Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Why IPL Is So Popular

People have been removing different parts of their body hair for many years before laser hair removal in Edmonton. However, it has always been a source of frustration. With options including shaving, and waxing.
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While shaving can be irritating to the skin. Such as causing razor burn, shaving bumps. And even ingrown hairs, that can itself be painful or itchy. Especially on a person’s bikini area, or under arms because they are already so sensitive.
Waxing, is even more problematic. Because while people do it. Simply because, they are able to go longer in between sessions. Waxing is messy, expensive. And most importantly, extremely painful.
In fact, dermatologists are seeing a correlation. Between people who have been waxing long term. And the early onset of wrinkles. Because as the wax pulls the hair. It also pulls the skin. Which destroys the skin’s elasticity.
This means that many people are eager to stop waxing. And are looking for other hair removal options. Laser hair removal in Edmonton is becoming more known, and therefore more popular.
Not only is it very quick, but it allows people to go very long in between treatments. And is permanent, after only a few sessions. Which means people will never have to worry about getting rid of on wanted hair in that area ever again.
Went the dermatologist will consider permanent hair removal. Will be to eliminate 95% of the hair in that area. For longer than a year. However, it will take much less time than that.
For many people to be hair free on certain areas of their body. What helps the laser hair removal in Edmonton treatment to be effective. Is how thick and dark the hair is. The thicker and darker the better.

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Because the laser will be able to target those hair follicles better. When they are easier to locate through the layers of skin. But also, where the hair is located on the body is an important factor.
With hair growing on a part of the body. Close to a large vascular system. Means it is going to be much more difficult to get rid of. Because the increased blood flow. Will continue carrying nutrients to that area of the body.
That will help the body have the resources and energy. To continue regrowing those hair follicles. The areas of the body that are most stubborn to get rid of hair include the legs, and the bikini area.
While the areas of the body that are easiest to get rid of hair. Include the under arms, and the back. Due to the lack of large veins and arteries in the area. In fact, some people can be hair free in as few as three sessions.
It is always best, for patients to contact Edmonton dermatology for consultation. Not only is it absolutely free. But they will be able to find out answers to their questions. And have the dermatologist look at their skin and hair. In order to find out if they are good candidate for the procedure.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Why IPL Is Popular Today

IPL is a type of laser hair removal in Edmonton. That stands for intense pulse light. And the best laser hair removal on the market. It can help people eliminate unwanted hair permanently.
However, not everybody is an ideal candidate for this treatment. How this intense pulse light treatment works. Is by targeting the pigment in the hair follicles. And then exploding those cells in order to destroy the hair follicle.
This means the darker the hair is. The more effective the treatment is going to be. People with lighter hair that they want to get rid of. Such as a light brown, or even blonde. May not get the results that they desire.
It may take them several more treatments. In order to permanently remove the hair in that area. Or see a significant reduction of hair. But not a complete elimination. Therefore, some people may choose.
Whether this is the right procedure for them or not. As well, because it does target pigmentation. People with darker skin tones are also not good candidates for this procedure. Because they run the risk of damaging their skin.
If the laser targets the pigmentation in their skin. Instead of in their hair follicle. Edmonton dermatology uses what is called a Fitzpatrick scale. In order to determine whether patient has the appropriate skin tone or not.
As well, people with certain skin conditions. Or who are on certain medications. Should not utilize laser hair removal in Edmonton. Such as people who are on antibiotics or Accutane.

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And in fact, if they are taking that medication, but have stopped. They will need to have stopped longer than six months ago. In order for Edmonton dermatology to go ahead with this procedure.
This is why the consultation is so important. But also why it is free, so that the dermatologist can determine if a person is a good candidate for the procedure. And allowing them to ask whatever questions they have.
One of the most common questions they have, is whether intense pulse light treatment is painful. And different people have different pain tolerances. Which makes this a bit of a difficult question to answer.
Most people compare the sensation to having their skin snapped with a rubber band. And just as quick as well. With the majority of patients, not having a problem with the sensation.
There is also a sapphire crystal built into the tip of the wand used to deliver the treatment. This crystal is designed to cool the skin immediately before the light pulse, and immediately after. In order to cool the skin and soothe it.
However, if people are still concerned. This is an important worry to bring up with their dermatologist during the consultation. Because there are many things that can be done. To help ensure a patient’s comfort at all times.
For more information about this procedure. Patients should contact Edmonton dermatology for their free consultation. In order to ask their questions, and get started with this popular laser hair removal in Edmonton.