The Pros and Cons of Dermal Fillers

The Pros and Cons of Dermal Fillers: The Good, The Bad, and The Dangerous

Dermal fillers are an injectable product that is used to address the signs of aging typically in the facial area but also the body. This non-invasive treatment can enhance and contour areas of the face that are drooping, have deep lines or loss of volume. Like any medical procedure, there are risks and benefits to having an injectable substance such as dermal filler. This is an overview of the good, the bad and the dangerous elements associated with dermal fillers.

The Pros Of Dermal Fillers

The good qualities of dermal fillers are that they are non-surgical, work immediately, are non-invasive, customizable, and temporary.

The fact that dermal fillers can address many aging concerns without having to be under the knife makes it a very desirable option for many. The client can enhance their features such as lips, cheeks or even breasts by the giving volume with the use of dermal fillers. This non-surgical procedure gives aesthetically pleasing results with no downtime. One of the best things about dermal fillers is that the results are immediate. Once injected you will see the enhancement which for most is a gratifying feeling. This procedure is non-invasive meaning you can return to your day once complete.

The injections are relatively quick to administer. Every patient has differing needs which makes the customizability of dermal fillers appealing. The amount and application of fillers is tailored to suit the needs of the individual. Many clients are unsure if they will enjoy the new look dermal fillers provide and do not want to make permanent changes. This makes fillers an enticing option to cosmetically alter the look of the face. Eventually the fillers are absorbed and expelled by the body. If for some reason a client doesn’t want to wait for the fillers to wear off, the filler substance can be reversed by a second procedure.

The Cons Of Dermal Fillers

Some disadvantages of dermal fillers are that they are temporary, painful, can cause bruising or redness, can give uneven results, and their cost can be high if repeated.

One drawback to dermal fillers is that they are only temporary. Interestingly this quality is also in the good category. This may be appealing to some in the case where they do not enjoy the enhanced aesthetic look, but others feel the opposite. They love the volume and contour lines that dermal fillers achieve, but unfortunately because it doesn’t last permanently, they need to have the procedure repeated to keep the results.

A strong drawback with dermal fillers is that they can be quite painful even if it is a quick procedure. There are numbing creams that can be applied that takes the edge off the discomfort, but there is no way to completely erase the pain when the needle pokes into a sensitive area like the lips. There are many nerve endings, and this makes the area more susceptible to pain. As the filler is pushed in it is felt the entire time. This can be quite uncomfortable. When it comes to the lips area, some clients have as many as 40 needle pokes with filler pushed in. Intense is an understatement especially if pain tolerance is low.

Potential side effects of fillers

Some patients report dermal fillers cause bruising, swelling and sometimes redness or bleeding. This is due to the poke from the needle and is not something that happens to everyone. It all depends on the individual and if there are other medications being taken, like blood thinners. These side effects do not last but can be bothersome at first.

Unfortunately, another bad thing about dermal fillers is that there is the potential for the filler to be distributed unevenly even with the best injector. To have perfectly symmetrical results it would take perfection and even the most experienced practitioner may not get it exactly even.

Taking into account Cost of fillers

Compared to other ingredients used to smooth the surface of the face, the cost of dermal fillers can be high depending how much product needs to be administered. This is all dependent on the goals of the individual. This can be a deterrent for some since dermal fillers are not permanent. This non-surgical cosmetic procedure can be expensive to maintain.

There are some dangerous elements to having dermal fillers done. These are rare but worth researching. Dermal fillers are administered by needle which pokes through the skin making it susceptible to infection. Hygienic and sterile practice must be followed but there is always a risk that the procedure can lead to infection.

There are some people who are allergic to what is found in the substance within the dermal filler. They may not even know until it’s too late and they have a reaction. It is rare but not impossible.

There could be vascular issues. This is a rare occurrence but needs to be addressed. If a filler is injected into the bloodstream it can block the flow. This will damage the tissue and could lead to necrosis which is death of the cell.

The substance in the filler could potentially migrate or move from the original injection site. A good practitioner will all but remove this risk, but the potential is there for unnatural results.

There is a possibility of long-term effects that are undesirable. There is not enough understanding of repeated long-term use with dermal fillers and if they affect the skin’s natural elasticity or aging process.

Things to avoid when getting Dermal Fillers

The most dangerous element of dermal fillers is using an unskilled injector to perform the procedure. You should always consult with a nurse or doctor and even more specifically at a dermatology clinic. They study the facial structure and everything beneath. They are the experts in this field. Always choose carefully.

Although dermal fillers have risks and can sometimes cause danger, there are many good things about this non-invasive cosmetic procedure. It is important to do the proper research before you have dermal fillers applied. Speak to the professionals, like Edmonton Dermatology and they can answer your questions in detail.