Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | You Now Can Stop Shaving

The reason why laser hair removal in Edmonton. Is growing in popularity extremely quickly. Is because nobody wants to shave. For the rest of their life. And while there are alternatives to shaving.
Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton
Such as waxing, threading. Even things like electrolysis, and many other methods. Like sugaring for example. None of them get rid of hair painlessly. Or effortlessly. The way that laser hair removal in Edmonton does.
While most other hair removal methods. Requires constant, or near constant effort. In order to keep those problem hairs at bay. While most hair removal lasers. Work effectively getting rid of unwanted hair.
That will then, stay gone for several weeks or months. And each treatment, brings a person closer. To permanent results. What Edmonton dermatology means, when they say. That they hair removal is permanent.
Is that people will get a 90% reduction. Of hair growth in their treatment area. As long as they follow directions. And undergo the recommended number of sessions. The recommended number will depend.
On where on the body people are getting treated. As well as the thickness and darkness of their hair. The reason why the area of the body plays a role. In how many sessions people need to get.
Is because the area of the body that has more blood flow. Due to a larger network. Of veins and arteries, will deliver nutrients. To the body to be able. To regrow the hair in that area more often.

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Therefore, people’s legs. Are often the most stubborn area. Requiring anywhere six. And eight treatments, in order to get. Permanent results that people desire. However, eight sessions.
Is still a much better scenario. Then shaving every other day. Or waxing every month. To keep problematic hair away. As well, the thickness and darkness of the hair matters.
Because the laser looks for the pigmentation. Of the hair follicles, growing in the second layer of skin, called the dermis. The darker the pigmentation is. The easier time the laser will have.
At finding and then destroying the hair follicle. Ultimately, people that have the palest skin. With the darkest hair. Tend to have the best luck with laser hair removal in Edmonton.
Because the laser will have the easiest time. Finding the hair follicle. Especially when there is very little pigmentation. In a person’s skin colour, however. People with darker skin tones. Or lighter hair colour.
Can still get their hair permanently removed. Using a laser treatment. However, the dermatologist needs to see their skin and hair. In order to set the laser to the right setting. So that it will work effectively.
In between sessions, the amount of time. Will vary, depending on how efficiently. The body is regrowing the hair. Many people can go a month or more. In between sessions. With the length of time becoming longer.
As the body gives up trying to regrow the hair. Most people can go, towards the end. Two, three or even four months. In between laser sessions. Which is a much better prospect than shaving or waxing combined.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | You Now Can Stop Shaving With Laser Treatments

If people get laser hair removal in Edmonton. They will be able to throw their razors away. And stop shaving permanently. This treatment is gaining popularity every single year. In both men, women and all ages.
However, Edmonton dermatologist does recommend. That patients follow strict rules. Before, and after treatment. To ensure that they get the best results. There is no sense in getting laser hair removal in Edmonton.
If people are not going to work. To get the best results that they possibly can. The first recommendation. That Edmonton dermatology has. For any patients who are about to undergo laser treatment.
To remove unwanted hair. Is to immediately stop waxing, plucking or even threading. There unwanted hair away. The reason why this is the recommendation. Is because lasers target the hair follicles.
That are growing in the dermis layer of skin. Which is the second layer. And if people are waxing, threading or plucking. They are removing the hair and the hairs grouped completely.
Which means, if the hair follicle. Has not grown back at the time of the laser hair removal in Edmonton treatment. Then people are going to not have the results that they desire. Because the laser will not be able.
To destroy that hair follicle. Which means, that hair will remain completely unaffected. By the intense pulse light of the laser. While most people. It will regrow hair follicles in about two weeks.

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And then have another two weeks. Before the hair pokes through their skin again. However, this is not an exact science. And some people may have the hair follicles. Not grow back for two and a half weeks.
Or three weeks for example. And then have their hair grow through their skin. In as little as one week. Therefore, simply stopping waxing or plucking. Just before their laser treatment. Is not long enough to yield best results.
While most dermatologists recommend. Stopping the waxing process. Two weeks before their first treatment. The best practice would simply be. Stop waxing or plucking entirely.
Until people have their first laser hair removal in Edmonton treatment. That way, no matter how slowly or quickly. There hair follicles grow back. They will have the maximum number of hair follicles present.
So that when the laser pulse. Is used, it will destroy as many hair follicles as possible. So that people can get the best results. For each session. Another recommendation that Edmonton dermatology has.
Is that following the procedure. People should again, avoid waxing or plucking. And watch to see. Exactly how long it takes for the hair grow back. And then take that information back to their dermatologist.
They will be able to use the information. Of how long it took. For that hair to regrow in the area. And are often able to turn up the intensity of the laser. To yield even better results the second time.