Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Your Hair Free Reality

Eliminating shaving from your routine is possible with laser hair removal in Edmonton. However, many people are either sceptical of this process. Or they believe that it is painful. And therefore, do not even look into it.
Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton
While it is true says Edmonton dermatology. Laser hair removal in Edmonton used to be painful. Using the first lasers that were developed for this process. However, as technology has improved.
The lasers have become not only more effective. But also gentler, and not painful. Therefore, anyone who is fearful of the pain. Should instead, make a consultation with Edmonton dermatology.
And not only will they discover that laser treatments are totally effective. They will also find out, what they can expect for the sensation. And what Edmonton dermatology can do to make it even gentler.
Some people find that the heat from the laser. Is what causes them discomfort. While others say the discomfort comes. From the destruction of the hair follicles themselves. Which some compare.
To the sensation of being snapped lightly. With a rubber band, and then it is over. Many people do not even agree that the sensation is that significant. However, everyone has a completely different pain tolerance.
Edmonton dermatology has several methods. That they can use to increase comfort. Starting with the sapphire crystal. That is built into the head of the wand. That they use to deliver the laser pulses.

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This sapphire crystal is designed to cool the skin. Immediately before. And immediately after each laser pulse. This cooling sensation offsets the heat from the laser. And rather than causing people to overheat.
Many people leave their laser hair removal in Edmonton appointments. Feeling cool, and relaxed. However, if people are still nervous. That this process is going to be uncomfortable.
Edmonton dermatology can also apply. Cooling gel to the area. Therefore, it can continue to cool the skin. And making it more comfortable. They can also use a cool fan that blows on the treatment area.
Which continues to increase the comfort of the patient. If they find the heat from the laser. Is too much for them to handle. However, if it is the sensation of the hair follicles destruction that is concerning.
Edmonton dermatology can apply a numbing cream. Which is applied topically, which is designed. To deaden any sensations in the skin. So that the experience can be more gentle for people.
This is why it is vitally important for people. Who are interested in removing their hair with the laser. Set up a free consultation with Edmonton dermatology. They will find out all about the process.
Will be able to discuss their concerns. And come up with a plan with their dermatologist. To ensure that they are comfortable throughout the entire process. Since the entire process will only take a short time.
Anywhere between half an hour, or two hours. They will be able to come up with a plan that will ensure comfort. While helping people remove the unwanted hair. That is causing them distress.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Your Hair Free Dream Can Be Reality

There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding laser hair removal in Edmonton. And many of them are completely unfounded. Some people are nervous about the fact that they think it will hurt.
While others, believe that they can be hair free permanently. In a single laser hair removal in Edmonton session. In fact, it takes more than one session. For the results to be permanent.
And how many sessions it takes. Depends on a number of factors. The first factor, is how thick and dark their hair is. While many people have the experience. Of thicker, darker hair. Being more stubborn to get rid of.
When it comes to eliminating the hair with lasers. The thicker and darker the hair is. The easier the laser can target the pigmentation. Located in the second layer of skin. Known as the dermis.
Since the laser is designed to destroy any pigmentation it finds. The more pigmentation. The darker the pigmentation is as well. Will make the laser hair removal in Edmonton much more effective.
However, people with lighter, or thinner hair. Will still be able to remove their hair this way. They simply will most likely need. The intensity of the laser to be turned up. As well as more sessions.
Another factor that will determine. How many sessions someone needs. In order to get permanent results. Is where on the body the hair is located. The reason why this plays a role.

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Is because the more vascularity that is in that part of the body. Simply put, the more blood flow there is. The more difficult and stubborn the hair will be. To get rid of. This is because the increased blood flow.
Delivers nutrients to the body. Who then uses those nutrients. To regrow hair follicles or effectively. Because of this, the legs, with their extensive network of veins and arteries. As well as the bikini region.
Are the most stubborn areas. To get rid of hair, requiring 6 to 8 sessions. In order to generate permanent results. However, compared to a lifetime of shaving. This is not a problem for most.
Other areas of the body with significantly less blood flow. Such as the underarms. People can generally be here free. In his few as 2 to 4 sessions. Helping people eliminate the irritation of hair.
As well as avoid the shaving bumps, razor burn. And sensitive skin. That comes from using a razor. In such a sensitive location of the body. Ultimately, every person is going to have different factors.
That determine the intensity of the laser. And how many sessions they will need. Which is why it is extremely important. That everybody considering eliminating unwanted, irritating and embarrassing hair.
Should end up consulting. With Edmonton dermatology. Who offer absolutely free consultations. For all patients. So that everyone can get the information they need. To make the best decision for their treatment.