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There are so many things we can do nowadays to make ourselves look and feel beautiful. That includes the work we do on the inside too. Our mindset is just as important as our skin’s surface if not more. At Edmonton Dermatology we do everything we can to improve the health and beauty of your skin. Of course, when you look beautiful you tend to feel beautiful. We do want you to be healthy and that starts with your skin.

There are many treatments we provide to help you look and feel confident such as Botox and skin resurfacing. We also feel it’s very important to have regular checkups with your doctor as well as your dermatologist as needed to be sure you aren’t affected by skin cancer. Not only do we offer services that make you look and feel younger and have healthier skin, but we also offer treatments that help you in your everyday life. One of these amazing, life changing treatments are laser hair removal.

The first thing our clients want to know is the answer to ‘How Permanent is Laser Hair Removal?’ Unfortunately, it is not a forever fix. The effects are quite good even if not permanent. If you are a perfect candidate for laser hair removal, and you have successfully had the area treated with multiple sessions you can expect years of no regrowth.

Eventually you will need maintenance treatment to touch up the regrowth. This is only on occasion. All that being said, you can enjoy years of growth-free results. Typically, as the hair regrows it is finer and lighter in color.

The benefits of laser hair removal are life changing. It is true that you will possibly need a touch up now and then to rid yourself of new growth, however, once the hair follicle is dead it doesn’t allow hair to grow back. This is a radical change for your comfort and beauty as it brings you a lower maintenance lifestyle. Think of all the time and money saved by never having to shave or wax again.

Very Quick and Painless

Laser hair removal is relatively quick and painless to do even if you need multiple treatments to completely eradicate the hair follicles. The other great things about laser hair removal is that it is quick to do, has minimal side effects and leaves no more ingrown hair. This precise hair removal treatment leaves your skin clear, feeling smooth and soft.

If you have never had waxing done to remove unwanted hair and are not sure if that is preferable over laser hair removal then keep reading to see the differences in procedure and results. Once you know, you know. Laser hair removal is infinitely less painful. Waxing can be very painful, and it is not quick to do either. You can end up with ingrown hairs which create their own problems.

Waxing is not worth it

After having waxing done, it’s a small window of smooth skin followed by irritating hairs growing back until they are exactly the same as before waxing. It does not last even 6 weeks. You may have 1-2 weeks smooth and then you’re riddled with new hair growth. Laser hair removal on the other hand is quite different.

With laser your hair decreases in thickness and the amount in the area treated. The laser targets hair in the active phase of growth, making multiple treatments necessary to eradicate all the hair that might try to regrow.

There is no age limit on wheter you are a great candidate for laser hair removal. The main factor is the color of the hair. Dark hair responds the best to the lasers. Blonde or white hair does not.

Bigger area means more sessions

How many sessions you need to completely get rid of the unwanted hair depends on the area being treated. Some areas of the body have slower hair growth. Our general rule at Edmonton Dermatology of how many sessions are needed is consistent treatment every four to six weeks for six to ten treatments gives great results.

The one thing to take note of is if you are on medications there can be a sensitivity to the lasers. In addition, any laser treated area that gets exposed to the sun can have risk of sunburn or hyperpigmentation. One more rare thing that can happen is a hormonal imbalance can trigger hair growth. Of course, that means the patient may need ongoing treatments.

Let it grow before treatments

Once you decide you would like to have laser hair removal it is important to stop waxing or plucking your hair out. You need the hair root in place and actively growing hair for the laser pulse to be effective. Before you come in to have laser hair removal you should shave your hair 24 hours prior to the first session. After you have had treatment you may want to shower but it is recommended you wait at least six to eight hours and if you can 24 hours is best.

You should use tepid water and not use any harsh products especially scrubs or loofahs. You can shave between laser hair removal sessions. If you have unwanted regrowth it does not change the results of the laser treatment. You may even notice that your hair does not grow back as thick.

You can expect to see your hair fall out three to five days after laser hair removal. The laser pulse damages the hair follicle in the targeted area. As you may understand by now your hair needs to be in the active growing stage for this to work.

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You are probably wondering on how much laser hair removal costs. The pricing is dependent on the area of your body that is to be treated. We would love to sit down with you and give you a complimentary consultation with the breakdown on price after we help you design your individual plan for hair removal. Please call us at 780-784-0039 to book today or visit our website at for more information.