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HydraFacial for Skin Resurfacing

Today we want to talk about HydraFacial for skin resurfacing. HydraFacial is not just a new twist for an old procedure. It is a new, innovative, and powerful way to resurface your skin to make it look vibrant, full of life and younger looking. This skin resurfacing treatment combines cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, and antioxidant protection all in one. There is an additional option to add personalized boosters of your choice. You can even add the use of LED lights to treat your skin to further improve the health and beauty of it.

How does HydraFacial Work?

This non-invasive treatment improves your skin’s health as well as addresses individual skin concerns. The glow that you get is like no other. The difference is the HydraFacial is performed using a device rather than via bare hands. This allows for deeper penetration which in turn gives better and longer lasting results.

What are the Benefits?

HydraFacial reduces the appearance of pigmentation also known as uneven tone of your skin. It increases the elasticity and skin’s firmness. It addresses uneven skin texture as well. It can also unclog oily congested skin. It is like having a peel with a mask as well as hydration to address the problematic things our skin goes through. This treatment is perfect for all skin types and that even includes acne prone skin. It helps remove dead skin cells and excess oil, but also adds moisture, brightening and anti-aging serums to the skin.

What are the Treatment Options?

There are many options of where and how you have a HydraFacial done. The first is the face. You can target fine lines and wrinkles, elasticity and firmness, hydration, congestion and acne, dark spots, redness, pigmentation, and pore size.

Fine lines and wrinkles are addressed using powerful boosters. You will notice plump, youthful, and hydrated skin. It helps to visibly soften fine lines. The three in one patented technology helps to cleanse, extract, and hydrate the skin. By using Vortex Fusion Technology, HydraFacial works like a vacuum where it penetrates the pores deeper. This means better results.

If you choose this bonus, LED light therapy promotes healing in the skin. It calms redness and inflammation. People of all ages choose to use the bonus lymphatic therapy. This lifts and contours the skin to give a more sculpted look. Puffiness and redness are all but eliminated. The skin is left detoxified.
HydraFacial helps by offering optimal hydration, radiant skin as well as free-radical protection. Your skin will be left healthier and repaired.

For those who have congested skin and acne, you will experience less breakouts, as well as purified and cleansed pores. You will even notice an acceleration of skin surface renewal along with plumper skin.
HydraFacial is perfect for minimizing the look of dark spots as well as visibly brightening the skin. It aids in reducing redness while calming the skin and repairing it. You will notice a more radiant glow.

Applications of HydraFacial

There are many applications that are possible with the HydraFacial. It is not limited to just the face. You can address concerns you have with the face like dark spots, clogged pores, dehydration, fine lines, and wrinkles and more on all parts of your body. Some other common areas that boosters can rejuvenate are your back, arms, booty, neck and décolleté, hands, and thighs. The same three in one steps are used to cleanse and exfoliate your skin to uncover a new layer by using a gentle peel. After this, the impurities are extracted with painless suction that uses Vortex Fusion Technology. Once all this is complete the skin’s surface is infused with intense moisturizers that leave your skin nourished.

Some other more delicate areas that HydraFacial can help with are the lips and eyes. Perk Lip treatment does what the name says. It helps by infusing powerful ingredients and blends that not only exfoliate but smooth the lips. It will give a slight plump as well has hydration and exfoliation. The same procedure works for around the eye area. You will notice brighter, more toned, and firmer skin as well as a plumping effect along with hydrated and radiant skin.

This next area that HydraFacial can help with is an exciting one. There isn’t anything that compares with what HydraFacial can do on the scalp. The HydraFacial Keravive treatment helps support natural hair growth. It uses a cocktail of peptides so that you get a cleaner, more exfoliated scalp including your hair follicles. It boasts of increased scalp circulation which gives visible improved appearance of healthier, fuller, and thicker hair.

Do you have Skin Concerns?

If you have active breakouts on the area of the body to be treated it is not recommended to use HydraFacial on your skin in that area. The good news is you can skip over or work around one or two breakouts during the treatment. You will still get remarkable results.

If you have dark spots or just all over issues with uneven skin tone, HydraFacial has answers for you. The boosters we add to the treatment are specifically formulated to address uneven tone and texture to give you smoother and more radiant skin. Murad Vitamin C give a resurfacing of the skin so that it is brighter. Britenol includes brightening agents and antioxidants. Circadia booster helps fight free radical damage as well as add hydration while reducing redness. The ingredients in this booster reduce inflammation.

Some of the causes of uneven skin tone are aging, chronic sun exposure, hormonal changes, diet, genetics, air pollution and lack of sleep. Some of these we cannot do anything about, but others we can. Use SPF every day, winter, and summer. Be mindful of hydrating your body. That means go for the gold and drink eight cups of water a day. Exfoliation is your best friend but one you only see one to two times a week. Do not pick at your blemishes. Acne scarring is a major cause of uneven skin texture and tone. For the things we cannot change, HydraFacial is a great solution.

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