantly less time. Then the back, or patient’s legs. But also, depending on how well they are able to tolerate the laser. Will dictate how fast the dermatologist can go.
Many people experience a feeling similar to that of a rubber band. During their laser hair removal in Edmonton treatment. Some people are unable to tolerate this well.
Therefore, they are more likely to ask for more breaks in between laser bursts. Which the dermatologist will be more than happy to accommodate. However, it will add to how much time the procedure will take.
A great rule of thumb for patients to keep in mind. Is that new matter what part of the bodies getting treated. Or how many breaks they utilize. I treatment will last any where between half an hour, or two hours at the most.
Which means it is going to be very easy to schedule in a person’s day. And especially with how minimal the healing time is. This is something that people can get done in a single day. And then go back to work, or go home. Without anyone knowing they had a procedure done.