Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Who Can Get This Treatment

While laser hair removal and Edmonton is growing in popularity. One of the most common questions that Edmonton dermatology gets. Is wondering, who is a good candidate for this treatment?
Laser Hair Removal In Edmonton
Fortunately, because the laser that is used. To get rid of unwanted hair is quite gentle. Almost everyone, is a good candidate for this procedure. How it works, is the laser, itches a concentrated beam of light.
Actually targets pigmentation, in the dermis of the skin. The dermis is the second layer of skin. Which is where the hair follicles start to grow, that produce the hair. The laser actually targets the pigmentation in the hair follicle.
Exploding the cells on contact. Because it targets pigmentation. This laser hair removal in Edmonton procedure. Is most effective, on dark hair. However, that does not mean that people with lighter hair.
Such as blonde, or light brown. Can get this procedure. It just means that they may need an additional one or two sessions. In order to get permanent results. And eliminate the unwanted hair.
As well, because this laser. Targets pigmentation. People with darker skin tones. Will need to have a consultation with the dermatologist. So that they can see the skin tone. If people have darker tones.
In their skin, the laser should be turned to a lower setting. To avoid accidentally targeting the pigmentation. In their skin, causing damage. Or inflicting pain on the patient.

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This is why the consultation is so important. So that they dermatologist. Will know what kind of setting they should set their laser at. To avoid damaging the skin. And targeting hair follicles as adequately as possible.
The best thing for patients to know about laser hair removal in Edmonton. Is that it will be able to eliminate 90% of unwanted hair. And when the hair is eliminated. That is absolutely permanent.
The reason why this causes permanent hair removal results. Is because as each patient comes in for their additional laser hair removal in Edmonton treatments. The body will slow down.
Trying to regrow the hair follicles. That keep getting destroyed. Until the body eventually gives up. Trying to grow the hair follicles. Not wanting to waste resources or energy.
Growing hair follicles, if they continually get destroyed. How many treatments a patient will need. Before their body gives up. Typically depends on how thick the hair is. As well as the vascularity of their treatment area.
The more vascular that part of the body is. The more the blood will carry nutrients to the area. And make the hair more stubborn to get rid of. The legs, and bikini area are two parts of the body.
That are typically the hardest to eliminate hair with laser hair removal. While under arms, which is not very vascular at all. Typically will see permanent results after only two or three sessions.
The best thing, for anyone wanting more information. Is to contact Edmonton dermatology for a free consultation to get started.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Who Can Get This Laser Treatment

One of the reasons why laser hair removal in Edmonton. Grows in popularity year after year. Is that it is treatment, that almost everybody can get done. And achieve very good results, in a short amount of time.
The laser that is used to eliminate unwanted hair. Is called IPL. Which stands for intense pulse light. It is one of the more mild lasers. Although it is the most effective laser for hair removal on the market.
Because it is mild. And non-ablative, which means it does not cut the skin. It requires virtually no healing time. With most patients feeling as though the may have been out in the sun. Without sunscreen for too long.
As the most discomfort that they will experience with laser hair removal in Edmonton. It also means that they will be able to do this procedure. On their lunch break, or on their way home from work.
Without having to heal, before going back to the office. Or home to their family. They can even ask the dermatologist to apply some makeup. To the treatment area, if it is slightly pink after the treatment.
If it is on a visible part of their body. And they are going back to work. Or, going out to dinner. Or to a special occasion with their family. In fact, the pink colour, or slight sensitivity.
Will only last for approximately one day. And after that, people will not experience any discomfort. During that one day after their laser hair removal in Edmonton. They will need to be careful.

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To avoid hot water. Such as hot showers, hot baths. Hot tubs, or saunas for twenty-four hours after their treatment. Because their skin will be sensitive. And if they got there laser hair removal treatment done.
On their bikini zone, they will want to avoid any sexual activity. For twenty-four hours, to avoid irritating the area. They will also likely want to moisturize the area. And can talk to the dermatologist about that.
During their initial consultation. 3 to 5 days after their laser hair removal in Edmonton session. People might see what looks like stubble, growing out of their treatment area. However, it is not stubble at all.
The remnants of the hair attached to the hair follicle. That got hit by the laser, and burnt up. Will start to get pushed out of the skin. By the body, eliminating foreign objects in the skin. That do not belong there.
They might look like hair. But people will notice that they are crumbly to the touch. Or are extremely brittle they should let the body push out the rest of the burnt up hair.
Following that, patients should keep a watchful eye. On how long it takes for the body to start regrowing hair in that area. When they come in for their second session. Tell the dermatologist how long it took.
They will be able to likely turnup the setting of the laser. To achieve even better results the next time. And people are ready to find out more about eliminating unwanted hair. They can contact Edmonton dermatology today.