Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | You Can Stop Shaving For Good

Many people think it is too good to be true that they will be able stop shaving, but with laser hair removal in Edmonton. That dream is actually a reality that they can enjoy.
Laser Hair Removal In Edmonton
While it does not take a single treatment. In order for people to become hair free permanently. With enough treatments. Based on the colour and thickness of their unwanted hair.
As well as the area of the body that they would like to treat. A dermatologist using an IPL laser. Will be able to remove 90% of the unwanted hair. From a person’s body, for the rest of their life.
The reason why colour and thickness of the hair makes a difference. Is because the intense pulse laser will target. The pigmentation in the hair follicles themselves. This means, the darker the hair is.
The more easily the laser can target the hair follicle. To destroy the cells and the hair on contact. The thicker the hair however, will mean that the body is more successful. In regrowing the hair more often.
And may need multiple treatments. In order to eliminate the hair permanently. If people have lighter coloured hair. Such as blonde, or light brown. It is going to require more treatments as well.
Because the laser may not adequately hit. Every single hair follicle, in the dermis of the skin. Which is the second layer of the skin. And while this process is the most successful with people who have light skin tone.

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People with darker skin tone can also get laser hair removal in Edmonton. They will just need the laser to be turned to a lower setting. And undergo multiple treatments.
The place on a person’s body. That they are getting rid of unwanted hair. Also makes a difference, but only because parts of the body. That have an increased blood flow. Well be more stubborn it to get rid of hair.
The reason why, is because increased blood flow. Brings nutrients to the body, to allow them more resources. To try to regrow hair more often. The legs, with their vast system of veins and arteries.
Our a lot more difficult to eliminate hair. And may require anywhere between 6 to 8 treatments. In order to have permanent results. The underarms on the other hand, are not very vascular at all.
And people can achieve carefree results. In as few as two or three sessions. This is why it is very important. For anyone considering laser hair removal in Edmonton.
Set up a consultation, at Edmonton dermatology. The consultations are free, so that people will be able to find out all the information. Prior to having this procedure done.
During the consultation, their dermatologist will tell them what they can expect. As well as how many treatments they are likely going to have to undergo. In order to generate the results that they desire. Making their carefree dreams, a reality.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Yes You Can Stop Shaving For Good

For a long time, people did not have laser hair removal in Edmonton. As an option to get rid of unwanted, embarrassing. And unsightly hair on various parts of their body. Most people would have to shave, or wax.
And while there are other options. Such as electrolysis, sugaring and Reading. None of these methods are permanent. And often are messy, expensive. And unfortunately, very painful.
While shaving is not painful. People will still have to buy razors and shaving cream. But the biggest detriment to this method of hair removal. Is that it is very time-consuming.
Not only does it take a long time. Especially to do a large area, such as a chest, back. Or if someone is removing the hair on their legs. But the reason why it is most time-consuming.
Is because shaving, does not get rid of the hair. But simply cuts it off. And his since hair is constantly growing. It only takes one or two days. For the stubble to poke through the skin. And that means people will have to.
Continually shave, whether it is every day. Every other day, or every third day. That is a lot of time and energy wasted. On keeping they unwanted hair away.
This is why laser hair removal in Edmonton is quickly gaining popularity. Not only is it very quick to get this procedure done. Most people can get the procedure done anywhere between half an hour. Two two hours for the largest area.

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But unlike shaving, which cuts the hair off. And people will see stubble after a day or two. Laser hair removal in Edmonton actually gets rid of the hair. Having the cell of the hair follicles exploded.
Which means people are often carefree for 4 to 6 weeks. Between the first and second treatment. They hair will grow back fine are and lighter. But after multiple treatments. The body will simply give up.
Trying to regrow the hair in that area. Not wanting to waste energy or resources. On a futile effort, grow hair. That can use to get destroyed. It will usually take approximately 3 to 8 sessions.
In order for people to have permanent results. Now when Edmonton dermatology says it gets rid of the hair. It does not get rid of 100% of the hair. But it will get rid of 90% of the hair.
This means people will typically not see. Any hair regrowth in that area. But if they do, it will be two or three pieces of hair. Which is not enough to be concerned with for most people.
Therefore, the two hours that it takes. To undergo the laser hair removal in Edmonton on their legs. Only needs to be done every few months. And after eight sessions, never again.
When compared to having to shave their legs every other day in the shower. Laser hair removal seems like the perfect solution. To their unwanted and unsightly hair problem.