Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Can Lasers Treat Scars

Whether people have scars from a surgery, or they are looking for an acne scar treatment Edmonton. Because of scarring that has occurred will they were teenagers, from cystic acne.

People should look no farther than Edmonton dermatologist. Because they have a wide variety of treatments. For a wide variety of dermatological issues.
Whether people have scars, or fine lines and wrinkles. The CO2 laser is a fractional laser resurfacing machine. That can effectively take care of their acne scar treatment Edmonton.
How works, is through a process called ablation. Which means it drills microscopic holes into the dermis layer of a patient’s skin. As it vaporizes the top layer of skin from their face.
What this does, is first of all, causes the body to start growing a new layer of skin on top. While the microscopic holes that have been drilled into the second layer of skin.
Because the body to start producing an overabundance of collagen. That provides not only structural support in the new growth of skin. But because it is an important building block in skin.
It makes the skin that is there look younger in appearance. And if this is the right treatment for patient. They can determine that by coming in to Edmonton dermatology for a free consultation.
They can explain the issues that they are having to the dermatologist that they meet with. Who will then recommend the right treatment, for their desired outcome.
When it is the fractional laser resurfacing with the CO2 laser. Patients can expect a single treatment, in order to get great results. And while they might need a touch up after the initial treatment.


Patients will be able to enjoy the results for many years. Without having to go for additional treatments to help stay is youthful looking as possible.
When people come in for their treatment. They should be prepared for the process to take about two hours. Although it may not take that long at all. The first half-hour being devoted to ensuring the numbing cream works.
In addition to the numbing cream, Edmonton dermatology will also ensure that a patient has a fan that they can control. So that as they have the laser on their skin.
They can point to the cooling fan where they need it. To ensure that they can cool themselves down after the heat of the laser. The reason why the treatment will take two hours.
Is because the dermatologist will not want to go faster than the patient is comfortable. So while patients that have high tolerance can take about half an hour. Lower tolerance may take the entire two hours.
After the treatment, patients should expect about two weeks of healing time. During which time they should take a lot of care to stay out of the sun, so that they can heal effectively.
After they are completely healed, they will want to continue to avoid direct sun exposure. They and using sunscreen whenever they cannot avoid that direct exposure.
The results that they will get will last for many years, being them new confidence in their scar free skin. Making the CO2 laser at Edmonton dermatology one of the most effective acne scar treatment Edmonton.

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Can Lasers Treat Scars?

if people are looking for a laser treatment to minimize the look of fine lines and wrinkles, or if they are looking for an acne scar treatment Edmonton. They should look no further than Edmonton dermatology.
They got a wide variety of treatments that can be used on a wide variety of dermatological issues. Therefore, people need some IPL treatments, or they need something more significant.
Their dermatologist will be able to suggest the right treatment for their issue. And if their issue is acne scar treatment Edmonton. Their recommendation is usually the CO2 laser.
Not only is this an extremely effective laser, that can get into the dermis layer of skin. Where it is going to be able to affect changes very quickly and very easily.
But because the CO2 laser is effective after one single treatment. And the results will typically last a long time, typically the rest of the patient’s life.
And if a patient is having an active acne breakout, or if they have been unable to control their acne throughout their adult life. They should talk to their dermatologist first about keeping that under control.
So that when they do go through with the CO2 laser treatment. They will have any additional acne breakouts. That will go want to cause more scarring to happen.

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That can undo the good work that the CO2 laser did in the first place. After they get their acne under control, they will be able to go back to their Edmonton dermatologist, and undergo the treatment.
After the treatment, people should expect about two weeks of downtime. Because there face will be healing, from having the top they are of skin vaporized off.
And by day three, people will start to see signs of swelling. And after the swelling, people feel that the crusty bits on their face start to fall off, leaving a greasy feel on their face.
During this time, people probably do not want to be seen by many people. Especially since they will not be able to put any make up on their face. They might look quite red in the face as well.
As well, during this part of their healing. They are going to have to not only avoid the sun, but keep it clean and avoid bacteria. Which may mean having to be careful around the pets.
Then they will experience their skin starting to peel off, aiming it looking very pink and raw underneath. They might want ice packs, prescription for antibiotics. So that they can heal comfortably.
And while this is an extremely effective acne scar treatment Edmonton. It also requires a thorough consultation. So people know exactly what to expect. So that they can heal completely, and thoroughly. To enjoy scar free skin for the rest of their life.