Botox Can Give You A Perfect Pout With Lip Flip Edmonton!

Getting a lip flip in Edmonton can be a great way to impact your smile quickly. All without ever having to use cosmetic fillers. If you have ever wanted fuller lips, this may be the solution for you! If you are looking to find more information on a variety of dermatology topics please visit our YouTube channel here. And If you have any suggestions for topics, please leave a comment on any of our videos.



What Kind of Procedure is a Lip Flip?

In order to get that perfect pout, Edmonton Dermatology uses Botox or Dysport injections. What this does, is assists in lifting the upper lip to give the appearance of a fuller lip without the use of cosmetic filler. It’s great for people who want fuller lips, but are not yet ready for cosmetic filler injections. Or if they are trying out the look for the first time.



Benefits to This Procedure

Absolutely there are benefits! The Lip Flip injection is beneficial for patients in Edmonton who are new to cosmetic injections that would like to have a fuller looking lip. But are not sure if they are ready for lip filler injections. This treatment is simple and a non permanent way to enhance the lips. If you would like more information, call our office to arrange a complimentary consultation.



What You Can Expect From A Lip Flip Edmonton Treatment

With any cosmetic injection there are risks. With the Lip Flip injection there is discomfort at the injection with swelling, tenderness, and redness after the injection. This usually lasts 2-4 days after the injection. During this time the patient will feel numbness to the area which may feel discerning at first, but will subside.



Understanding Who In Edmonton is a Good Candidate

The Lip Flip Edmonton procedure is actually good for anyone regardless of age or gender says Edmonton Dermatology. This is a great treatment to start with if you are interested in getting into cosmetic injections as it is a simple treatment with subtle results. However, if you want to ensure you understand the procedure, and how to get the best results, we recommend coming in for a consultation. These consultations take about half an hour, and are free. It ensures patients know what the procedure is, what to expect and what results they are likely to see. Our dermatologists enjoy meeting our patients during these consults!



A Quick Way To Get A Great Pout

The Lip Flip injection only takes approximately 15 minutes. At Edmonton Dermatology we do recommend a consultation with our Nurse Injector prior to the injection. This will ensure it is the correct procedure for you. We offer complimentary consultations, and you can expect that to take up to 30 minutes.

To perform the Lip Flip injection, we use Botox/Dysport which is a neuromodulator. It is injected into a muscle in the upper lip that gently pulls the lip upwards. Botox/Dysport takes approximately 10 to 14 days to take full effect and can last up to 3 months.



See Results With A Lip Flip

When you get a Lip Flip injections at Edmonton Dermatology, results can be seen as early as ten days for come patients. However, others should expect to see their results anywhere between 10 days. Or or up to two weeks after the procedure, because every patient is different. Patients in Edmonton and surrounding area will know their results are showing, when they notice a subtle lift of the upper lip, making it appear larger and fuller.



Get Lasting Results at Edmonton Dermatology

The effects of the Botox/Dysport for Lip Flip injection can last up to 3 months. Because the lips move constantly while we talk, eat and drink, the effects don’t last as long as other areas that may be treated with Botox/Dysport.

Once the effects of the Botox/Dysport is in place, you may have some trouble with drinking fluids as some of the motion of your lip is reduced to allow for the lifting of the upper lip. With practice this sensation will subside.

The Right Information Is Vital

Perhaps the most common misunderstanding of Botox/Dysport is that it is dangerous because it is a toxin. However, the molecules of Botox/Dysport are medically engineered to mimic molecules that are naturally in our body. These molecules slow down the muscles ability to contract/move. Botox/Dysport allows for the effects of less movement to happen for a longer time. Also, Botox/Dysport also lasts for three to four months making it a non-permanent treatment. Ultimately, patients should be comforted by the fact that getting a lip flip is completely safe.

Making The Decision To Get A Lip Flip

The cost for Botox/Dysport for the Lip Flip Edmonton injection is dependent on the number of units required for the most effective treatment based on individual cases. Generally, treatment for forehead lines for example can range between $40 – $80 per treatment. The lip flip is no different. Some people will require different amounts for their lips. This is another reason why a consultation is beneficial. Patients can find out how many units they can expect for their own treatment. If you would like more information, please call us at Edmonton Dermatology to set up your complimentary consultation.

Lip Flip Edmonton Can Give You That Perfect Pout!

Anyone can get a Lip Flip Edmonton! If you want some more fullness in your lips, but don’t want, or are not ready for cosmetic fillers, look into this procedure. Effects last three months, and are safe for all ages and genders!

Lip Flip Edmonton Is Done By Professionals

Injections for Botox/Dysport must be injected by a licensed/registered nurse or a physician. Here at Edmonton Dermatology, we have a Board-Certified Dermatologist as well as two trained nurse injectors. Lifelong learning is part of the high standards and values we set for ourselves. We invest time and resources to offer our patients up to date expertise in Botox/Dysport injections for the benefit of our patients.

What To Expect Following The Procedure

There is minimal to no downtime for Botox/Dysport injection for the Lip Flip Edmonton injection. You may have a little bit of redness at the injection sites, potentially slight bruising and swelling that is to be expected. The swelling post injection can last up to one week.

Getting The Best Lip Flip Results

After the Lip Flip injection, we recommend not to use straws to drink fluids for at least five to seven days. The motion used by your lips to use a straw can shift the Botox/Dysport out of the required injection area and may cause the Botox/Dysport to be ineffective. Make-up can be gently applied after treatment. However, we ask that you avoid manipulating the area for twenty-four hours following the treatment. This includes rubbing, applying pressure, or massaging the treatment areas.
Edmonton Dermatology also requests that you avoid any vigorous exercises for three to four hours and not to lay down flat for four hours following treatment.
Please do not expose the treatment area to any intense heat (i.e. sauna, steam, hot yoga, etc.) for twenty-four hours following treatment.

Alternative To the Lip Flip Procedure

An alternative to the Lip Flip Edmonton injection is Lip Filler. Cosmetic Filler is an injection where hyaluronic acid based products are injected into the pink part of the lip to create more volume giving the appearance of plumper, fuller and luscious lips. Talk to the nurses and dermatologists at Edmonton Dermatology to help determine the right treatment for you.

People in Edmonton Love Their Results

As with any treatment, nothing is fully guaranteed. However, with Botox/Dysport injections we can modify the treatment to ensure the best results possible based on individuals. Individual results may vary. But again, we recommend coming in for a complimentary consultation to ensure the best treatment is used with each client. This ensures the best results, and helping people know what to expect as well.

Who Needs a Lip Flip?

While no treatment is absolutely needed – Botox/Dysport for Lip Flip injections is a great option. Whether you are looking to enhance your lips but want a subtle result or you are just getting into cosmetic injections. This is a non-invasive option that is natural looking.

Call Edmonton Dermatology For Your Appointment

At Edmonton Dermatology, we offer complimentary consultations to all our patients who wish to discuss Lip Flip Edmonton injections or any other concerns they may have. Please call our clinic directly and one of our trained staff members will be happy to book your complimentary consultation.

Getting Ready For The Lip Flip Edmonton Procedure

Prior to your appointment for Lip Flip injection, have a small snack to help reduce any nerves you may have. We also recommend having a clean face, thus no make-up. However, we would be happy to cleanse the treatment area for you during your appointment.

Botox Lip Flip Treatment Snapshot

Treatment Time – 15 to 20mins

Discomfort Level – Minimal to None

Downtime – Minimal

Results – Effects Within 14 Days & Can Last 3  Months