Botox Edmonton | An In-Depth Study of Botox

At Edmonton Dermatology we take immense pride in serving the Edmonton and surrounding area in our state-of-the-art facility. Our beautiful facility has two locations within steps of each other. One is where our medical procedures are performed and the other is our cosmetic clinic. If you have a medical or surgical concern, you will need a referral to see our specialists. An example of one of these treatments is skin cancer removal.

Study of Botox

We are not only recognized as medical specialists but also specialists in the cosmetic field. We offer the latest and greatest procedures and cosmetic treatments as well as products that are used in conjunction with cosmetic and medical treatments. Some of the most popular cosmetic procedures we offer are laser hair removal, injections such as botulinum toxin type a, or more commonly know as Botox, and filler, and many other anti-aging facial treatments.

Our clinic was carefully built with the highest professional and medical standards in mind. We have all the latest technology in place and use the highest grade of medical products to treat the skin.

We know that with time and sun damage your skin suffers a decline in elasticity, quality, and appearance. We want to help you improve your skin’s health and quality as well as turn back the clock giving you a more youthful look. Every decision we make is for the health and beauty of your skin. Botox happens to be a great first treatment for many of our clients. It is non-invasive and can achieve a youthful look in a matter of hours or days. It usually lasts for up to three months and is quite cost effective.

Main Effects of Botox

Before we dive into the study of Botox, and the effects it has in making your look more youthful, lets first understand what it is used for, what it does and how it works. Firstly, Botox is used to minimize wrinkles that are caused by muscle movements. All of this is regarding the surface skin on your face. You may notice this muscle movement when you frown, smile, raise your eyebrows, laugh, or squint (due to poor eyesight or harsh sunlight).

As the muscles move, they cause the surface of your skin to crease and over time this creasing etches the skin and becomes permanent. Here is the first hint on what Botox does, it stops the muscles from moving and as a result the lines on the face soften and become more invisible.

Proved by our study of Botox, it inhibits the movement of the muscles. You do not have to worry about losing all expression if you have Botox injections. You can use as little Botox as you prefer but will still see a significant effect. When you come in for a complimentary consultation your options will be discussed before you receive Botox treatments. You will still have the ability to smile and move muscles to show your feelings, it is just that the lines will not be evident.

Your muscles will not move the same amount when Botox is in effect. Botox inhibits the constant movement of the muscles that create lines and wrinkles. Over time, with the repeated use of Botox, you can even retrain the muscles to not crease the skin.

Botox Edmonton | Botox Benefits

Some people want to try Botox because they have seen their friends or family rave about it and quite honestly, they have witnessed the beautiful benefits that study of Botox brings. However, they still have concerns that there may be some negative side effects too. It should be mentioned right away that Botox is not systemic in nature. What this means is that it does not go into all the parts of your body once injected. It is injected at the muscular junction level and stays put provided you follow the after-care directions of your nurse or doctor injector.

There are no long-term harmful effects of Botox. You may experience redness or raised bumps at the injection site due to the needle piercing the skin. You could have some bleeding or bruising but this is no cause for alarm. This is all from the needle poking through the skin.

You may be one of the people that are concerned that Botox is toxic to the body. It is time to dispel this myth. The name Botulinum toxin worries individuals, but due to the amount used in anti-aging skincare procedures, there is negligible risk of the body becoming toxic. The amount used in anti-aging procedures is exceedingly small and as mentioned earlier, Botox is not systemic. It stays where it is injected. Over time as it is metabolized it disappears completely from the body.

When you are looking for the perfect location to have a Botox injection treatment performed, you will want to keep in mind who is injecting you as well as what kind of facility they work in. The injector should have certification and a license to administer Botox. Titles to look for are doctor, RN, LPN, or nurse practitioner. You can always look for the credentials of the injector on the College of Physicians and Surgeons website.

Biggest Botox Inquiries

These professionals will be listed there. You have access to this at any time by going to that website. Typically doctors, nurses, dermatologists and surgeons are common, safe, and effective Botox and filler injectors.

One of the biggest inquiries about the our study of Botox, other than its safety, is how long it lasts. The short answer is that Botox lasts three to four months and is directly related to how fast your body’s metabolism works. Eventually it wears off and leaves the body and the muscles remember to move. This is when you will notice the creases and wrinkles are back. You will also realize it is time to have Botox injected again, if you loved the effect it had.

Botox is injected into the skin at the muscular junction level where the nerve cells work. The nerves are what tell your muscles to move. The receptors are blocked and cannot send messages to the muscles. Eventually the muscles relax, and you start to see a smoothening of the skin’s surface. Over the weeks or months your nerve cells eventually break down the Botox molecules. The receptors are open again and begin to fire neurons to tell the muscles to move.

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