Does Sunscreen Help with Anti Aging

Skin Health Tips | Does Sunscreen Help with Anti Aging

Sunscreen helps with anti aging. It blocks the UV light A and B from penetrating the skin. This protects the skin from damage on the surface and deeper within, which both if not blocked lead to skin damage and aging sooner than it might otherwise. The UVA and UVB light both have differing effects on the skin. When the skin is exposed for prolonged periods of time they can both lead to harm and aging. Ultraviolet B is the shorter wavelength light and is associated with burning. Whereas Ultraviolet A is the longer wavelength light and is associated with aging. It goes deeper in the skin and damages your skin cells causing them to age.

If you do not wear sunscreen eventually you will see the damage on the surface of your skin. You will have lines and wrinkles much sooner than you expect. Your skins will also lose its glow and become dry and leathery. Sunscreen, whether chemical or mineral will help prevent the lines and wrinkles and dry aged-looking skin. Think back to winter when your skin hasn’t seen much UV A or B light. It is softer and more supple. Of course, winter is dry, so you still need to use a moisturizer regularly to combat the dryness.

What Is The Correct SPF To Use

SPF 30 is enough protection for your delicate skin. However, you will need to reapply it every two hours and even sooner if you perspire heavily or are in the water. You don’t need to go any higher as the SPF numbers have a diminished return on higher protection. Some people buy the higher number thinking it will give exponentially more barrier, but it is a negligible increase. SPF 30 is all dermatologists recommend.

How To Use Sunscreen To Help With Anti Aging

At Edmonton Dermatology we get asked many questions related to anti aging and how to reverse the signs. One thing our clients want to know is if sunscreen increases collagen. Sunscreen itself does not trigger the production of collagen but it does protect the collagen, keratin and elastin that are already present in your skin. That goes a long way to keeping your skin smooth and younger looking.

On that note, clients also ask if sunscreen improves can their skin in other ways. The quick answer is sunscreen is the best and easiest way to protect your skin’s appearance. All ages can benefit from sunscreen by protecting the health of the skin. Because it helps prevent burning, skin cancer and aging, it is recommended for any age group to use sunscreen regularly.

Now that you understand that you should start as young as possible with sunscreen usage, you may be thinking it’s too late to start wearing sunscreen at age 40. It is still a good time to start no matter how old you are. If you have thought that the damage was done, just know it is still an excellent protection in preventing further damage at any age. Bottom line, sun protection helps.

Can Sunscreen Help With Other Skin Issues?

Believe it or not but many clients ask us if sunscreen helps with undereye bags. Of course, any protection of your skin that is provided by sunscreen will help diminish uneven skin tone, and that could include dark spots under the eye. However, there are other treatments Edmonton Dermatology recommends in addressing this concern.

You can put sunscreen under the eyes, but it is safer to use one that is formulated specifically for the type of delicate skin found in that region. Some customers also complain that when they put sunscreen too close to their eyes, it eventually creeps into the eye and causes irritation. This leads to the next question of what to do if you get sunscreen in your eyes.

There is no need to be concerned about permanent damage to the eye. However, the ingredients will cause a burning or stinging sensation. Many people have watery eyes for awhile after until all the product is washed out naturally with tears. It is recommended that you flush the eyes with eye drops or water and continue to blink regularly to continue to flush out the toxins. If you still have some burning sensation, as some have shared it can last for hours, use a cool, wet cloth on the eyes to bring additional relief.

When clients come to us to address the health and beauty of their skin, we treat them with the best procedures that get results. Our goal is to help their skin look and feel healthy. We have many successful procedures to treat fine lines and wrinkles, uneven skin tone and texture and more. Once our clients have these procedures done, they are advised on how to take care of their skin to help make the results last as long as possible. Included in this is how to keep the skin clean and moisturized but also, which products are useful in targeting specific concerns.

Our Top Recommended Sunscreen Brands

We carry dermatological recommended brands that are only available through a dermatologist. Skinceuticals, Vivier and Jane Iredale are the brands we recommend. Sunscreen is no different. We suggest these brands as well because they are highly protective and keep your skin feeling and looking great.

One of our highlighted brand is Vivier, which has a range of products to choose from. This innovative brand with 20 years history is made right here in North America. Their system is simply 4 steps. Prepare, target, moisturize and protect is what they suggest. When it comes to the last step of protect, the first thing to decide is if you want a chemical or mineral block. There is a tinted SPF 30, mineral SPF 30 that is sheer or a sheer SPF 45 that is chemical. There is also a lotion SPF 30.

Remember that sunscreen is the final step in your morning skincare routine and should be applied liberally to the face and neck. Don’t forget your ears too. Apply at least 15 minutes before sun exposure and reapply every few hours and even sooner if you are perspiring a lot or have washed and toweled off.

Conclusion – Contact Us For A Consultation

In the ongoing quest against skin aging, sunscreen emerges as a clear choice, offering protection against the detrimental effects of UVA and UVB rays. Despite common misconceptions, it’s never too late to incorporate sunscreen into one’s skincare regimen, with immediate benefits in halting further damage, regardless of age. Edmonton Dermatology not only advocates for the use of sunscreen as a fundamental step in skincare but also recommends specific brands like Skinceuticals, Vivier, and Jane Iredale for their efficacy and skin health benefits.

Ultimately, sunscreen stands out as an essential, easy-to-use tool for preserving the health and beauty of the skin across all ages, embodying a key element in the prevention of aging and fostering lasting skin health.