Rosacea Treatments Edmonton and Awareness

At Edmonton Dermatology we treat all kinds of skin conditions. One of them is rosacea. There are many people around the world affected by this serious skin condition. In America alone it is estimated that fourteen million adults have it. That is one out of ten people. It is grossly underrecognized and therefore undertreated.

How do you know for sure if you have rosacea? What are the tell-tale signs and when is it a good idea to see the doctor about rosacea treatments Edmonton? Rosacea is a skin condition that shows up as blushing or redness and sometimes visible blood vessels on your face. There are a few features that may be signs and a person can have more than one at a time. If your face is red all the time or feels hot or has pimples you may be suffering from rosacea.

Rosacea Treatments Edmonton

What are the main types of rosacea?

There are three main types of this skin condition and a fourth less common one. The first type is neurovascular rosacea. This is where you have red patches of skin on your face and sometimes visible blood vessels. The second type of rosacea is an inflammatory response in the skin. Again, you will notice redness on your face as well as red bumps and possibly pus-filled spots. These are called papules and pustules.

The third variety of rosacea is phymatids. This is characterized by the skin thickening and becoming bumpy and shows particularly on the nose. The last one that is less common is ocular rosacea. This looks like bloodshot eyes that are irritated and may even be watery with a gritty feeling. The eyelids may be seen as red and puffy. This last one shows up mostly after you already have one of the first three types which all are more on the skin.

Because of the harmful effects ocular rosacea can have on the eyes it is possible to lose vision. This is a rare occurrence. You could have sensitive, dry, tearing eyes, blurred vision, or foreign sensations in the eye.

Are there any natural solutions to making rosacea go away?

There is no cure for rosacea, but it can be managed well and there are many rosacea treatments Edmonton. The first thing to do is identify its triggers. Become acutely aware of the things you are doing when flare ups happen. When you go outside, especially in the hot sun, always be sure to wear sunscreen. Apply it liberally and often. Always, always, always, treat your skin gently. Do not rub it excessively and even be careful not to touch it too much. You can also camouflage it with makeup. This will reduce the visibility of it.

What are the main causes of it?

Unfortunately, there is no known exact cause of rosacea. There are factors that have been connected with abnormalities of the blood vessels on the face.

What are the symptoms of rosacea?

We have gone over this previously but to recap the main symptoms or signs shown that you have rosacea are flushing or blushing, persistent facial redness, visible blood vessels on the face, papules and pustules, thickened skin, and redness in and around the eyes. Some symptoms like flushing may appear sporadically at first but eventually become chronic over time.

What are the available rosacea treatments Edmonton?

There are some highly effective rosacea treatments Edmonton. Medications, skin care and laser therapy are some of these. Of course, when you are aware of the triggers that cause a flare up you will also be able to manage it much easier. Avoid sun exposure by wearing sunscreen daily no matter the time of year. Also avoid windy conditions as much as possible. Limit your alcohol and spicy food consumption. If possible switch to a diet made up of mild foods. For example, choose whole grains, nuts, fatty fish, and berries.

Drink the recommended daily water. Divide your weight in half and change to ounces to find out how much is enough for your size. For example, if you weigh 180 lbs you would need ninety ounces of water daily. Do not overheat and especially during exercise. Take great care of your skin with a proven, dermatologist prescribed skincare routine that includes products made for your skin type and this skin condition. If you use hairspray, be sure to not spray it on your face. Finally, reduce or minimize your stress levels. This last one is probably the hardest in our busy lifestyles.

How do I take care of my skin if I have rosacea?

You will want to always use an SPF when going out in the sun. When cleansing your skin, avoid excess rubbing. Use moisturizers that calm the skin and are not heavy laden with scents. You can take medications that help with the symptoms. The dermatologist must prescribe these. Avoid excessive scrubbing like an exfoliation or scrub requires.

Who is most prone to rosacea?

If you are between thirty to fifty years of age you are in the prime age group to get rosacea. Fair skin and light hair and eyes also seem to be more of a candidate for rosacea. If you are Scandinavian you will also be more likely to have it. If you or anyone in your family tree have rosacea or acne you are more likely to get rosacea too. If you have had acne and lots of it you may be a likely candidate for getting this serious skin condition.

What can a dermatologist do for rosacea?

As mentioned previously, a dermatologist can prescribe medication as a rosacea treatments Edmonton. In addition to this they can also treat rosacea with laser therapy to achieve great health and beauty for your skin. With laser therapy you will need to come into the clinic to be assessed and have a plan made for how your rosacea will be addressed. Treatment lengths and intensity are modified based on individual needs. There is no one size fits all. Repeat treatments help the body to slowly reduce its mechanisms that are causing the discoloration.