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Vivier Has Launched a New Online Shop!

There are a few easy ways to order your favorite products.

Option 1: Visit www.vivierskin.com

  • SHOP and add your favorite products to your cart.
  • CREATE your customer profile and be sure to enter our clinic code (7807840039You only need to enter the clinic code once; the system will remember it for future purchases.
  • COMPLETE your cart checkout.

Option 2: Contact Vivier’s Customer Care Team

  • Call 1-877-484-8437 ext. 1 and a Vivier Customer Care Specialist will happily place your order for you.


  • Email onlinecare@vivierpharma.com with the following information and a Vivier Customer Care Specialist will get back to you to complete your order. Please do not include your credit card information in the email.
    • Name
    • Phone Number
    • Address
    • Clinic Code (7807840039)
    • Products & Quantities You Wish to Order


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