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Professional care and treatment for all stages of skin cancer and other skin conditions.

Edmonton Dermatology treats a variety of dermatologic skin conditions and provides specialized surgical treatment procedures for skin cancers. Below is a partial list of common conditions. We require a referral from your family physician or other specialist.



Acne is the most common skin disorder. While prevalent among teens, it can also affect adults. It is caused when the hair follicles become plugged by the skin’s oils, dirt and dead skin cells. Edmonton Dermatology can provide effective skin care and treatment solutions for various presentations of acne.


Acne Scarring

Laser scar treatment is a great option to reduce the appearance of unwanted scars. This treatment is fast, easy and provides remarkable results.

How Does It Work?

Pulses of laser light are gently delivered to the treatment area to break down the scar tissue and help generate healthy new skin.

What Can I Expect?

You can expect to see an overall improvement in the tone and texture of the scar. A series of treatments may be required for desired results. Treatment plans can be adjusted to fit everyone’s lifestyle. peak to your provider regarding desired downtime, comfort, and results.*

*Individual results and patient experience may vary.

Acne Light Therapy

BLU-U® Blue Light Photodynamic Therapy – Advanced treatment for managing acne (moderate inflammatory acne vulgaris).

What is BLU-U®?

BLU-U® blue light photodynamic therapy is an advanced treatment for managing acne (moderate inflammatory acne vulgaris). It is recommended as an alternative to or in combination with antibiotics or topical treatments. This treatment is pain free. BLU-U® is not a laser, but a blue light that will help to decrease the amount of bacteria that is on the skin. This treatment can be done on the face, neck, chest or back.

What can I expect during treatment?

During treatment, the patient will be sitting comfortably upright in a chair. The light will be placed over the treatment area and treatment will begin.

What can I expect after treatment?

After the treatment area is treated, it may be slightly pink as the light is warm. This side-effect will subside in a few minutes, up to 1 hour post. As the skin can be sensitive to the sun after the treatment, it’s recommended to use an SPF of 30 or higher immediately post treatment and for a few days after.

Other suggested therapies.

  • 5 minutes to 1 hour (time is variable depending on the area treated)
  • Silk Peel HQ
  • MicroNeedling – Intensif Pro
  • Chemical Peels
  • Cosmetic Dermatology
  • Accutane / Epuris
  • Vivier Acne
  • Vivier Skin TX
  • Celazome Acne
  • SkinCeuticals

Solar Lentigos or Sun Freckles

Solar Lentigos are caused by long-term sun exposure and appear a s light brown or brown patches on the skin. Usually harmless, solar lentigos can enlarge and darken over time with continued sun exposure. Aesthetic treatments including skincare and laser therapy are available to help remove and protect from additional Solar Lentigos from appearing.

Sun Damage & Pigmentation

Stop concealing your skin’s imperfections and get the glowing results you deserve.

What is it?

Photofacial Skin revitalization is a non-surgical treatment that will improve your skin’s appearance, quickly and easily. This advanced light-based technology assists in eliminating undesirable brown spots, sun damage and vessels, revealing clearer, healthy skin.

How does it work?

Specialized pulses target brown spots, sun damage and vessels without harming the surrounding skin. The light delivered to your skin causes them to slowly disappear through your body’s natural healing process.

Expected results.

Expect to see a decrease in the appearance of brown spots, sun damage and vessels for a more even skin tone*. A series of treatments may be needed for desired results. Treatment plans can be adjusted to fit everyone’s lifestyle.*

Hyperhidrosis/ Excessive Sweating

Hyperhidrosis is a condition of overactive sweat glands. Sweat glands produce a salty solution called sweat which functions to regulate our body temperature. Sweat glands are located in the underarms, palms of hands, bottoms of feet and the forehead. In hyperhidrosis, the sweating occurs because of excessive body temperature regulation. Patients who have this condition can sweat excessively without doing any physical activity. Simply sitting on the couch can trigger excessive sweating.

Botox/ Dysport Injections

In some cases, focal injections of botulinum toxin A (Botox Therapeutic™) can serve to block the nerves from receiving signals that stimulate the sweat glands. Botox Therapeutic™ is approved for treating excessive sweating of the underarms and serves to prevent the release of a chemical that signals the sweat glands to activate. *This is a non-permanent treatment and injections are repeated at intervals to maintain results. Treatments are most effective for the underarms, palms of hands and foreheads.


There are several prescription options for topical relief for hyperhidrosis. Please make an appointment with your physician or Dr. Muba Taher to determine the safest, most effective treatment option for your individual needs. Only a Medical Physician can determine what course of action is right for you for treatment of hyperhidrosis.


Rosacea is a condition of persistent redness of the cheeks, nose, chin, forehead and eyes. It may appear as flushing redness at first, and become chronic over time. Symptoms vary. In some people it can lead to bumps, pimples, enlarged blood vessels and red eyes. Depending on the type of rosacea you have, treatment options include medical treatment, skincare and/or laser therapy.

Actinic Keratosis or Precancerous Lesions

These are scaly and occasionally red lesions that can be caused by chronic exposure to the sun. It is important that patients seek early treatment, as this condition can develop into squamous cell carcinoma. There are a number of treatment options. Offered at our clinic to help prevent these pre-cancers or Actinic Keratosis from evolving.

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