Botox Edmonton | Ultra Purifying Vivier Clay Mask Review

At Edmonton Dermatology we understand how important your skin is. We do everything for the health and beauty of it. This is why we use only the best products in our clinic. We do not stop there though. We want all our clients to experience the luxury and healing properties of these same products at home. We have available for purchase top brands that treat and heal the skin in between your skincare treatments that are done in the clinic. We want you to prolong your results when you leave as well as help heal your skin heal to give it the health and beauty it deserves. One of the brands we recommend is Vivier.

Vivier Clay Mask Review | Botox Edmonton

In particular we want to showcase the Ultra Purifying Vivier Clay Mask. Once you read more about our review, you will see how it lives up to its name. This luxurious mask is derived from red and white Kaolin clay. It has AHAs and BHAs to help slough off the dead skin cells and unclog the pores. The vitamin E in it helps with hydration. Your skin will feel the effects as soon as you put it on.

Kaolin is known to draw out impurities found in the pores. Things like toxins, excess sebum and dirt will be extracted without compromising the necessary natural oils found in the skin. Your pores will also benefit by becoming less visible.

Like any cleansing and purifying mask is supposed to be this one is soothing and calming but there are some extra bonuses in it too. AHAs (alpha hydroxy acid) and BHAs (beta hydroxy acid) are some of those. AHA is a glycolic acid and BHA is a salicylic acid. These acids exfoliate the top layer of skin and deep clean the pores. This gives anti-inflammation and anti-bacterial effects to the skin.

The other ingredients in the mask help with soothing, antioxidant and moisturizing qualities. There are also hydrating ingredients too. This mask is good for all skin types, but acne prone skin will benefit the most. This mask even helps with firming the skin and having a smoother complexion. It is recommended to use the mask one to two times a week. If oilier you can use the mask up to three to four times a week.

When you are acne prone or have full on mild to severe acne affecting you, then this mask is a powerful addition to add to your skincare routine. Acne is a common skin condition that affects teens more than adults. The reason it is more prevalent in teens is due to the changes in hormones. Genetics also play a huge role in whether you get acne or not. Sometimes medication starts or stops have a direct effect. Some women who are susceptible to polycystic ovary syndrome are also affected by acne.

Reduce the effects of acne

With acne, the hair follicles become plugged up with the skin’s oils, dirt, and dead skin cells. It can be mild to severe and shows up on the face, neck, back, chest and shoulders. It affects all ethnic groups and almost all acne sufferers have it on their face. The acne spots can be blackheads, whiteheads, pimples and large, red, painful bumps or cysts.

The main goal of the Ultra Purifying Vivier Clay Mask is to remove the excess oil and dead skin cells from the pores. Therefore, it makes a fantastic addition to any acne sufferer’s regular skincare routine.

If your acne is making you feel embarrassed, self-conscious or any other negative emotion then it is time to do something about it. Is your acne not getting better? Do you have scars and dark spots developing? If you have tried over the counter products but see no improvement after many weeks of treatment, then it is time to see a doctor. If you have pain involved or large red bumps or cysts it is a smart idea to book an appointment with your general practitioner and have them make a referral to the dermatologist.

If you have already been going through acne for a while now, you may have even developed scars because of it. This skin condition is relentless and most often it does not go away on its own. It continues to wreak havoc with your skin and confidence. However, seeing the dermatologist can help you manage it as well as avoid worse scarring. Also, the dermatologist can treat the scars left by acne with some promising methods.

The correct way to apply the mask

Now that we have established how amazing this mask is for all skin types but especially those with acne, you might wonder how does a person apply the mask? You should cleanse the skin first. May we suggest Vivier’s Hexam gentle cleanser. It contains Hexamidine which is an antimicrobial and antibacterial cleanser that hydrates the skin while purifying the pores. Because of the acids in the mask, do not place the product close to the eyes or mouth area. The AHAs and BHAs are more aggressive.

Once it is applied in a thin layer all over the face and neck it should be bright orange looking because of the red clay. This makes it even better because you can see where you applied it. Let it sit for ten to fifteen minutes. Once it has sat for a bit you may feel a little bit of tingly sensation because of the AHAs and BHAs. It will eventually stop tingling to the point where there is no more sensation. There is no tightness either like most other masks.

To wash it off, use lukewarm water. It rinses off pretty easily and quickly. Do not use anything like a cleanser to take it off, only lukewarm water. Then gently pat the skin dry. Once your face is dry, you may add your serum, moisturizer and then your eye cream. The rule of thumb when adding different layers is to go from thinnest to thickest in texture. Remember with any eye cream you want to pat into your eye not forgetting the top.

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