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Skin Issues | Do I have Rosacea?

People suffer with their skin especially in a dry climate like Alberta. They don’t like how their face is red, dry, and uncomfortable. At Edmonton Dermatology we have a solution to treat skin with this condition making it easier to live with, less painful and noticeable.

People suffer with this uncomfortable skin condition and unfortunately, it adds to their low self esteem. They may not even know they have a skin condition so as a dermatology clinic it is our duty to make them aware. We want to drive interest and awareness in diagnosing and treating Rosacea. Dry and red skin is often more than just from living in a dry climate.

Having confidence helps you in every area of your life. It prepares you to experience life fully readying you for opportunities that come your way. Not only do you have the courage to try new things, but you also have the tenacity to not give up when things don’t work out the way you want. You are willing to try again. Conversely, when your confidence is low, you experience all the opposite ramifications. Only you know the things that hold you back from being confident, but the health and beauty of your skin should not be on that list.

Be confident in your own skin

The benefits to having confidence are innumerable. Some of the key things that confidence brings are qualities we all wish to have in our arsenal of battling the life’s challenges. When you are confident you keep your cool in stressful situations. You have influence on those around which in turn helps you in many situations. Your leadership skills are strengthened, and others look to you for guidance. Your outlook on life has a direct connection to your level of confidence.

You know without doubt that you have a place in this world where meaningful experiences come to you. There is a sense of value you have when you are confident. Your skin is the last thing that should hold you back from possessing as much confidence as you desire.

At Edmonton Dermatology we want to help you gain the confidence needed in life by giving your skin the beauty and health it requires. When you look in the mirror you may see some things that cause you distress and concern. Having dry skin seems an easy fix. You buy some moisturizer and put it on a few times a day but what if your skin is more problematic than that. Having a great moisturizer may help give your skin a barrier in our harsh Alberta winter climates, but that may not be enough. You succumb to buying expensive moisturizers!! Still no results. It is time to seek professional help.

Keep Your Skin Health In Check

Edmonton Dermatology has expert dermatologists and nurses that will check the health and state of your skin. Many of our clients come in expressing their concerns to what they feel is a simple problem only to find out they have something going on at a deeper level. They are more than relieved that they came in. One such skin condition that often comes up is Rosacea.

Even though this dermatological skin disorder isn’t life threatening it can lead many clients to lower levels of confidence as well as unhealthy skin. At Edmonton Dermatology we are here to fix that. We will educate, treat, and follow up with you as well as give you a routine that will help you not only live with Rosacea but thrive despite it.

Some of the symptoms can be quite sneaky when self-diagnosing it. You might thing you just have some dry spots on the cheeks. Or you may notice that your cheeks get red, and you equate that to spending too much time outdoors in the sun or wind. You could also be just feeling warm on your cheeks. Maybe you have an allergic reaction to something. These are scenarios that could cause some redness, but what about when you don’t have those scenarios going on? Could there be something else causing redness and bumps on the surface of your skin?

Check for these symptoms to check for Rosacea

You may have rosacea if you experience these symptoms and the first visit to the dermatologist will be enlightening.  As soon as the doctor sees you, it can be easily spotted and diagnosed. Isn’t it time to stop suffering with the uncomfortableness of your skin. Treating it is only one of the things we offer at Edmonton Dermatology. We also help you understand this skin condition. From there we educate you on how to eliminate flare ups so that you can walk through your day comfortable and confident.

We use intense pulse light therapy to treat the locations on the skin presenting symptoms. This helps reduce the visible blood vessels. From there we help set you up in a skincare routine using products that will soothe your skin and keep it smooth. We also help you understand the triggers that can cause future flareups and how to avoid them. There may be adjustments to be made in your day-to-day life choices like avoiding spicy foods and limiting alcohol, but your skin will thank you for it. Using sunscreen on your skin helps tremendously too.

What causes Rosacea?

Nobody can say for sure what causes Rosacea but likely it has to do with your immune system, genetics and even environmental influences. Just because you have Rosacea doesn’t mean you are unclean or are contagious.

Some common indicators of this skin condition are burning and stinging skin, red colorful cheeks, bumps, dry patches, and visible blood vessels that may actually have broken and the nose can be swollen.

Rosacea never goes away but once treated properly in can go into remission. If left untreated it can cause permanent damage and the symptoms can get worse over time. The best things to do when you have rosacea is to avoid the triggers that make it flare up and see your dermatologist regularly. The clinic will put you on the path to having healthy and beautiful skin. Edmonton Dermatology wants you to love the skin you are in.

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