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Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | The Benefits of Botox

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | The Benefits of Botox

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | The Benefits of Botox

There may be many reasons why people get Botox done, as opposed to an acne scar treatment Edmonton. Based on a consultation with their dermatologist.

Botox is a treatment that affects the muscles in a person’s face. To muscles from causing wrinkles to form in the skin. Whether this is used to soften the look of lines already there. Or used to keep lines from forming or getting deeper.

Botox is completely different from acne scar treatment Edmonton. Which is a laser treatment. That permanently minimizes or eliminates lines and scarring from the skin itself.

While Botox is an injection, and not permanent. It can be done in a short amount of time, virtually no healing time. Allowing people to get back to love the activities they love.

Acne scar treatment Edmonton is a permanent procedure, that requires a significant amount of healing time. To allow people to reduce swelling, heal skin, and eliminate redness.

However, even though the laser treatment is permanent. People may not want to undergo the procedure because of the healing time. Which is where Botox can be incredibly beneficial.

And while the laser procedure affects the skin to eliminate or reduce the look of scarring and lines. Botox can be done as a preventative measure, so that those lines do not form. Or if they have already started, they do not get any worse.


And people may decide that a permanent treatment is not something that they are interested in. Which is where Botox is beneficial. Because even if they get Botox injections on a long-term basis.

It will not end up with any long-term consequences as well. In fact, Botox is starting to be used in children, who are suffering from things like a cerebral palsy. So that they can minimize those muscle contractions. And allow those children to walk.

Not only must they inject children with hundreds of units of Botox in order to affect their muscles thoroughly. But those children must get injected often.

And if there is any consequences or long-term effects from prolonged Botox use. The doctors would not be using Botox so much in the treatment of children.

But also, Botox is being used for a wide variety of other medical conditions. From the treatment of chronic migraines and chronic pain, to TMJ and hyperhidrosis. As well as neck spasms, overactive bladders and lazy eyes just to name a few.

However, it is very important that people who are going to get Botox injections. Get them injected by a knowledgeable professional. Because while injecting Botox incorrectly not result in health problems.

But it can result in people looking differently than intended. For example, causing their eyebrows to fall. Instead of softening their forehead lines and creases.

By ensuring that the dermatologist employees nurses, plastic surgeons or doctors to inject the Botox. As an important part of the consultation with their dermatologist. In doing this, not only can give people peace of mind. But it can help them feel triple for the procedures done.

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | The Benefits of Botox

Depending on what a person wants to get done cosmetically, they may choose acne scar treatment Edmonton. Or they may find that Botox is a more beneficial procedure for them.

Understanding what the different procedures do. Is part of the consultation they will have their dermatologist. And can help them decide what procedure they should get done. Based on what they want the final result to be.

For example, laser treatment such as acne scar treatment Edmonton. Is great for treating lines and scars that are already there.

While Botox can minimize the look of those lines, and prevent any more from forming. And is a great preventative procedure. To ensure that people do not develop lines in the first place, or do not make the lines that they have any worse.

And while these two treatments are extremely different. Many patients may feel that getting an acne scar treatment Edmonton done first. Can heal their skin, and minimize lines first.

And then getting Botox as a maintenance measure, can prevent them from ever needing to undergo such a treatment again. Because their preventing lines from forming on their newly healed skin.

However, it is very important that any time a person is going to undergo any cosmetic procedure. That they understand all of the risks and benefits of the procedure in advance.

People should understand exactly how Botox works and how long it lasts. While Botox is not permanent. When injection can last for 3 to 4 months in a person’s body.


And how Botox works, is by blocking the nerve cell receptors in a person’s muscles. And since muscles move based on the information given to them by nerves.

By blocking those receptors, prevents the muscle from being able to make its full range of motion. But it is very important to understand, that it does not keep the muscle from moving completely.

Therefore, if people think that Botox is going to cause them to have this frozen look, because they will be able to move their facial muscles. This is actually not the case.

They will still be able to smile, laugh, frown and squint for example. But the large muscle motion that causes deep wrinkles and lines. Will be minimized.

So while they will still be able to smile for example. They will not cause such deep lines to form at the corners of their eyes and they do smile.

Botox is considered not systemic. That means it does not go into all areas of a person’s body. And stays exactly where it is put until it is broken down by the body. There are no long-term consequences or side effects.

However, because it is an injection. People might find that they get redness or bruising at the sight of the injection. And that rotation might last for about a day. That this is normal of any injectable medication.

When people understand what Botox is and how it minimizes the look of wrinkles. More people are more comfortable to get this cosmetic procedure done.

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