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Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Minimizing The Look of Rosacea

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Minimizing The Look of Rosacea

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Minimizing The Look of Rosacea

Rosacea is a very common condition, that causes the skin to be red in the face says acne scar treatment Edmonton. And causes many people a lot of discomfort, or self-esteem issues. However, there is now a laser treatment that is effective for not only rosacea. But a long list of their much logical problems, including discolouration from sun damage and birthmarks.

This is called the synergy laser. And it is unique for a wide variety of reasons. Acne scar treatment Edmonton says the first reason is because this contains two different lasers, one that targets the surface of the skin. And the second targets the dermis layer of the skin, which is the deepest targeting laser currently available.

The results, is that many different dermatological conditions can be treated very effectively. Making this an extremely effective laser, for dermatologists to use with their patients.

Whether they have vascular problems, such as rosacea, spider veins, or cherry angiomas. Or even more serious conditions such as vascular lesions, Pima angiomas, which are benign tumors made up of newly formed blood vessels. Or even venous lakes on the lips. Which are benign vascular lesions caused by sun damage.

It can also treat a wide variety of pigmentation problems. Such as brown spots caused by sun damage. As well as birthmarks, like port wine stains. That are very purple, and can cause a lot of self-esteem issues if these birthmarks appear on people’s faces.

The great thing about the synergy laser treatment according to acne scar treatment Edmonton. Is that it understands the difference between skin coloration, and pigmentation caused by damage or birthmarks.


Which means people who are getting their discolouration treated. Do not have to worry about affecting the skin tone in the area that they are getting treated. Meaning no lightening or darkening will happen to their skin.

The only treatment that is not currently helped by the synergy laser treatment is allows them a period which is often called the mask of pregnancy. Since so many pregnant women are impacted by this condition.

In fact, the last can be current in people who have started taking birth control pills, or have been exposed to the sun. Because the sun exposure can exacerbate the condition. Laser treatment is not effective at helping it. All it does is make the condition more pronounced.

If people would like to know if their particular condition can be helped by the synergy laser treatment. Can always make an appointment with their dermatologist. Because initial consultations are always free.

It will be able to discuss their problem openly with their dermatologist. And find out if the synergy laser is effective. And if not, if they have access to another laser that can help them. And how many treatments it will take to help their issue.

By eliminating the problems that they have with their discolouration. Or vascular issues. Can help people regain a lot of the self-confidence that they may have thought was gone forever.

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Minimizing The Look of Rosacea

The synergy laser is in a very effective treatment for a wide variety of dermatological problems according to acne scar treatment Edmonton. Whether it is discolouration from damage. Or if people have had vascular problems, this laser can help with a wide variety of issues.

Because it contains two different lasers within it. It can treat an extremely wide variety of problems. Redness and vascular issues are on the surface of the skin. While discolouration in pigmentation occurs in the third layer of skin known as the dermis.

The pulsed dye laser is a yellow light laser that actually targets the vascular system. So when aimed at things like rosacea, can deal the areas that are causing the redness. Causing them to die off and fade away.

This is helpful for things like spider veins, he more angiomas, cherry angiomas and venous lakes on the lips. Because it gets rid of the blood vessels that are problematic. And when the body can no longer supply blood to those damaged blood vessels. They will fade away.

However, the end deal a has a beam in the infrared spectrum, and goes deeper into the layers of skin. How it eliminates pigmentation however, is through a vibration. Which breaks up the pigmentation that does not belong. Which allows it to break up in the body, and then come out of the body as a crumbly substance.

Acne scar treatment Edmonton says that the laser knows the difference between pigmentation that is there from damage, or birthmarks. Versus skin tone. Meaning people of all skin types and skin colours can use this treatment. Without causing damage to their body.


When people come to the clinic to get there laser treatment. Whether it is pulsed dye laser, or and delay her. Acne scar treatment Edmonton says they should expect the same procedure. The laser will turn on for a brief second, which sounds like a clicking or popping sound. Followed by a flash and then some mild discomfort.

This discomfort is because of the heat of the laser. Which is why the dermatologist will be aiming a cooling fan directly at the area of the patient that is being treated.

The ND laser is reported to have a bit more discomfort. Simply because it goes deeper into the patient’s skin. Which can end up being a bit more uncomfortable.

When patients leave the dermatologists clinic. They should expect to be a bit red in colour, and sore. But not nearly as sore as if they had received sunburn.

The soreness could last for up to 2 to 3 days. While the redness could last for up to a week or more. As the redness fades, people will notice that their issue is less noticeable. And with each subsequent treatments, acne scar treatment Edmonton says that they will notice their issue getting less and less visible.

While most conditions will take more than one treatment. It is going to be a noticeable difference from treatment to treatment. Giving people hope that they will eventually get what they need to increase their self-esteem.

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