Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Your Solution to Hair Problems

Nothing is more frustrating than unwanted hair, but laser hair removal in Edmonton. Can help significantly says Edmonton dermatology. It is a gentle, noninvasive method.
Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton
Of getting rid of unwanted hair. On virtually any part of the body. Except the eyebrows. That will be permanent, after anywhere between. 3 to 8 sessions, as long as patients follow directions.
The reason why it is gentle. Is because it is considered non-ablative. That means the lasers do not cut, or otherwise perforate the skin. Even microscopically. The way that other lasers, such as the Fraxal or CO2 laser does.
Because it does not perforate the skin. There is virtually no area of the body. That it cannot be used on. Out of fear, of puncturing important blood vessels and arteries. Other lasers, cannot be used.
On places like the neck, chest or wrists. But the intense pulse light treatments laser. Otherwise known as IPL for short. Is much more gentle. And therefore, able to be used, anywhere.
Another reason why it is so gentle. Is because it does not give off a lot of heat. And the most uncomfortable sensation. Is often the sensation. Of the hair follicles being destroyed.
Some people say it is similar. To feeling a rubber band being snapped on the skin. While others say, it is not nearly that intense. Because it is so gentle, there is not much healing time needed as well.
Some people might feel a little bit warm says Edmonton dermatology. Following a laser hair removal in Edmonton treatment. They may wish to ask for. A fan to be blown on their skin during treatment.

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Or, they can ask their dermatologist. To apply cooling gel. Which counteracts the heat of the laser. As well, Edmonton dermatology is quick to point out. That the wand used to administer the laser pulses.
Has a sapphire crystal build into the tip. And that sapphire crystals job. Is to cool the skin. Immediately before. And immediately after the laser pulses. Many people often report feeling slightly chilly.
After their treatment. Rather than feeling overheated. Which is a common sensation, following most laser treatments. As well, if people are concerned. That the sensation will be too painful for them.
They will also recommend patients. Apply a numbing gel to their skin. Which can deaden the sensations. That they feel, and make themselves more comfortable. Because it is so gentle.
There is virtually no healing time required. However, some people report having sensitive skin. Or feeling flushed, for the next twenty-four hours. And Edmonton dermatology simply recommends.
That patients avoid sun exposure, hot baths and showers. And hot tubs, and saunas for the next day. So that they do not exacerbate any sensitive skin. Or cause skin to become sensitive following treatment.
As well, some patients have a pink hue to their skin. For the next 12 to 24 hours. This also will go away after a day. But if people feel self-conscious.
They can apply a light coating of makeup. Since their skin is not cut. There is no risk of infection after laser hair removal in Edmonton.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Your Solution to Facial Hair Problems

The solution to many peoples problem hair, is laser hair removal in Edmonton. Edmonton dermatology boasts the most effective laser. To eliminate unwanted hair, the intense pulse light laser. Also known as IPL, for short.
People may have heard. That lasers in the past, are quite painful. And while some lasers, which are used to treat. Skin conditions. Can often be very robust. Lasers that are used to get rid of hair.
Our considerably more gentle. Simply because they are non-ablative. Which means they do not cut the skin. However, if people have gone through laser hair removal in Edmonton. Back in the nineties when it was first introduced.
They might have experienced discomforts. Or even pain in some cases. This is simply because the lasers of thirty years ago. Were not as refined as they are now. Technology has come a long way.
And improved significantly, since the nineties. And the lasers are not as painful. As they were back then. However, if people have questions. About the intense pulse light lasers. They should said up.
A consultation with Edmonton dermatology. In order to provide information. That can help patients make the right decision for them. They ensure that all of their consultations are free.
Therefore, it will not cost a patient anything. If they discover, or decide. That laser hair removal in Edmonton. Is not the right solution for them individually. As well, there are some reasons.

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Why people should not get laser hair removal in Edmonton treatments. Perhaps they are on a specific medication, such as Accutane. Or they are taking a course of antibiotics. These medicines interfere with laser treatments.
And once people are done taking the medication. They needs to be off of it. For a minimum of six months. Before they are eligible to get laser treatments again.
This is one of the reasons why a consultation with Edmonton dermatology is so vital. As well, they will take a full medical history. Of each patient, because some medical, and skin conditions.
Also interfere with laser treatments. A great example of this is a skin condition called melasma. Which is also known as, the mask of pregnancy. While it is a skin condition, caused by a hormone imbalance.
The condition is also exacerbated by heat and light. Both of which are present, in laser treatments. Therefore, they will be able to find out. If this laser treatment is good for them. And if they are willing to proceed.
They will be able to ask any questions they have. Such as how many treatments they will need. And how long the treatment will last for them. And can discuss all of their fears, or nerves about the procedure.
Edmonton dermatologist will also help the patient. Understand how to properly prepare. So that they can get the best results. From the treatments that they get.